A lot of the Prius's appeal is its 44-mpg overall fuel economy and ultraclean emissions. But it also provides a roomy interior, hatchback versatility and admirable road manners. Although relatively small on the outside, the long wheelbase and efficient space utilization give it interior room comparable to that of a midsized car.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"We got it for its economy, space inside, and comfort on long trips. We had to give up 'fun to drive.'"

ARTHUR M., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"This is not a car to power off a ramp onto a highway. Acceleration is OK but not a strong point by any means. I have had to become accustomed to how I merge in this car, being forced to leave lots of lead time."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The only negative experience was when I had to make a very sudden lane change to avoid a crash and the car began to shake violently. I thought I was going to roll over. Luckily did not."

DOUG G., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Good: General handling, acceleration, braking is not as good as my Acura Integra. Blind spot on driver's side just behind driver's seat."

SUZANNE L., MD (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Good acceleration which is important for freeway access & hills"

Anonymous, OR (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It has great get and go on our fwys. Great gas mileage, seats could be a little better for comfort on long trips. This car does not have navigation,etc. Was not available at the time. Value in the car is great. 10 years and no major problems, have not had to replace the main battery pak. Thank goodness."

SUSAN Y., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Horrible acceleration and sportiness"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very quick due to engine and electric motor working together."

CHARLES P., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very accurate steering. Transmission is not noticeable at all - no pauses or shifting. Cruise control is straightforward and predictable."

Anonymous, CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The turning radius is awful even for a front wheel drive car. The handling is ok at best. The ride on the highways loud and windy. The seats get uncomfortable on trips over an hour."

ERIC H., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"On icy hill engine shuts off if drive wheels slip and raise engine rpm"

Anonymous, AZ (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The car is very responsive and easy to drive. I love the way it takes corners and brakes."

BETH B., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The same as the 2005, not peppy"

STEWART U., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Though sold as a high-mileage high-tech car, we like it more for it's nimble handling, quick acceleration off the line, and the very tight turning circle."

E R., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is average, but not meant to be anything but. Handling is good, but the car is 10 years old and getting a little loose."

JEFF K., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Reliability. Except HID headlights"

ALI E., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"mediocre power, handling okay"

Anonymous, IN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Daughter used it this year. Not good for a pushy driver. Hybrid battery went bad. Fixed it for $2000 instead of a new one from dealer for $4700."

JOY L., DE (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Much better feel and driavability than I thought it would have before I bought the car."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I feel my Prius is an extension of my body. I fit behind the wheel perfectly. It drives like it reads my mind. I can parallel part like a truck driver. I can drive backward as easily as forward. I love it."

L J., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It's a 4-cylinder hybrid. Not exactly "peppy" or responsive. But I didn't really expect it to be."

J C., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It is slow, very slow. It accelerates slowly and it is not a "fast" car in any respect. The handling is fairly poor as well and the steering requires almost constant tendering even while driving on flat, straight surfaces."

JON K., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"rough ride; lots of road noise"

LAURA B., WI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I expected Priuses to be under-powered and was surprised at how peppy the one I test drove was. And I have NEVER had trouble accelerating to get into traffic on the interstate. And I come up to speed very quickly to merge."

MARILYN H., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very little acceleration power. You cannot take any chances when merging onto Fast moving traffic. Also, car loses speed when going up long or steep incline. I understand the newer models aren't quite so bad in this respect."

DENISE M., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Blind spots front and back"

Anonymous, MO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Not great acceleration and when starting quickly from a stop, such as having to pull out into traffic, it seems to slip some times into neutral for a second. Scary"

MARY H., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Great visability, no blindspots. It's a relatively small car compared to other cars I've driven, so being able to see well is helpful when I need to zip in and out of sticky situations. After 130,000+ miles, it still has kick and purrs going 70mph"

Debbie M., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It does not do well in snow due to being low to the ground, light weight in the rear and the traction control. (The traction control prevents one from getting unstuck.)"

