A lot of the Prius's appeal is its 44-mpg overall fuel economy and ultraclean emissions. But it also provides a roomy interior, hatchback versatility and admirable road manners. Although relatively small on the outside, the long wheelbase and efficient space utilization give it interior room comparable to that of a midsized car.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Although I drive "easy" most of the time, the acceleration needed to merge into traffic is there. This is my first hybrid car, and I will definitely buy another one. I leased this car for 3 years because I didn't know if I would like it. At the end of the 3 years, I paid cash for the remaining amount owed."

Anonymous, SC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great acceleration and handling on the highway"

Jimmy H., OK (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I love its maneuverability. I laugh at the big-car-big-SUV owners who can't swing into a parking space. It turns easily. I have always liked a smaller car for this reason."

Jennifer C., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"acceleration is highly acceptable not a sports car handles well - responsive to steering, braking"

Anonymous, GA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The acceleration and handling are fine."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Awesome handling pending tire tread wear. Acceleration superb for a 4 cylinder"

Edgar M., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It is very responsive"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"no problems, just like when new."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is surprisingly strong, from start or when passing at highway speed. Handling is generally good, but feels strong crosswinds and 18 wheelers passing."

John A., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Underpowered, but you get used to it."

Stephen L., MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I like that it is easy to drive around town and easy to park. It has plenty of pep as well."

M M., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It is very solid, quick handling, small turning radius, easy to park and drive"

Anonymous, HI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is adequate, the handling is okay except in snow."

Richard W., NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Prius is slow to accelerate"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is poor and the steering has little feel."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling are just fine; road-worthy though not "exciting"."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Accelerates smoothly and adequately with excellent gas mileage."

David B., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"No complaints"

Myron W., MI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Good handling; acceleration not very zippy"

Anonymous, NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Nothing really stands out positively. It can keep up with traffic but it likes to be driven sedately. Its handling is not anything anybody would confuse with being "sporty" and, when you come to a full stop, it rocks back and forth like a stagecoach. It is, however, comfortable and roomy."

Deirdre S., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Despite the naysayers I've never had a problem accelerating to ride easily with traffic on a fast freeway or any problems of this sort. The Prius has plenty of oomph and doesn't slow me down at all."

Jennifer R., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Handles well. Acceleration acceptable."

Bernard L., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Electrical drive train gives good acceleration from stop. Initial concerns about handling from cross wind is not a major concern for me."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Good pick up off the line but slow midrange acceleration and definitely labors up steep grades when fully loaded. Predictable handling but not quick around corners."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"safe to drive in all weather"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The acceleration is not that great but I have no problems getting on to the highway, etc. The handling seems very adequate for my driving."

Steve L., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Steering feel is terrible. It is far too numb."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Even after 200,000 miles it handles very well. Turns tightly, brakes well."

Valerie B., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It accelerates rapidly from a stoplight, and I have never had a problem with its handling."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling are quite sufficient for me. Car is responsive and nimble in traffic on highway. Easily sustains 70 mph in highway driving."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Always dependable"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The acceleration is poor. It is dangerous to enter the 60mph freeway on a short ramp. Handling is good since we replaced the factory tires with more grippy ones that are 2 sizes wider."

DANIEL S., MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Traction is relatively poor in wet/snowy/icy conditions, even with new tires. Probably because car is lightweight. This is a particular problem at intersections, when accelerating from a complete stop to go across or turn onto an intersecting road."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The steering feel is awful. This is not "rocket science." There is no excuse for having numb steering in today's cars."

ROBERT P., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Handling is excellent, but the acceleration is a bit slower than it was 10 years ago. Ofcourse that goes for me too:-) That said, she still accelerates better than my old pick up truck did."

BETH R., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration needs to be more responsive and quicker. Body sway is noticeable when cornering. Engine struggles when pushed to it's limit especially when main battery is low."

KELVIN S., AZ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Poor visibility,especially trough the back of the car. This is especially bothersome as I've gotten older. For this reason I may not purchase another Prius. Other than this problem, I have liked this car very much. I'm about to purchase a new car."

PATRICIA W., MS (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Good acceleration and handles well on mountain roads and highways"

TOM M., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The only issue I have with the car is poor visibility out the back"

Anonymous, HI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It's drive is of course not peppy"

STEWART U., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"very good acceleration, handles smoothly"

KATHY W., AB (2005 Toyota Prius)

"In flat terrain or gentle hills, the Prius is great. Long steep upgrades such as might be encountered in mountainous areas are more than the hybrid system can handle. Would not hesitate to buy the Prius again, but won't drive it in the Rockies!"

Anonymous, OK (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Poor visibility."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"As a Great Gas mileage car it is great but I know you could make a better performing car. It is very under powered (won't buy again) and handling and comfort needs to be better. I will spend more to get these features but I wish someone would make it get the same mileage. If you can get 40 plus in a regular gas car you should be able to get the good mileage and performance in a hybrid."

KEITH N., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration good, no problems handling"

Anonymous, WI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Love to drive it and handles well most of the time. However, in wet weather, slips a bit and does not hold the road as well. Split rear window makes it hard to see lights of cars who come too close to me at night."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Needs speed loop to control torque loop motor algorithm - that way it wouldn't cut wheel torque upon any minor wheel slip. Also be good to automatically change from braking to driving mode when accel. pedal is pressed."

