The Sienna is one of the most quiet and comfortable minivans available, but it's one of the smallest in terms of interior room. With a smooth, refined, and responsive powertrain, it's an excellent choice when interior spaciousness isn't a high priority.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I bought this van in the fall of 1999, entirely on the evaluation of CR (I'd never owned or driven a van before). As I recall, CR said it was the first van to ride and drive like a good sedan. That's been my experience with it - it's smooth, stable, goes where you point it, accelerates briskly on the highway. Nova Scotia, where I live, is notable for high winds off the Atlantic, especially in winter, and despite its big side profile it never seems troubled by cross-winds. I couldn't be happie"

WAYNE C., NS (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Great problem free car"

WILLIAM M., VA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Great acceleration and handles like a car."

DAN T., AZ (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It was a great well made car the only problem have been with the seat belts their status lights. It has been under powered from the beginning."

VERNON C., FL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"I LOVE my Sienna. It is a well manufactured vehicle and provides an excellent ride. Handles like a dream."

FRANK P., IL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Good carrying capacity, comfortable ride and not too noisy."

John H., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"My Sienna is actually a 1998, but you didn't have an option below 2000 on your survey. It drives and accelerates great and still provides a smooth ride."

Emily S., PA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Good acceleration, drives smoothly, climbs hills very well even after 17!years."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The best thing about the Sienna was that it drove like a car."

Anonymous, ON (2000 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It's rather boat-like, after driving the Prius, but when it's working it's OK. I like the amount of space it has to cart my MANY school materials to my classroom."

Janice T., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"more than adequate acceleration and good handling even in bad weather."

Anonymous, MO (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good acceleration. Slightly sluggish handling."

John G., MA (2000 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This van drives like a car. Easy to handle and sure is my choice of use for long distance driving."

DAN T., AZ (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"I Don't have the Toyota Camry any more so please take it of the list This Year Toyota made the best Sienna's I'm very Happy with mine"

Anonymous, TN (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The comfort the seating and room are good. The ride is fairly smooth."

VERNON C., FL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"I thought this vehicle had to much road noise on the highway. Had to turn up the volume on stereo due to loud road noise."

PERCY J., IL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The view of the road and the space in the cabin; very reliable minivan."

RAMON P., NY (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Entry - seat height is where it should be, no climbing or dropping down. Step-over distance (over rocker panel to the seat) is much shorter than all newer vehicles we have looked at. (I.e., we don't have to climb/slide over when getting in/out.)"

SCOTT T., WI (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"For several years I drove this car about 300 miles a day and found it very comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna has very comfortable seats and due to higher view within the cockpit, it is a safer car to drive."

Anonymous, WA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"I was suitable for my needs"

KEITH V., CT (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"I need the seat itself to more back more and the steering wheel to tilt more"

BRADFORD G., PA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The XLE has been a VERY smooth ride"

LORI G., IL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable seats, fairly quiet."

Jane B., GA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Ride very quiet, smooth, like a car, even after 17 years of driving."

Dennis J., ON (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Room for everything. First two rows of seats very comfortable with third row a bit cramped. Ride is controlled but not harsh. Controls are easy to reach and operate."

Tom H., CO (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Very luxurious and comfortable. Love the adjustable driving positions. Love the push-button overdrive cancellation. If they made one exactly like the one I own, I would buy it today."

Neil O., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It's been very reliable."

D M., PA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"We purchased the van to take my parents to their various appointments. The seat height and leg room work well for folks that need the aid of canes and walkers."

Evan Y., TX (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Captain chairs are comfortable and don't get tired driving long or short distances."

J B., TX (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"After over 17 years this van is still as comfortable as when new, this is the most outstanding vehicle I have ever owned."

Anonymous, FL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"My real sore spot with the 2000 sienna is the loud road noise."

Percy J., IL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The comfort of the seats and the ride of our Sienna are unexpectedly good!"

Anonymous, CO (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable ride, comfortable seats for all passengers and quiet."