Ralph S., CO (2006 Toyota Prius)


Jane C., CT (2006 Toyota Prius)

"This little car is not the speediest vehicle on the road, but it can get out of the way quickly. It responds quickly, hugs the road & is fun to drive"

April G., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It is surprisingly nimble for having such a small engine. The car has plenty of torque and starts quickly."

Anonymous, CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Good acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Good performance. Handles easy, very stable, reliable."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"poor acceleration and pickup; poor handling in the snow."

Laura B., WI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Although not fast from a standing start, I have found the acceleration at speed (when passing another vehicle, in particular) to be very good. Handling has been secure."

Ronald F., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I drive 60 miles one way in Southern California (from Riverside to Long Beach). This is a tough commute and can take a tool on a vehicle. My Prius is the perfect commute car both as my main car and as a Lyft driver. I get compliments that the car is roomier than expected with passengers who sit in the back. This is a vehicle I expect to buy again. I am still on the original battery, and I do have concerns when this will go out. But at almost 200k miles, the car still runs strong."

Daniel R., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"For a high mpg car the Prius is no slouch, the straight ahead stability is very good, the ride and noise levels seem better than our 2012 CRV. the handling and braking is just fine for any and all daily driving. Its very likable."

Steve T., MN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The vehicle seems to lose traction more frequently than most, and it's very disconcerting."

Mark B., OH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Outstanding gasoline mileage, even at 120,000 miles on vehicle. Repair and maintenance are overly expensive at dealer."

Stephen K., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"great gas milage and good acceleration"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Overall good performance during most weather. Not the best in snow."

Virginia M., MN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Accelerates surprisingly well for an older hybrid. Handles like a small car should."

A C., CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Driving the Prius reminds me of driving a small sports car. It is scelerates fast, handles very well."

Michael S., ND (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is adequate for merging and passing. Not going to push you back in your seat but better acceleration than I originally anticipated. Handling is quick, firm and responsive. The added weight of the hybrid battery makes our Prius very stable in high winds when other cars are swaying back and forth."

Darrell Z., HI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration onto a highway is easy and safe. The car takes corners well."

A C., CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Reliability, easy to navigate audio system and mileage"

Cecilio E., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It's a bit light, I think, but it's spry, has good acceleration and handles well. Exactly what I wanted and expected from this Toyota."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"For such a fuel-efficient vehicle, I've been impressed with it's ability to accelerate, when needed. It handles well, though there have been a few times in winter when all-wheel drive would have been handy. Traction control works well, but you can lose momentum going uphill."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius handles reasonably well and has plenty of power."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It is easy to handle and the turning radius is good. Acceleration and handling felt organic and easy"

Julie G., NY (2006 Toyota Prius)

"it is very comfortable to drive"

Khaled A., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"When I park the car, there is a knocking motion of the vehicle, which I don’t like."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The electrical system is going crazy. Both our Prius and my ex wife's similar year have big issues with the panel going dark at times for no reason and can't tell speed or fuel level. Also audio volume will go up or down for no reason occasionally."

Floyd D., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Has more power and a better ride than I expected"

James H., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"rear window has very poor visibility"

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration more than adequate for city/commute driving."

Anonymous, DE (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling are great!"

Anonymous, DC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Handles well in my daily commutes."

Laura Y., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"always able to get out of the way when needed. very reliable"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"WHen I go over a bump/pothole, the car seems to lunge forward, especially if I am applying the brake"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Still very responsive when driving. Acceleration is still quite good. Drives almost like new."

Steven M., NY (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling is unchanged from what it was as a new car."

Mark K., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Prone to wander - takes constant attention to stay in lane."

W R., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It's very light to handle, very responsive."

M P., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The car gets me from here to there reliably and safely, but not particularly fun."

Mason P., OH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Lots of pick-up and plenty of power for passing. Handles well."

