The Prius's 52 mpg overall is a phenomenal achievement. It's a significant improvement over the previous generation's 44 mpg overall.  There's more going on with the fourth-generation Prius than just fuel sipping, though. It still packs the traits Prius owners have come to love, such as hatchback versatility and just enough quirks.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I was happy with my 2014 Prius but I find the 2018 to be better in almost all areas. It handles better then what I thought was excellent and has the power and economy that I find almost impossible. I drove from PA to central CA and back last month and did not feel tired after driving for a whole day it was comfortable and handled very well"

Russell G., PA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Much better handling and excelleration compared to our 2009 Prius."

Anonymous, CO (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Handling and power are very good."

Anonymous, KY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"solid handling, good but not great acceleration great gas milage"

Ronald D., WA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Much improved road handling & acceleration over my 2012 prius."

Anonymous, NY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Drives like any other car or better and excellent gas mileage."

George N., OH (2018 Toyota Prius)

"It has become a very responsive and comfortable car to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling are okay."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"fuel milage"

Anonymous, OH (2018 Toyota Prius)

"The 2018 has a significantly better ride than our 2010 Prius. Very good for a car in its class."

R A., NY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Far better than I expected! I canceled any other test drives and started negotiations on the spot."

Hugh H., NC (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Great excceleration and handling. I have it on good authority that it does not top out at 90 mph."

Gary C., TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"A very comfortable ride, low cabin noise, responsive steering, and good Safety Systems while driving. I drive for good gas mileage, so I'm not hard on the gas pedal. However, acceleration is very adequate when merging into traffic or when needed."

Mike F., MN (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Cornering on narrow twisting mountain road is excellent"

F A., CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent control and cornering. Acceleration very good for size of power, but I am more interested in excellent fuel saving. Precise feel and control. Feels more like a sports car suspension."

John L., CO (2018 Toyota Prius)

"I love it, it has great acceleration and power. I love all 3 modes: Eco, Normal, and Power. I am always zooming past others when the light turns green or when I am merging onto the roadways."

Heather B., OH (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Better than previous Prius (1020)"

Anonymous, MA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent acceleration, handling is great, I love this car."

Patricia M., AZ (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Cruise control with radar handling is great."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Love the HUD, ease of acceleration, smooth driving experience, great gas milage, pleasant to drive"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Surprisingly peppy acceleration for a hybrid. Astonishing that the best mileage is obtained at 70 MPH; often best highway mileage is rated at 55 MPH."

W F., TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"The handling is excellent and the acceleration is very good. It feels very secure. It is a fantastic driving machine"

Jacques I., MD (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Better acceleration. More responsive handling than previous Prius models."

John A., NC (2018 Toyota Prius)

"acceleration is good and the I find the handling good as well. The energy economy readouts are rather fun, as we watch how well we do depending on conditions and more importantly on how we drive"

Eric O., BC (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Slow, noisy,"

Tim S., CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Responsive in most type of driving I do"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"SAFETY features"

Anonymous, NE (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Slightly less acceleration than my Subaru Impreza wagon, but almost twice the mileage! Acceleration slightly slower. On a "standardized test" (the same highway merge on an uphill slope) Subaru: 60mph, Prius 55mph"

Mary P., NY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling is much better than the Prius I had previously. Much more comfortable to drive on interstates and long trips."

Anonymous, IL (2018 Toyota Prius)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats can get uncomfortable when driving for over an hour."

Susan S., CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"seats lack lumbar adjustment, otherwise satisfied."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"drivers seat doesn't go up high enough"

Don N., MI (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Excessive road noise."

Don W., WA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Very smooth and quiet ride, very comfortable front seats"

Albert C., PA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are not as comfortable as our CR-V. I am short (5’2‿) and I need an additional seat cushion on the drivers side so my back is raised to where I need the lumbar support. The seat is also low making it difficult to see the front of the car, The back support is not what I expect from a well-equipped car."