DUNCAN R., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Two areas that are sub-par... Acceleration and handling. From a start, it is very slow to accelerate. The fly-by-wire steering is mushy and there is no feel for the road. Handling on slippery roads is poor, it is not for snowy climates."

GARY G., DE (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It's a fun car to drive around town. It's small enough to be easy in town and large enough to comfortably carry 4 people."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The comfort and economical advantages."

TERESA P., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent maneuverability"

FRED S., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Slow acceleration margin on the highway, 50-100km/h range."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I was quite amazed when I found that I could set the cruise control on 70 mph and it would hold on the toughest of the Rocky Mountain hills. However when the Montana freeway speed limits increased to 80 mph, it could not hold that speed and the cruise control eventually dropped out. Not a big issue for me since I usually drive under 70 mph anyway."

BRETT M., MT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Around town, the 2005 Prius is fine. When driving in the mountains of Colorado, the power and acceleration are tolerable, but not very good."

JOSEPH V., CO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is not the best, but it is satisfactory. I think that if one needs a lot of acceleration to get out of a situation, one should not be there in the first place. Steering would benefit from more feel of the road and less sensitivity to small movement of the wheel."

AUGUSTIN P., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Mediocre handling and terrible acceleration...fun 10 years ago when watching the battery indicator was novel; today hybrids and electrics need to be competitive with decent gas alternatives (e.g. Mazda 3) to be attractive purchase."

David L., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Very pleased with handling and acceleration."

H E., MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Not very responsive in terms of handling. Understand newer ones are better."

Jim G., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It doesn't handle well in snow and sometimes seems to be in the wrong gear (even since it's a CVT). I rides very comfortably on the road, and is roomy"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Still going strong after 140000 miles with only a few bumps as combustion engine kicks in and out"

Anonymous, DC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Poor acceleration"

Mike R., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"low to the ground-once you learn how to accelerate and drive it-it grows on you."

Anonymous, MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"relatively small engine, but acceleration is surprisingly good."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Cruise control in the Prius is simply the best I have experienced - easy to set and to maintain uniform speed."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"No problems with how the Prius drives or handles. You learn how to drive it in order to achieve optimum gas mileage. It's not meant to be a sports car, but it can easily accelerate onto parkways."

Anonymous, NV (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is good, and it also handles well."

R W., NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Engine designec for fuel efficiency, not performance. Acceleration lags."

David F., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"If I want to maximize MPG, I must irritate every other driver with slow starts from full stop. If I don't care about MPG, I can accelerate uphill (almost beat a F150XP today. They were not amused). Handling is nice. It's had a minor whistle its entire life when traveling over 65mph. Can be fun for driver on winding roads."

Keith U., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Quick from m start, quiet, sure footed and feels solid."

Anonymous, ME (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great acceleration, nimble handling, very short turning arc"

Kirk M., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is surprisingly quick. Handles fairly well."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Solid car. Holds the road well."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The handling of this vehicle has always been unpleasant. It seems to squirm over the highway no matter how well you hold the wheel."

Matthew W., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"seats are not very supportive - both for back/lumbar and legs. Prius not as responsive as my Civic"

Robert B., NJ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"A little body at freeway speeds, works hard on his."

Brian H., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It is not that comfortable and on the highway it is very noisy. We have to turn the radio up very loud to hear it on the highway. We tolerate this because of the mileage but wish it were otherwise."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are hard, you sit on them, not in them. For the most part the car is comfortable."

David T., KY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are comfortable, and the noise level is low."

Richard W., NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seat is too low for short person (me) to see over the dash, but if raise it up I can't easily reach the pedals. Visibility out the back is dreadful due to large window frames."

Darold S., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The driver's seat is uncomfortable for long drives. And I make a lot of long drives. My back and legs are pretty stiff after making a long drive."

Anonymous, IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"at 6 foot seat does not go back enough. very cramped feeling for both me and 5 foot 2 inch wife. glad i do not sit in back passenger seats"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Quiet ride, Smooth ride"

Anonymous, TN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"car is noisy. Oregon uses chip-seal on most roads. Lots of road noise in car."

Duncan R., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Rough riding -- not as comfortable as a larger vehico\le"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Despite 232,000 miles it is still a pretty comfortable car to ride in. I did install seat extenders to accommodate my long legs. The original range on the seat was only comfortable for those with short legs. The 2018 Prius is fitting just fine without extenders. There is, has been, more road noise in the 2005 compared to the 2018 Prius."

Michael J., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"After all these years vehicle even driving in bigger cities handles great with comfort."

Edgar M., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise is problematic, especially on longer trips."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Very comfortable"

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The front seats are not very comfortable on long trips"

Edward L., AL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"There is plenty of room in the back seat with room still in the front seat"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Getting more noisy with age. ride is still ok."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Relatively noisy, seats okay for shorter rides. Somewhat rough ride."

Donald S., NH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The sits are uncomfortable for long rides, road noise is high, and the ride is very stiff."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Road and wind noise are objectionable."