Anonymous, MO (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Of course our 17 year old Sienna XLE doesn't ride like it once did, but it has held up amazingly well! This has been the best vehicle we have ever purchased. A very comfortable ride too!"

Anonymous, IL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The seats in the 2000 Toyota Sienna are wonderful! They sit up high enough for your knees and the cushioning in the seat lasts a long time (over 270k). I wish I could find seats this comfortable in the newer models."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"at 17 year old there is a noticeable increase in road noise compared to newer vehicles"

William G., NC (2000 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"180K miles and it doesn't use any oil, transmission still shifts smoothly. I am simply replacing things that wear."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Great value"

ALBERTO D., ON (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"excellent vehicle"

MARC F., CO (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"The van has been very reliable with very few problems. It runs amazingly well for 225000 miles"

JOE H., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"I can put my 9 foot surfboard inside along with two passengers."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Practical for larger family"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Replaced one 02 sensor and one fan belt in 15 years, 150000 miles."

Anonymous, WA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It is actually an 1998, but you didn't go back that far on the list. My wif eloves this car and she doesn't want to get a newer on.......yet."

JOHN G., MA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Outstanding reliability, and storage, very comfortable seats, very good ride."

HAL W., FL (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It is a wonderful vehicle both for simply driving and for hauling things, which I do often."

JOHN M., WA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It's 16 years old, has 490,000 km on it and it's never needed any major repairs. I've only spent money on routine oil changes, maintenance service and new tires. The body is showing signs of wear."

MARLA H., AB (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It's a very reliable vehicle, yet to have any significant problems. For its size, it's quite peppy, even with a full load and without being a behemoth!"

G J., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It has proven to be a reliable vehicle, with only a few minor problems over the years. Not a luxury ride, but many hours on the road are possible without discomfort."

Anonymous, NC (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"still runs great after 170K miles. we run it hard hauling stuff around, very little maintenance. just a great van"

JEFFREY H., PA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Great value. My Sienna has 235,000 miles and little has gone wrong. Parts are starting to wear so there are some rattles but parts do not seem to fail, they just wear out."

Anonymous, WA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Dependable car/van for college days and now daily dog park duty!"

Anonymous, NV (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It was a little expensive, but worth it as it has lasted well, as quality of vehicle has shined thru."

Dennis J., ON (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Inexpensive comfortable reliable van."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"235000 miles with very few problems, car still drives extremely well"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It has performed as advertised."

D M., PA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Hey, it has 260,000 miles on it, and the only thing that's ever broken is the back door latch."

Priscilla W., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Our 2000 Toyota Sienna has had some small problems along the way (window motors burn out over time in ALL cars), but all of the problems have been things I have fixed myself with knowledge off the internet. I'm not a mechanic, so if I can do it just about anyone else can. Since we didn't have any major problems, this car has really gone the distance (over 270k) and has been great for lugging gear all over the place."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Very durable. Replaced transaxle under warrenty, but no problems since"

Anonymous, VA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"It has lasted close to 18 years and over 225000 miles without any serious problems."

Rafael S., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"For a 17 year old car, we have put in next to nothing in maintenance. It is very reliable and it was one of the less expensive vans to purchase at the time we bought it."

Tom H., CO (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good value for your money. Reliable, has worked for 17 years without major failures."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Good durability however engine was replaced under warranty for oil sludge problem. Some initial fit and finish issues which dealer would not address tainted the ownership experience (drivers window became scratched because something inside was rubbing - dealer said i was sand caught in rubber window gasket (what BS). CD player would skip due to overeating - design flaw in dash and placement of CD player."

Anonymous, ON (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"Great value.! Still runs well. It is really a 1998 model not a 2000."

John G., MA (2000 Toyota Sienna)

"I love everything about this vehicle - roomy, comfortable, great handling, never had a problem passing smog tests. Too bad it's showing its age and I'll be getting rid of it soon."

Neil O., CA (2000 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I enjoy everything about this vehicle"

CHARLES I., TX (2000 Toyota Sienna)
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