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"accelerates and handles well"

Edward K., UT (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Just drove a new Hyundai. Makes me appreciate great Prius' acceleration and nimble handling."

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Prius)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It has a slight noise that bothers me a bit."

STEWART U., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I am 6'2" and the driver's seat is not comfortable for long trips."

DANIEL K., MD (2006 Toyota Prius)

"One downside of the car is the interior noise level, which is pretty high. The other is the way the climate control system operates, which I find counter-intuitive. If I want it to conform to my thermostat setting I have to put it in "auto" mode, which automatically engages the air-conditioner, which I then have to turn off manually. It's a relatively minor complaint, and I've gotten used to it, but it's kind of a pain."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I think the noise level is too high when riding in this car."

CHRISTIAN E., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The seat has not been as comfortable for long trips as previous cars. The biggest issue is the amount of road noise - so much more than any car I've ever had"

SUE R., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Too noisy inside. Heat control does not respond to selected temperature well. A higher setting is needed at first, then the setting can be lowered."

WAYNE W., BC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Seated are comfortable but the road noise coming up through the floor is terrible."

MARY H., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I find the seats in this car very uncomfortable but my wife loves them and it is her car. The car also has really bad blind spots that you have to be aware of"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"there is a lot of road noise. I also have squeaks/rattles in the dash board. but it doesn't bother me too much because I don't drive for long times - most of the time"

JIM W., ID (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Seat cushions are thin. I use an additional cushion. My left knee often leans against the side of the armrest while I drive because I shift my foot position a lot trying to get comfortable. The armrest has no padding at all where it meets the side of my knee (which also has no padding)."

PHILLIP T., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Utilitarian car. Comfortable, but noisy ride. Average sound system. Climate control is adequate."

JEFF K., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are not comfortable, I had to purchase an ergonomic seat. The new Prius have much more ergonomic seats."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"very noise going down road,"

PAMELA M., OR (2006 Toyota Prius)

"After 10 yrs. The seats are not very comfortable. Comfortable seats appears to be one of the sacrifices made for high millage."

SCOTT C., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I had serious back problems before owning this car and had to use cushions to support my back. With the Prius I am very comfortable without any additional support."

BETH B., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Poor ride, noisy"

WILLIAM C., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"This car is as comfortable Tostitos in the back as the front. It feels more like sitting in a chair than a bucket seat and has an ease to getting in and out of the vehicle. Better than any other car I've owned. Even my 6'6" husband fits comfortably."

DAWN H., HI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The seats should be more comfortable. This is most noticeable on long rides. More soundproofing should be added to reduce road noise etc."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Rear seating is especially spacious, for size of vehicle."

LEE E., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise sometimes makes conversation difficult for someone with a slight hearing impairment"

JIM B., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very utilitarian compared to Lexus."

W M., NM (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Car is very light and some roads are rough, feel bumps, wind blows car around, less cushion in seats."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Road/cabin noise is pronounced. Enough that I find it tiring on a long drive. I assume this is because the car is so light and lacks mass often added to help dampen noise."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I have chronic pain and no other car has the comfort of the seats this car has for me. Friends who have ridden with me or driven the car went on to buy a Prius themselves (seniors themselves BTW). It handles well too, which adds to comfort. The ecological? Priceless."

RIA T., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"good ride"

ROBERT S., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"No lumbar support in seats"

Anonymous, NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are OK could be better for back comfort, and hight adjustment for the driver."

Gadi S., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very noisy"

Anonymous, MO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Smooth and quiet ride"

Charles S., TX (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise is a bit loud. Hard to hear conversations because of it."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very comfortable and I have driven on long trips 900+ miles."

Philip L., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Fairly comfortable but can be pretty loud on the freeway."

Elizabeth B., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The car's leather seats are incredibly comfortable, comparing favorably with much more expensive cars. The car does experience some road noise, however, especially on rough roads."