Henry A., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seat construction is very cheap, but the seat heaters are a nice feature. The cabin noise is very low but could be better. Vehicle suspension is good to OK due to the extreme low weight of the vehicle. also front wheel drive makes handling in deep snow or high winds a challenge.."

Anonymous, CT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Very comfortable car, great driving quite and great gas miles"

Daniel L., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats were never comfortable as they strove for weight reduction"

Kenton J., MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are reasonably comfortable, but the noise and ride are sub par."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"it rides well"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are quite comfortable and provide good back support. Ride reasonably quiet. Suspension is fine."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This vehicle was never designed to accomidate a 6'-2" tall driver. If the drivers seat could slide back another 4 or 5 inches it would really help. My wife drives the prius, but I'm called upon to drive it periodically."

Ron K., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"good ride (long wheelbase for the car size), bad seat comfort on long drives (need extra cushion)"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Passengers in the back seat get hot because of the battery behind the seat."

Luanne M., IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Noise level in the car on the highway (especially on rough pavement) is much higher than I expected it to be and is sometimes unpleasant."

JAMES P., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The driver's seat is not comfortable for a long drive."

TED R., IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats do not provide all the support the might, which becomes obvious during long trips. Highway noise is not as bad as in many cars, but it's quite noticeable when compared to larger cars."

FLETCHER C., NM (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats should be more comfortable. This is most noticeable on long rides. More soundproofing should be added to reduce road noise etc."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The driver's seat is not as comfortable as I (a 6 foot 4 inch male) would like. It needs more lower back support in my opinion. the quiet and very effective climate control is great, the noise level and ride of the Prius is much better than our previous car."

DAVE S., IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Cabin is not as quiet as I'd prefer. Front reclining seats - they "curve" around to the front in the upper arm area, which is not as comfortable as I'd like when reclining in the passenger's seat. Makes my arms fall asleep."

BRENDA W., IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"To get good gas mileage, the car is light and has little beyond basic comfort. It is noisier than I would like, but it is also 11 years old. We have had good service but it pales in comparison to new models."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats too firm for light people"

THOMAS G., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Climate controls are automatic and digital temperature setting. Steering is positive"

TOM M., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"My 6'4" son can sit comfortably in the back seat!"

CAROL F., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats don't have enough lumbar support. The ride is a little bumpy."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"No lumbar support in front seats"

KEN K., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are very comfortable in the generation 2 Prius. The climate controls pad on the steering wheel that controls pulling in air from the outside vs. recirculation has ceased to work. The vehicle is not well isolated from the outside environment, with road and wind noise especially apparent when traveling at highway speeds."

DOUGLAS I., AZ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Rides smoothly and comfortably."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I found it to be a great value. It is a comfortable and economical car."

TERESA P., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This is a very comfortable car for both short and long trips. After 11 years, it's starting to get noisy. Other than that, it's perfect!"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This 4 door hatch back car is a functional family car and should have a soft suspension and not a sports car suspension. In other words, the ride has too much road feel. All dash board read outs (green) cannot be seen in bright sunlight."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are uncomfortable. We are always "gaming" the temperature controls to make the interior comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise is pretty high"

BART D., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Engine and road noise"

MICHAEL C., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats could be deeper for a 6'3" driver."

BARRY G., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This older Prius doesn't have seats that lower; you need to be short to drive and sit up straight. Can't see overhead traffic lights unless you lean back or crouch, for instance."

CRAIG E., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are very comfortable during long trips. The climate control works very well and keeps the inside comfortable in all types of weather. Since I wear hearing aids, noise is a BIG factor for me. One of the big selling points was the low level of noise at any speed. Due to the short wheel base, the ride can be a bit choppy, but the extra weight of have two engines and a large battery pack helps smooth out the bumps."

BRETT M., MT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Over our previous Maxima, The Prius has paid for itself in gas saving! The car has more leg room in the back seat than most cars I've tested even modern Prius."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are thin and hard with a short seat. the seat aggravates my sciatica that I only have when driving a long time in this car. The road noise is bad. It drives like small, cheap car."

PATRICIA H., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are very uncomfortable"

THERESA T., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats have no lumbar support for long distance driving."

KATHIE V., NV (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This car allows a lot of road noise. Other than that, I'm satisfied."

EARLINE V., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Sears are good. A/C is somewhat weak, ride is rough-can feel every bump. Ride is noisy."

SARA C., CT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Front seats: lack fore-aft depth, also inadequate lateral support"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are uncomfortable. This is especially problematic on lung rides."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"very stable ride for the size of the car."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I like the high seating position and consequent easy access. First care with climate control and it is great, but it should have two temp setpoints: one for cooling and one for heating so that you don't have to reset the setpoint in Spring & Fall from morning to midday. For example set heating to 68 degrees F. and cooling to 78 degrees F. Ride is a bit harsh. I wish the headrests had a front to back adjustment."

GENE D., CT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Only negative is the noise entering from outside and slightly rough ride."

BILL B., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Most comfortable seat for my lower back of any car I've driven."