Sandra A., WA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"This is the most quiet and comfortable car I've ever experienced. The seat is perfectly shaped to my body. There is almost no road noise or feeling of road friction. It's almost like flying only quieter."

Anonymous, MN (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are narrow and uncomfortable after a time."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Toyota Prius)

"comfortable seats, ride a little noisy"

Ronald D., WA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Lack of lumbar support in front seats detract considerably from an otherwise PERFECT automobile. I LOVE this car !"

Thomas H., NY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Wish driver seat was electric. Seat comfort maybe 4 out of 5 (no lumbar support). Ride is smooth. Noise level acceptable."

Anonymous, MO (2018 Toyota Prius)

"I just have my 2008 Honda Fit to compare. Prius is much quieter, the seats are noticeably comfortable and the ride is fantastic."

Anonymous, WV (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are ok but the road noise is not good-I feelthe car needs insulation !"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"No lumbar sport. Good car sound town but not for long trips"

Anonymous, VA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"I had to add a cushion to the driver's seat to enhance the comfort level. The seats could be more comfortable. I had to buy an extra cushion to add to the comfort. seats could be more comfortable. I bought an extra cushion."

Anonymous, PA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"seats very comfortable. Driver power seat with lumbar adjustment very good. heated seats a bonus. some wind noise, but tolerable Excellent handling on this 'touring' version.."

John L., CO (2018 Toyota Prius)

"The vehicle is quiet inside while traveling down the road even with the gas engine running."

Anonymous, GA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"The seat adjusts up & down, back & forth, and has a lumbar knob. However, it does not remember your adjustments so my wife and I have to continually readjust when we switch drivers."

James W., OR (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Very comfortable seats and ride compared to our 2009 Prius."

Anonymous, CO (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Everything is fine except noise from the roof rack at 55+ MPH"

Mary P., NY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Seats and features have been greatly improved."

Henry L., IL (2018 Toyota Prius)

"like your magazine said, "mediocre" support. Support is terrible. I am 6'1" tall. This is worse than the 2005 Prius I had. I bought an EDEALYN seat cover, put 1" foam along front/side and now have excellent support, but this is ridiculous to have to do."

Anonymous, OK (2018 Toyota Prius)

"We just finished a 2000 mile trip with what could be described as a Very Comfortable Ride. Much better than our two (09 & 14) Prius"."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Toyota Prius)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"quiet, good ride and very very thirfty"

Kim H., TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"It’s a pretty good car. But there are numerous weirdnesses. The dashboard is a mystery. Some messages displayed don’t make sense. It looks like the person who wrote the messages doesn’t speak good English. The whole car needs to be assessed by a User-Experience expert!!! The glove compartment is way too small. My previous car was a 2009 Prius but it was much better in every way than the 2018 Prius. If you want to know more, send me an email. I’ll assume you know my email address. William Firestone, Santa Cruz, CA"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"I got a level 2 Prius, should have gotten a 3. I can only unlock the driver door using wireless key STILL IN MY PURSE. My 2005 Prius had wireless touch only on both front doors plus trunk. It bothers me as I was used to never handling my key at all."

Sarah M., RI (2018 Toyota Prius)


Judy M., OR (2018 Toyota Prius)

"This may just be the dealer I ended up buying from because I was in a bind and needed a car that day, but dealing with Toyota salespeople was a nightmare this time around - ugh. I imagine if I'd had more time to shop around and pit those slime-ball dealers against each other, I'd have gotten a better deal and would consider the value in a much more positive light. Why, oh why, is buying a car such a painful process?"

Stephen B., MO (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Well built, good looking, great gas mileage, comfortable"

Ron R., TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent engineering, handles well, great mileage"

F A., CA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Exceeds expected 55 mpg. Average mpg has been between 61 and 62 mpg for both highway and town driving."

Anonymous, KS (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Using TrueCar I was able to get what I believe was excellent price. I also expect continued reliability and even better gas mileage from my 2018."