Anonymous, CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"NOISY! It needs better sound insulation, low back support, and electric seat adjustments."

Sue R., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Not comfortable for long trips"

Anonymous, IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It is not very comfortable, and when my 6'5" son sits in the car his head about touches the ceiling."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Toyota Prius)

"very comfortable for someone with a bad back"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"When the windows are down, the noise is unbearable."

Franz D., MD (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Nothing in particular. You know, we've had it for 14 years now, since it was a baby, and we've gotten used to it. There's really no discomfort. I should add that neither of us is a giant and we do use add-on car seats to support our backs and to elevate us."

Les P., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are more comfortable and roomy than you would expect. Rear seats are adequate for 2 full sized adults. Road noise is about average."

Daniel L., TN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are wonderful - great lower back support. Easy adjustment. Road noise is negligible. Ride is firm but not too hard or soft."

Darrell Z., HI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are not comfortable for a longer trip, especially in the rear. The suspension rolls too much on turns."

Anonymous, VT (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Cabin noise is the most annoying thing about this car. Otherwise, it is a comfortable car to drive."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Stiff ride and narrow wheel stance plus door pillars sometimes block view."

Randolph G., MD (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Seating is comfortable, ride is acceptable for small car, road noise is somewhat annoying."

Russell L., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Even noisier when accelerating than our 2008 Prius."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The seat is well contoured to fit my posture. I am rather tall and need good back support."

Beth B., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"After 11 years the seat padding is getting thin. Not comfortable for long trips"

Scott C., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are a bit uncomfortable -- too hard"

Anonymous, NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Seats too short in thigh, too low. Multiple drivers get leg cramps in stop and go driving."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"front seat comfort and support"

Khaled A., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I find the seat comfortable and adjustments easy. The ride is a bit noisy but I never expected otherwise. The car is very responsive to drive and the brakes are light to the touch."

Linda B., NY (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Replaced worn out, torn seats.at 285,000 miles. Weatherstripping wearing out, becoming noisy."

Anonymous, NV (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Lots of leg room in back seat; comfortable seats; a bit too noisy (road-noise)."

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Drives smoothly for a small car, although not the quietest."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Toyota Prius)

"For a 12 year old car, the driver’s seat is still pretty comfortable. The car still handles well in snow and ice. The only issue with the audio controls is the volume control knob works intermittently. The steering wheel controls work perfectly."

A C., CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Despite small size of car, interior space is very roomy both in front and back - passengers usually comment on how comfortable seats are and how roomy it is , especially in rear seats."

Kenneth B., PA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"For a 12-year old car, the ride is still very quiet after 226,000 miles."

Mark K., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Solid ride and responsive handling. Road noise can be a bit annoying, but the car itself is very quiet."

Anonymous, OK (2006 Toyota Prius)

"seats and ride are quite good, car is fun to drive even well over the 120,000 mileage mark. had to replace the main battery this year at a cost of $2,300 but we will keep the car a lot longer"

Edward K., UT (2006 Toyota Prius)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Incredibly reliable - virtually no down-time or repair expense. Very economical and eco-friendly."

LEE E., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I think the Prius is a great value because of the quality and economy it offers."

BRUCE B., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Car electronic was related to brake system, cost us over $700 to have it repaired. Otherwise car is fine to date."

DAVID T., SC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"After 10+ years, most in the heat of Phoenix AZ, I have had to replace both water pumps and the 12 volt battery (once each). The main battery pack is still functioning well, although my gas mileage has dropped from 54 (for years!!) to 44."

PHILIP B., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I am the third owner, and believe I paid a bit too much (private owner sale). However, car was very well maintained (lots of records) and have had no issues with it since purchase."