ROGER L., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It's quiet and comfortable in all weather conditions."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"One of the few to have adequate lumbar support in the front seats. Overall surprisingly spacious, even for our 6'3" passenger"

WELLESLEY F., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"very noisy ride"

MARGARET N., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It drives as if it had square tires. The dealer say its fine, as does my husband. My 8 year old granddaughter prefers our 1997 Camry as it's ride is smooth as silk"

Anonymous, TN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats could be improved. Road noise is high. All else is great."

BROOKE L., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seat is good as is the climate control. But, the noise of accelerating is loud and it takes a long time to get to highway speeds which makes short ramps almost dangerous. The ride is comfortable but I can hear all of the other vehicles around us loudly."

DANIEL S., MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats should be way more comfortable and support the lumbar area better. Toyota should sell some sort of adjustment device to make the seats more comfy."

SUSAN D., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Need to improve the seat comfort. Not very comfortable on long trips."

EDWARD L., AL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Driver seat cannot be raised or lowered to adjust comfort"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The vehicle is very quiet at lower speeds but is noisy at highway speeds. The seats are good enough for about four hours of driving but get very uncomfortable after that"

PAUL O., MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"We had a problem this winter with our car smelling like mildew. Other people have experienced this issue with little satisfaction. The problem seemed to go away this summer, but it was quite disturbing this winter and spring."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"When i took my elderly parents on a road trip in the car, my father was in the back seat for the entire 2 days. Afterwards he said it was the most comfortable trip he had ever experienced in his life."

GAYLE B., WA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The steering wheel control buttons had intermittent working/not working issues and some stopped working altogether. We ended up having to put a (CABLE SUB ASSY SPIRAL P.N. 84306-0E10) under the steering wheel ring and cable assembly to repair the problem. The description and part number I listed are what Toyota has named the part and it's their part number."

DENNIS F., AR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"After trying several other models of used cars the Prius was the most comfortable and part of the reason I chose to purchase."

PATRICIA H., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The specific vehicle was a "top of the line" model at the time, but seats did not reflect this; become very hard after extended trip. Also did not have additional noise suppression insulation, so road noise is pronounced."

VYDAS B., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The climate control system is unsatisfactory in that you cannot separate heat from cooling. At times you just want to have one or the other and not an integrated system"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Updates for the navigation system are outrageously expensive and are themsleves out of date."

JON W., AZ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"too much road noise"

SHAWN C., CT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The only drawback to the dash controls is that they are very hard to see in the daytime. This includes climate control, audio screen, and clock. Mileage and speedometer are brighter. I hope the new Prius has improved this."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I would like better directional choices on the AC. Difficult to point air flow exactly where I want it"

PATRICIA S., AZ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are a little notorius for not having enough lumbar support, being generally uncomfortable. But what's to stop owners from buying cushioned seatcovers and padding the steering wheel? This car costs a lot to begin with..."

Anonymous, MI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The seats could have been a little more supportive and they haven't held up well to years of use. There's a spring sticking out of the back of the drivers seat and the tan doesn't hide dirt."

Anonymous, IA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The climate control is great! What I don't like are the seats. They're okay for short spurts, but for anything over 30 minutes, I wish I had more comfortable seats."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"squeaks, rattles in doors with windows down, in dashboard (inaccessible)"

ROGER M., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"For someone over 5' 10", Limited leg room or adjustment. Cabin a bit tight."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"A lot of road noise."

Andrew C., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Adequate low noise level; comfortable ride and handling."

Robert L., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise at highway speeds is loud."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius seats in the 2005 model are not comfortable for a long drive. And I make a lot of long drives."

Ted R., IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Now that the car is 12 years old, the drivers seat is not holding up as well as I would like and on long drives it becomes uncomfortable. I weigh 210 pounds and stronger, more enduring springs would have been better. Car is also somewhat noisy."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The climate control is simply excellent, as is the cruise control (especially compared with the Civic). Adjusting the seat to a different driver is much easier in the Prius as well."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are not very comfortable, not well padded, ride can be rough, as car does not absorb bumps well."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise and interior upgrades"

Kenneth F., WA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Has road noise"

Anonymous, WY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car is great for our local needs but road noise and seat comfort issues make longer higher speed trips less pleasant."

C S., WA (2005 Toyota Prius)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This has been a very reliable vehicle throughout its life with us. No problems, excellent mileage, comfortable and cozy."

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"At over 120000 miles is almost ready for its 1st brake job. Great reliability! Great mileage!"

J K., MI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Purachased new and have had only one major repair with electronic system."

Anonymous, MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I bought myn2005? Prius new and have had very few repairs ."

Dorothy K., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I've been totally satisfied with my Prius since I purchased it. I've done the recommended servicing, oil changes and tire rotation. I've never had any problems! Will definitely buy a Prius for my next car"

Barbara T., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"increased gas mileage plus longevity of the car has probably made money based on what was paid to own the car"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"very good overall purchase, still average 40 mpg after 13 years -- NO primary battery issue after 117000 miles -- starts every time, very reliable"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage. Low repairs until recently."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"When we bought the Prius they were in short supply so no bargain on the price. The car has held up well and at 120K we still have the original brake pads."

David T., KY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"With over 200,000 miles, the only major system failure is air conditioning."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"13 year later it still runs like it did the day I got it. Only ware and tare on the body."