Anonymous, NY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"We are actually getting 56.3 MPG at the moment and are just about due for our first oil change. It cannot get any better value wise."

Gary C., TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"For the summer we are averaging 3.9 ltr per 100 Kim. which includes both highway and city driving. It’s great at the gas pumps and thus return on value is exceptional."

J E., ON (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Mpg is about 15% better than our 2011 prius and the car price has not changed that much. Good size - seats 4 easy"

Anonymous, VA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Safety features on this vehicle are very good."

Anonymous, KY (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Value is you get what you pay for"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Toyota Prius)

"got the touring 3 with the appearance package. I probably pay twice fpor the 17" wheel but, o'boy, if the run the mill Prius could look like mine, they will remove the granola appearance and sold a real good looking car."

Nicolas T., MD (2018 Toyota Prius)

"CR system for getting quotes resulted in three very competitive bids, and with Toyota incentives I got all the extra safety features I wanted (blind sot monitoring, parallel parking assist, lane following speed control, lane departure warning)."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Style, good acceleration, comfortable ride, easy handling, helpful hints on conserving fuel, seeing tremendous saving at the fuel pump."

Hugh H., NC (2018 Toyota Prius)

"It is a fairly expensive vehicle to purchase. Certainly the features are there and we are enjoying the adaptive cruise control and the various safety features With the very good gas milage I expect in time the value for money spent will feel better!!"

Eric O., BC (2018 Toyota Prius)

"I used Truecar to negotiate with 4 dealers while I was on an extended vacation traveling in my RV. When I returned to the dealer I selected the car with the exact trim I wanted was waiting for me. I wrote the check and drove home having received a $3,200 discount on a $32,000 car. We love the car and we love the easy negotiating tool that Truecar provides."

James W., OR (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Well this is new to me and all I can say is wow! it is so gas efficient, and along with that wonderful aspect it is less polluting. the big bonus is it is comfortable has all the whistle and bells and drive very decently. I have no complaints with this vehicle. I haven't had it long enough to report on durability etc."

Patricia M., AZ (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Great value for the dollars spent. Most tech advanced car for the cost."

John C., WI (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Although Prius models in the past would not discount on price, I received a $1500 discount plus another $1000 from Southeast Toyota Distributors."

Irv H., GA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"The price offered by the dealer (without bargaining or a trade in) was about $5000. less than I expected. I've owned or driven about 30 cars, but never actually "loved" one until this one. I'd call that a great value!"

Anonymous, MN (2018 Toyota Prius)

"This is my 3rd Prius. I like the gas mileage. No mechanical Problems with any Prius I've owned. My is driving my 2007 Prius with over 200000 miles and no major problems."

George N., OH (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value. Amazing mpg.60. Very safe. Easy to use. Cruise setting is challenging though."

Anonymous, MI (2018 Toyota Prius)

"I think you get what you pay for. Good ride Comfort, good handling, and great gas mileage. I think Toyota's voice command system works poorly especially when compared to my Android device. I also prefer Google Maps over Toyota's navigation. It would be nice if Toyota used Android auto and integrated navigation with my phone better."

Mike F., MN (2018 Toyota Prius)

"Toyota makes a very reliable car in all of their models."

Connie K., IN (2018 Toyota Prius)

"The dealer was very negotiable on the deal and sold the vehicle for 25 percent below MSRP. Very solid car with great dependability record and full suite of safety features."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Toyota Prius)

"It was reasonably priced for a hybrid vehicle, about the same as a comparable-sized non-hybrid. Plus the gas mileage saves me tremendously at the pump."

Michael M., LA (2018 Toyota Prius)

"it has good gas mileage, people like the silver color outside, light color inside. Toyota of Seattle was like a friend go to a good place to buy. hybrid synergy drive system. full-speed dynamic radar cruse control. Toyota safety sense pre-collision. touch-screen display audio, backup. spare tire"

Richard R., WA (2018 Toyota Prius)

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