CLAYTON M., OK (2006 Toyota Prius)

"bought used for $9K. still worth close to that 3 years later. no major issues"

EDWARD K., UT (2006 Toyota Prius)

"great fuel economy, other than oil changes and check-ups never requires repairs. I have never owned a car as trouble free! All previous cars were either GM or Ford."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Toyota Prius)

"excellent mileage and reliability"

JEFF S., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The more that I drive this car, the more that I appreciate the fine engineering. Some careful thought and experience went into the design of this car's systesm."

TERRY M., OH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I have 90,000 miles on it. Never has it had to be repaired (motor and machinery) Outside body has had minor damage (by me). I just have it lubed and the oil changed. I like it that the cars look alike from one year to the next. No need to buy a knew car.."

L J., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"NO ONE tells you about having the secondary battery go out on you while driving! It is outrageous that it just stops with no warning. It stopped in traffic in a dangerous area. I feel you are doing people a disservice by not informing them of this issue. It happened to a friend of ours on a trip too. ALSO, the expense of having a headlight changed is outrageous! For all the great things about this car, these two items are really bad aspects of ownership."

CHARLOTTE F., TN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"2006 Prius has a lot of features for a relatively inexpensive vehicle on top of very good fuel economy."

TERRY G., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Had to replace hybrid battery at 73000 miles. It was expensive to replace."

Anonymous, UT (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Even if gas prices are down, this car is remarkable for gas efficiency. For trips it has been the go-to car for that reason. Even going into its 10th year on the road and 154,000+ miles, the major problems are rather minor (headlights keep burning out, tire pressure keeps needing tweaking and the sensor on the back passenger side tire has malfunctioned. I have not decided if the $168 price tag is worth getting it replaced. Otherwise I would buy this car again in a heartbeat."

JOAN D., PA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The car goes in for regular check-ups but I have never had to have anything fixed. It has only 48,000 miles on it (in ten years). I use high test gasoline and on the highway get up to 53 miles per gallon. I love the car."

JANE F., DC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The battery failed and it is unbelievably expensive to replace it. It is an old car with 165000 miles, and Toyota want $3000 to replace the battery. We could still use the car but it is not worth putting $3000 into it. Independent suppliers have rebuilt batteries for less, but it is very unclear how reliable the rebuilt batteries are."

DAVID L., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"40-plus mpg (in spring, summer, and fall) on a 10 year old car is like putting money in the bank. Car is extremely reliable, never had any repairs done at all."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Great car for the price. Excellent milage, lots of room inside"

DAVID S., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Used car with 204,000 miles purchased on eBay. Purchased directly from the seller for a fair price. Have owned 3 years, no issues."

BRIAN N., ME (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I bought this at the height of the popularity of this generation of Toyota, where people were lining up for available cars. So there was no possibility of bargaining for a better price--demand was too high. That said, I've gotten 10 virtually trouble-free years from the car, so I am quite satisfied with the value for money long-term."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Contrary to initial predictions, the hybrid batteries on these 2nd generation Prius's appear to be lasting a long time. No problems yet with this hybrid battery."

ANDREW D., NH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Prius is a very versatile car, with an amazing amount of interior space. The overall economy and reliability is the best factor."

B S., NV (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent car - no problems"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)


MARTHA P., VA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Having owned this car for over 10 years I'd say it was well worth the money spent. It's been very trouble free and has performed well. The hybrid battery died after 10 years and I replaced it for $2550 and all is well again. I'll buy another one when I'm ready for it."

Anonymous, AZ (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I am very satisfied with the value of this vehicle. Besides gas savings, the car has been low maintenance for the most part and very reliable."

DONALD R., VA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The cost of replacing the hybrid batteries really eats into the value; that said, not much else has gone awry."

J T., VA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius simply doesn't get driven enough to fully utilize the hybrid cost-saving advantage. Currently, it is being used for a 70+ mile round-trip commute, but for the majority of time I owned this vehicle, my daily commute was less than 5 miles."