Daniel L., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The has had rock solid reliability. I have replaced one headlamp and the 12 volt battery in 114,000 miles. The rear window defroster has problems, but other than that, zero problems! Still have changed the brakes and the car still gets great gas mileage."

Neil S., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Unbeatable value, reliability, and economy."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"209000 miles in 13 years and only expense; tires, main battery, 12V battery, front wheel bearings, head lights. What more could you ask for!"

Mary B., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I love getting 48 to 50mpg on a car rated to get 42 to 45mpg. This car has served me well for 13 years with minimal problems."

Anonymous, SC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I can think of only one repair over ,the life of this automobile, and it still gets excellent mileage. Driving from Bend, Oregon to Boulder last summer, it was averaging 47 mpg until we climbed to the top of Rocky. Mountain National Park"

Anonymous, CO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The best thing about Toyotas and our Prius is its fuel efficiency and how well it is built. We get 47-54 mpg in the summer and 40-43 mpg in the winter. We have needed minimal repairs and maintenance through all 214,00+ miles. The body is still in good shape even though it has never been garaged through 13 Massachusetts summers and winters."

Sharon S., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"for a 13 year old car, it does very well. I'll never go back to a regular car. The hybrid electrical system is fun, saves bunches on gasoline, and gets me where I need to go."

Anonymous, WV (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Reliable with no problems after over 13 years. Great fuel economy. Love it."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It just keeps going and the mileage has stayed consisent since we purchased the vehicle new in 2005. Other than typical maintenance, the only ongoing frustrating issue is that the keys have had to be replaced 3 times. They fail to open the doors remotely (though the door can still be opened with the removable key). Replacement key fobs are TOO expensive. That's a Toyota rip-off."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This car has always performed well, and it still gets great gas mileage. I love it just as much as the day I bought it."

Ellen H., ID (2005 Toyota Prius)

"13 yrs and still runs like a top and gets outstanding gas mileage. Everything we hoped for when we bought the "new technology" in 2005."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Fantastic value — no repairs beyond maintenance and tires and brakes and 44mph makes a very happy car owner"

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Value is what buying a Prius is all about! I bought it new 13 years ago and have almost 205K miles. I consistently get 44 - 46 mpg with mostly highway driving, and the car has never let me down. Repairs have been very few and mostly inexpensive (a water pump, a muffler, a hood latch, that's about it)."

Peter R., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The regular battery cost $150.00 + labor could only be done at dealership. At age 11 had to replace hybrid battery @ $4,000 dollar. Then problem with electronics in hybrid which cost $1,500. Because we thought an outside machinic could fix it. Since the auto industry has not evolved with the hybrids (few mechanics can work on them) the cost of routine maintenance and repair makes the hybrids fuel economy nullified over time. We will not get another hybrid."

Anonymous, TN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"We have experienced only one major malfunction in the thirteen years we have owned and operated the vehicle. It has been an exceptionally reliable car and extremely economical as well."

Anonymous, MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"If we’d kept it five years, we would have saved hundreds of dollars. We’ve had it 15 years!"

Donald S., NH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Car was relatively expensive to purchase new; however, it has not required any major repairs, save wheel bearnings, gets good gas mileage, and runs very well after 13 years."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I certainly got maximum bang for my buck, I love my 2005 Prius!!"

Dorothy K., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Love it! Has been trouble-free."

H E., MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"With 200,000 miles on this Prius we have replaced nothing (not even brakes) except the hybrid battery at 197,000 (cost $3500.) It has saved us over $17,000 in gas, and several thousands in brakes, various pumps, etc. that have not been replaced. We plan to keep this car at least another 50,000 miles (with a brand new hybrid battery it will have another 150,000+ miles on it). At that time we will have recouped 100% of the purchase cost of the car in gas and maintenance savings."

Valerie B., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Safety concern. The windshield pillars are very wide making causing a large blind spot where pedestrians and cross traffic approaches. I have had some close calls. It is also a problem on curves."

Vernon H., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Other than standard maintenance costs (oil, tires, tuneup, etc), I have had only one significant expense. Very excellent for a 13 yr old car with 221000 miles."

Andrew T., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"best car I have ever owned"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The cost to maintain this vehicle is very low."

Edward L., AL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The gas mileage is as good as advertised. However, the battery died at ~110,000 miles just after the warranty expired."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car has been extremely reliable and gets excellent fuel economy."

Laura E., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"reliable great gas mileage great car overall"

Bruce-Cinnamon C., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Highly reliable car. Company responds quickly when there is a difficulty. Very good mileage."

Anonymous, TN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value, great mpg. Excellent reliability except for the head and taillights and some issues with the electrical system , but not the hybrid battery, that remains fine after 13 years."

Anonymous, DE (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car is extremely reliable and economical. It has delivered excellent service for years in both in town short hop driving and extended trips."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great fuel economy and very comfortable car"

Paul T., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Extremely reliable, and battery life exceeded initial expectations."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Paid approximately $20k in 2004 and the car has been mostly trouble free."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"a lot of financial incentives---car has been very low cost maintenance and great mileage"

Anonymous, CO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"the best car I have owed since my first 47 chev."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Front brake pads replaced at 150000 miles. all else is original!"