PRISCILLA B., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Only had some minor scratches when purchased, has been very reliable and inexpensive to operate"

CLARKE B., TX (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Bought the car used with 175k miles. It is a great little car. Efficient, quiet and drives well. We have had some high-mileage failures (battery I reconditioned myself and AC compressor I paid the dealer to fix for $1300 - ouch)"

KENNETH K., TN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Wonderful gas mileage and a comfortable ride."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I have 165000 miles on this car and it still runs great. Only problem was just yesterday when I got back from a long trip, the car had been sitting for over 2 month the battery was dead. AAA came and jumped it and I took it immediately to a local Toyota dealer and it needed to be replaced ($350).This was the original small battery and it had 2 bad cells. I plan to keep driving this car till it falls apart, hopefully after 250000 miles."

PHILIP L., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The hybrid batteries are wearing out after 10 years of service and mpg has decreased noticeably, although I can still achieve 41mpg city. Replacement batteries could cost up to $2000, something to consider when calculating the true operating cost of a hybrid vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"This car is all about the gas mileage. I smile every time I go to fill up when I consider how often I fill up, how much I pay when I fill up, and the great gas mileage that I regularly enjoy."

JON K., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"We got a good deal on a top-of-the-line model off the dealer's lot at the end of the model year."

ROBERT D., NJ (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I bought our Prius well used with 219000 miles on it and I have put 55000 more miles on it this year. The car had been abused but still works well. The Prius community makes it easy to keep it going!"

BRUCE W., TX (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I get almost 100,000 miles to a set of Michelin tires"

MARK K., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"195,000 miles with minimal repairs other than normal service"

JIM B., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Great except that the big battery died ar 123,000 mikes"

Anonymous, NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Still get 48 MPG after 10 years, ethanol, and 130k miles of driving. No failures of car systems ever experienced thus far."

WILLIAM J., VA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I have gotten amazing service out of this car. I had the 1st expensive repairs when I had it smogged for the 1st time this year--DMV had never required this before. I guess at 10 years it's required. I do find the road noise annoying & the ride in backseat rough."

A T., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Has lasted very well for 11 years and given good service."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Bulletproof - has lasted 12 years with no problems and gives great mileage"

W M., NM (2006 Toyota Prius)

"In the past we have never kept a car for 11 year, but our Prius has been trouble free. Like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going! GREAT CAR!"

Charlene H., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The value is mostly in the yearly maintenance and operating areas. Low fuel cost yearly and even lower maintenance cost. In 11 years I have replaced the regular vehicle battery and tires and windshield wiper blades. The brake pads all around after 130,000 miles are still about half used. If you want a vehicle for the long haul this is it,, however if you are one that enjoys upgrading your vehicles as new tech comes out then the addition $3000-4000 price will not be recouped until after the 7th t..."

Daniel L., TN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I've had no major repairs on my Prius and have averaged over 45 mpg with over 200000 miles"

Glenn W., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"All around, it has been a great car, with very few repairs. It is quiet and comfortable. The only flaw is the unsafe touch pad instrumentation, which requires you to look away from the road to adjust heat, radio, etc."

G G., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I drove the Prius for over 6 years to work about 100 miles daily, The car was reliable in all weather conditions, never broke down, and practically required only regular and expected maintenance throughout the 11 years we own it. After experience with other cars, I can only say; what more can one ask."

Gadi S., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"153,000 miles. Nothing has gone wrong with this car. Inversting the fuel savings in the stock market over the last decade has allowed our family to save an additional year's college tuition. Gas won't be cheap forever, these cars are a great long-term investment."

Chris C., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very little maintenance lists despite over 250,000 miles of use."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It's lasted a long time and still gets great gas mileage"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"We're heading toward a dozen good years on our first Prius - given that, it probably won't be our last. Mileage can be in the 50s if you're on the highway but drops to mid-40s around town. The only major expense was having to replace the hybrid battery at 10 years (and even the price for that has gone down). Maintenance costs have been very modest and daily operating costs are darned tough to beat."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent vehicle with great fuel economy and very good handling and acceleration. Drive 80 miles round trip every weekday to work. Reliable vehicle that never breaks down and leaves you stranded."