Anonymous, NE (2005 Toyota Prius)

"My Prius continues to run well with its original drive battery. Mileage has fallen a little bit over the years but I am thrilled with the gas that I have saved over the past 13 years."

Paul M., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It is our car we use for short trips a round town. We get good mileage and the maintenance costs are low."

M M., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Super value. Almost completely trouble free"

Myron W., MI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I think the Prius is a great value considering the purchase price + the maintenance costs and the MPG of the vehicle."

Steve L., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Aside from routine maintenance the Prius required only one repair; a leaky water pump was replaced."

Edward B., NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It has had almost no mechanical problems in 14 years and it comfortably seats my family of four for almost all outings (except camping)"

Daniel G., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I love the gas mileage - 45 miles per gallon on average."

Anonymous, IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Car has been extremely dependable. Have had few costly repairs in 173,000 miles. Mileage was 47.5 mpg for first 100,000 miles. Had main battery refurbished, get about 44 mpg now (all weather average). Great value."

John A., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Even though I needed to replace the lithium battery a year ago, this car is a great value. I bought it because it was thr “greenest‿ car at the time and have never regretted this decision."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It has held up very well and I'm glad I purchased this car."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This has been an awesome car. Very few problems and going strong. Lower mileage I'm getting is due to using just for short stop and go trips"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"No major problems for 1210000 miles, plus great mileage"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"13 years with 416110 km with minimum maintenance cost due to an exceptional high reliability, this is what I call a HIGH Value for Prius buyers!"

Michel R., QC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This is among the best purchases I've made in my long lifetime. Best car I've ever owned. Why? Reliability. Functionality. Hybrid system saves me money and I hope is better for the environment in the long run, weighing all factors."

Cherie E., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"We have driven this thing hard for 13 years now, most of it in soul-sucking and car-crushing D.C. area gridlock, and we have NEVER needed to put it into the shop for any repairs."

Deirdre S., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is an excellent value because it gets excellent gas mileage."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Never had any problems with this car."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car is well laid out and surprisingly flexible. The mileage is still incredible after 11 years and it wasn't until year 11 that I had my first actual mechanical issue with the car. It was expensive compared to cars of its size at the time of purchase but has proven to be an excellent value."

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Price of vehicle, gas mileage and reliability are the main reasons I value this vehicle. Have had no major malfunctions nor defects, and any minor incidents were addressed immediately."

BETTY L., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Overall cost of maintenance has been the lowest of any vehicle I have ever owned. The car has the original brakes at 106,000 miles."

JIMMY H., OK (2005 Toyota Prius)

"We purchased our Prius new in 2005. We have had to replace the hybrid battery, but it has almost 250,000 miles on it and still drives great!"

MARY R., IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"continues to perform dependably and very near as-new expectations at 230,000+ miles."

FRED A., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Other than standard wear and tear items, we have had zero problems with the car. In fact, some wear and tear items such as brake pads haven't worn out on our Prius. Considering the great MPG and the lack of maintenance problems, the car has been a excellent value."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Has been excellent car, I did replace the main battery at 330,000 miles"

WADE M., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I bought this used, and the value is incredible. While a hybrid will cost you an additional couple of thousand compared to a standard ICE-only vehicle new, I got this used Prius for a price equal to other sedans of similar age and mileage. The incredible gas mileage is now saving me at least a thousand dollars a year in gas (assuming the alternative car I would have would get about 27 MPG)."

DANIEL W., NH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage, good acceleration"

Anonymous, WI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I've never owned a better car in the almost 60 years I've been a car owner. This is even excluding a 1960 Corvette that was my husband's and my first car! I wish I had the back-up camera, but otherwise I can't find a complaint. I can't believe how the fuel economy has held up over 100,000 miles."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"reliable transportation after 11 years"

Anonymous, BC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"After 155000 miles, only one major repair (air conditioning) not counting brake pads and tires. Has been a super-reliable car - great value and great mileage!"

Anonymous, WI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It's a Prius!!!!"

Anonymous, WI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Good: Gas mileage. Not so good: High cost of maintenance. However, that said, I have to add that Toyota's Customer Service is FANTASTIC! I would buy a Toyota again JUST because their customer service people have taken such good care of me. They stand behind their product."

SUE H., MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I have replaced brakes once, spark plugs once, tune up once; I call this good value. And I still get 47 mpg."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Good Mileage- very reliable"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I got a great deal on the car used from private seller. Gas mileage good. Very reliable."

SUSAN T., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car has been absolutely rock-solid, and exceptionally economical to operate, throughout its over 200,000 miles of driving. Nothing has EVER gone wrong with it."

DEIRDRE S., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Good value"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Good investment because of the low overall operating costs"

J C., ON (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The upcharge for the hybrid feature was minimal, compared to the price of a Corolla or Camry at the time we bought the Prius. We got a 44-mpg car for roughly the same price we would have had to pay for a conventional car of roughly the same size."

L H., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This is an 11-year-old car and the gas mileage has held up great between 42-50 mpg - and on the original batteries with 280K miles."

DON M., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Holds it's value and upkeep for maintenance cost are super low."