Michael H., NJ (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage and need for maintenance is minimum."

Anonymous, PR (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It has proven to be extremely reliable and fuel efficient with no surprises - simply routine maintenance at a very reasonable price."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value, solid purchase"

Robert E., MD (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Reliable high efficiency car"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very reliable, outstanding gas mileage for the model year"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"After 11 years and 168,000 miles I still get 40+ mpg. A couple of replacement issues, dash computer went out at 140,000 partial Toyota recall help pay $350 my share $550. Everything else great"

Philip L., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"my Prius has 425000 miles. I have regular maintenance done (oil changes, etc) as recommended. When I bought the car Toyota was offering free tires for life. I am on my 5th set of free tires. In the 11 years I have owned it, I have had 2 break jobs, and I replaced the small starter battery. My car is till running on it's original electric battery system, and has not required any other major repairs. This car is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned"

April G., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage"

Anonymous, CT (2006 Toyota Prius)

"VERY low maintenance"

Bill A., AR (2006 Toyota Prius)

"GOOD: Terrific gas mileage, Rock-solid dependability, except for the following: BAD: Main battery needed replacement at 150,000 miles. No warning, sudden Red Screen Of Death, ordered to get it to dealer immediately. $3,000 to replace."

Anonymous, NH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius has lasted so far for 12 years without any major problems until the central display screen started malfunctioning in the last several months. The mileage has been consistent."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very low maintenance and breakage."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very reliable. Tires are the only weak point."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Well, I don't know what you'd get if you buy one now, but I do believe we got good value having bought ours in 2006."

Les P., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Good gas mileage, good reliability"

Lung N., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"most reliable car I have owned"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I feel we received good value, however we did have to replace the hybrid battery when the Prius was 9 years old (out of warranty)."

Russell L., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It keeps going and getting good gas mileage after 12 years."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very reliable car, inexpensive to service and good mileage"

David K., IL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage is great!"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Great car. Huge cargo area for small car. Able to carry large amounts of lumber and building materials."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I love the Prius. It needed little repair over the many miles we drove it. The gas mileage was wonderful."

Julie G., NY (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It has been an excellent long-term purchase. I've had very few issues (did replace main battery under warranty at 74K), kept up with basic maintenance, and have been quite pleased overall. It's been reliable, fuel-efficient, and with fold-down seats, able to handle a good variety of cargo."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Reliable, audio system is easy to handle and gets mileage as advertised"

Cecilio E., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Having my 2006 Prius serviced every 5000 miles has kept that car running without any major problems. Although I paid sticker price, it has been worth every cent. Still getting 45 mpg after all those years speaks for itself about the Toyota product."

Franz D., MD (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Well, it's a Prius and it's been running for 11 years with little maintenance except for oil changes and tires. I just replaced the brakes 5000 miles ago (after 205000 miles!) Prius gas mileage is legendary, and it's certainly a better deal than the Tesla Roadster!"

Anonymous, NV (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Best reliability of any car I have owned or heard about. Fuel consumption is low. Consequently, operating costs are minimal."

Anonymous, OK (2006 Toyota Prius)

"After 12 years and 183000 miles, I still love my Prius. Keeps on running at 40-45 mpg. I plan to keep it as long as it still runs."

Philip L., NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage is great."

Terry R., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I'm hoping to get a quarter of a million miles with the 06 over the next few years."

Robert S., WI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Mechanically and for reliability (low maintenance) this is the best car ever of the 15 or so we've owned. It just runs and runs, needing only oil changes and similar. Nothing has ever broken or worn out, not even the hybrid battery."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Good: 12 years old, 50K+ miles, but brakes are still going strong."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius continues to maintain high MPGs inspite of it's age. It is very easy to drive."

Beth B., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It is an excellent, problem free car. Other than routine maintenance, we've spent very little on any problems."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I get great mileage, 45 mpg: hard to beat!"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"This car has been truly reliable and economical to operate. No engine or body repairs in 12 years. The only expenses have been the usual ones – oil changes and tire replacement."

Vincent M., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"My Prius is a great car for daily commutes."

Laura Y., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"We thought we were paying a lot back in 2006 for the Prius but it's been wonderful, has required little extra service, gets great gas mileage and does pretty much anything we want. We've taken it on several long-mileage trips with only one issue. And it's super-dependable."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"With value you need to keep the vehicle for several years or drive it more than the average per year. The starting price is a few thousand $$ more then other comparably sized models, so the value comes after 100,000 mile or so."

Daniel L., TN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Between the tax incentive and gas saving 1/2 the vehicle cost has been returned ROI."

Bonnie G., AZ (2006 Toyota Prius)

"reasonable price. Problem free operation"

Anonymous, NC (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I initially got 52 mpg until 10% ethanol was only available then 48 mpg. Only normal regular maintenance has ever been performed on this car so no major expenses thus far."

William J., VA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I feel I got my moneys worth with this car. One thing I had not anticipated was the carrying capacity. I have hauled an amazing amount of household goods in this car. It is hard to believe that these things actually fit in, for example a set of four highback very large dining chairs, two with arms. At the same time a huge box filled with Christmas gifts. All of this along with clothes and personal items."

Gloria S., CO (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Paid a good price and got a good tax deduction. Excellent mileage. No repairs have been needed except replacement of the 12-volt battery after 8 years."

Anonymous, AZ (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Very few repairs on this vehicle and inexpensive to operate. Miles per gallon still quite good."

Steven M., NY (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Reliability is fantastic. Total operating cost is very low."

Mason P., OH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"This has been a highly reliable car that is versatile and reliable. The hatchback design makes it easy to carry large items and the seats are comfortable. Excellent mileage. A/C works well as does the heater although both of these lower my gas mileage when used extensively. Good for highway driving also (comfortable)."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Toyota Prius)

"What a fantastic purchase this was. The car still costs practically nothing to drive, and is very solidly built. It still feels after 12 years like it was just driven off the lot."

Doug S., MA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"See responses to previious question."

Charles C., FL (2006 Toyota Prius)

"The gas mileage is terrific. The car is roomy, dependable, and well-built. The 12-volt battery lasted 12 years(!) The car requires little maintenance. 118,000 miles and still on the first set of brake pads(!)"

Donald L., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Great value. Bought for great gas mileage for commute and got same as advertised (better than the later revised lower gas mileage). Still get 45-50."

Anonymous, DE (2006 Toyota Prius)

"reliability: car has incurred no major repairs beyond replacing battery, tires. Gas mileage has remained high"

Jeff S., CA (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I've been driving it since I bought it almost 12 years ago and it's required very little service except the anticipated tire replacements filters, brake pads, battery replacement, etc. The hybrid battery needed to be replaced but that was completely covered under the 10 year warrantee."

Linda B., NY (2006 Toyota Prius)

"It just works. No repairs. Great mileage (if you want to try for it)."

Terence B., OH (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I bought at the end of 2006 when they were . marketing the next year's model. There was a tax deduction that year for buying a hybrid and it got 47 mph."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Toyota Prius)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"There's so much room inside, and so much storage space."

SUSAN R., CT (2006 Toyota Prius)

"Like design, some blind spots have to be noted and observed when driving"

Anonymous, MO (2006 Toyota Prius)


Anonymous, IN (2006 Toyota Prius)

"I always wondered why they penalize you on styling in order to "drive green" with the Prius."

Anonymous, OR (2006 Toyota Prius)

"My wife has the 3rd generation style Prius which I find to be much better looking on the outside front end and the dashboard and console layout."

BRIAN N., ME (2006 Toyota Prius)

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