EDWARD L., AL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Reliable, dependable, economical, practical & solid ride."

BRUCE R., NJ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Purchased used; no major repairs, just regular maintenance."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I don't drive it much (about 800 mi/year!). My overall mileage is not as good as I had hoped and expected. The car's computer gave us a very ambiguous "engine check" light recently, and it took overnight and about $800 for the dealer to figure out what was wrong (weak 12 v. battery) - I think Toyota should have been able to make a warning signal that was very specific about the battery, and that might have been a lot less expensive to fix."

JOHN L., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Amazing value. Paid about $22,000 in 2005. It has 177,000, and I am on my original brakes (yes, 177,000 miles on original brakes) and original batteries. I have spent nothing other than recommended maintenance and tires. When I value the money not spent, and the money saved on gas, this car has been an amazing value."

VALERIE B., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This is probably the best car I've ever owned. It has been the least expensive to operate and own and it's been very reliable. Haven't spent much money on upkeep either. Really an all around great car."

SUZI L., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I have had this car for over 10 years and until quite recently, I have consistently gotten good mileage. The only repair I have had to make (that was not a recall) was one brake job. Pretty amazing vehicle!"

SARA I., HI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Years of trouble free service doing exactly what we wanted, a car to run around town economically."

JIM G., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage."

J K., MI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Best money I've ever spent on a vehicle."

MICHAEL B., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"buy it youll like it. as soon as I wear this oe out I"ll get another one. I like no transmission."

A B., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Ten years, 150K miles with minimal maintenance - This car owes us nothing!!! Great reliable low cost transportation."

BEN T., VT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It has been the least expensive car to own than any that I have experienced and it still runs and performs perfectly."

JAMES D., KY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This is an amazing car! It has 111,000 miles and still purrs along both in city driving and in the mountains. It never seems to falter."

JOHN D., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Most trouble free car I have ever owned"

DALE B., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"High gas mileage and mostly low operating cost. I replaced the hybrid battery at 290,000 miles and the catalytic converter at 298,000. Lots of value there."

PHILIP K., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I appreciate the excellent mileage I get in both urban and interstate highway environments and the fact that in the 11years I have owned this vehicle, it needed just one, inexpensive repair."

EDITH S., CO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Many reliable comfortable miles driven with minimal maintenance and repair costs."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"No expense. Just runs"

PARAG K., CT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I feel the value factor of the prius is strongly impacted by how well my local dealer has addressed recalls."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Still gets good mileage!"

HARPER L., KY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"low maintenece, great mileage and surprising roomy and quiet"

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"What you get in terms of energy efficiency and performance is well worth the price."

RICK S., VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I was looking for a durable "around town and short trip" car that could carry four people and a decent amount of cargo with a low operating cost. Nine years into the purchase I am impressed with the vehicle. Absolutely no rust, very few repairs, it survived a couple of dings with grace because of the plastic parts. The mechanic says the vehicle may well last another 9 years."

PAUL O., MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The 2005 Prius never needs any mechanical work, is completely reliable, and is fun to drive. And, I got into the carpool lane for ten years A best buy!"

C C., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I still have it with 200,000+ miles. The savings on gas because of it's excellent MPG,(especially when avg MPG in the US was much lower and gas prices much higher) has probably paid for this car plus some."

BETH R., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"one aspect that represents poor value is the recommended maintenance schedule. Following the routine maintenance schedule cost several thousands of dollars over the years, and though i was repeatedly assured that this cleaning and that adjustment were important to keep mpg high, my mpg has steadily decreased over the years, such that even highway-only driving maxes out at less than 40mpg, while typical mix is 34 mpg or less."

GREGORY B., NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Beside the excellent gas mileage, last year was the first "brake job" in all the years and all the miles (160,000) on the car. And the one front wheel bearing was the first major repair EVER! All else has been routine maintenance in 11 years."

SALLIE S., NY (2005 Toyota Prius)

"We bought it new in January 2005. It has been a trouble free, reliable, economical car ever since. We planned to replace it when it dies, but it keeps going."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Very reliable, great mileage, quiet, very well constructed. Great value!"

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Wonderful appliance...one of most brilliant transportation pods ever. But I would not buy another hybrid or electric with its low level of acceleration and handling...time for a totally new alternative, not the current Prius which has not really advanced much. Goes forever, wish it would die."

David L., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Love this car! It's old by today's standards, but dependable and a great value."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Absolutely the most reliable worry free vehicle we have ever owned. We've never had a repair until a bad spark plug this year"

Rodney G., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Has been an excellent investment. Has always been ultra-reliable, and economical to run (after I learned to replace the HID headlights)."

Doug D., OR (2005 Toyota Prius)

"12 years and it still runs like new"

Daniel L., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"While impressive when first purchased, the car is quite lacking in the sound system and overall road noise. That said, I have only replaced the regular battery twice, the main hybrid battery once, and the HID headlight ballasts, beyond regular tire and oil changes. No muffler or break work has been done. 12 and a half years later it is still running, outside of the air conditioning."

Jeremy J., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This car gets consistently good mileage and has been trouble free. Do the normal maintenance and change tires. Nothing else."

Jim G., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car has been extremely economical both for maintenance and for fuel economy. We are still driving with the original brake pads from 2005! We did have to spend $4k this year to replace the main battery bank. That cost roughly equals the value of the car, but we feel that the car has many good years of use ahead of it given the fact that we don't drive many miles in it."

C S., WA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius has been an amazing value: reliable and very efficient. Twelve years on and still getting 44 mpg in mostly highway driving. Very few repairs: only a hood strut and a water pump. Brakes have only been replaced once in 192K miles!"

Peter R., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"12+ years old and still driving strong with 40+MPG - how do you beat that? Great value."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"When purchased, worries abounded that the battery pack would need to be replaced in two or three years, at a cost of $2,000. We are now a few months shy of 13 years since delivery. And 40mpg (then 45) was unheard of in late 2004"

Alexander B., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Best car ever! We have had no major problems. Great gas mileage and it's amazing how much "stuff" we have transported in this car."

Anonymous, NV (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent commuter vehicle for +10 years, high mpg with decent comfort (averaged 1.5 commute hours daily). Very few issues beyond normal maintenance."

K B., MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Love this car despite it's lack of aesthetics, well thought through and well designed."

Keith B., FL (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This is probably the most reliable car we have owned. It still gets good mileage, and it always starts promptly and gets us where we need to go even in winter."

J K., MI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Very reasonable price; virtually nothing went wrong on the car"

Kirk M., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great value and longevity"

Aviv G., NV (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The Consumer Reports Used Car Guide suggested $6000. The Kelly Blue Book suggested $2,900. But neither book took into account cars with mileage over 200,000 miles. I gave up and sold the 2005 Prius to a distant relative of Maureen for $1,000. She gave me another $1,000, so I got $2,000."

Anonymous, RI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Cut my fuel bill in half from my Mazda Mallenia."

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Few repairs if any we change the oil regularly it looks it's age seats worn that sort of thing"

Alan C., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I've had the car for over 11 years. It has been trouble-free and very fuel efficient. Lots of leg room front and back and great cargo space."

Jeffrey M., MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is like the Energizer Bunny; it just keeps going and going without any major problems. The efficiency has actually gotten better after the 100,000 mile service. It is our go-to car and can haul a ton of stuff. Road noise is not good, but we have become used to it."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great economy; minimal maintenance."

Robert L., PA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car is 12 years old with 180,000 miles. The only repairs that it has needed in that time was to replace the AC condenser and evaporator. And two sets of tires, one set of brake pads, and one tuneup."

George C., LA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The tax incentive was a huge boost to our budget. The gas mileage was phenomenal. We were very pleasantly surprised by the roi."

Mark M., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"For the amount of money saved in fueling this car based on the mileage savings this car after 10 or more years has probably paid for itself."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I have been extremely satisfied with the gas mileage I get with my Prius. It has saved me a lot of money, especially during periods when gas prices have risen."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great gas mileage, reliable no problem car, and surprisingly roomy for it's small size."

Anonymous, HI (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Have hardly had any issue with this vehicle. Only had to change the main hybrid batter after 10 year. Still running strong with over 200000 miles on it."

Anonymous, UT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"After 12 years I still get the same gas mileage I got when I first drove it off the lot - 4.6-5.3L/100km. Has saved thousands in fuel costs. Repairs and maintenance haven't been excessive. The vehicle has never broken down, not once. With the exception of the A/C that stopped working this year, it has been very reliable."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Prius)

"After 12 years, this car continues to perform well"

W F., TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The car can haul a lot of stuff, especially when the back seats are flipped down."

Ted R., IN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Couldn't have made a better choice."

H E., MD (2005 Toyota Prius)

"great reliability. In 264,000 miles I've never had to do anything above regular maintenance, and I've only had to replace brake pads once. I can't explain that one."

Rex H., OH (2005 Toyota Prius)

"This has been a wonderful car. Fuel economy, no idling, timeless styling, enough features, and no mechanical problems."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage and easy handling"

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Prius)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Distintive car."

WADE M., NC (2005 Toyota Prius)

"IUt is very difficult to see what is behind me trough the sloping back window,"

S C., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I still like the streamlined appearance (maybe more than newer incarnations). The interior is a bit plain and it has painted plastic in some locations that is not durable (paint come off on rearview mirror controls and on glove box release buttons."

GENE D., CT (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The visibility out the back window is not good. The tail fin blocks some of the view. Also, because I am short, the seat height is not good - and I can't raise it."

PETTI V., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"It looks like a spaceship!"

SUE H., MN (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I love the car, but it has 2 features that are disturbing. 1) has blind spots - side mirrors have a this holder in window, I find that very dangerous. and the trunk does not open from the inside."

IRENE B., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"Rear visibility is poor due to design of hatchback. This is a safety issue and would make me think twice about buying a Prius again"

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I don't think the paint should fail on a car. In the 1050's I knew paint would fade, but now? No excuse!"

HOWARD K., CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"I love the smooth simple look of it. I hate the new version and would not buy one."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

"The corner airbags/curtain framing blocks my vision to the front corners/sides... Makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic/anything when going around a corner. It also blocks my view of pedestrians in a crosswalk at times."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota Prius)

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