The Sienna is one of the quietest and most comfortable minivans available, but it's also one of the smallest in terms of interior room. With a smooth, refined and responsive powertrain, it's still an excellent choice when interior spaciousness isn't a high priority.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I had to compromise a bit to meet my primary criteria within my budget at the time. As a result, my 2003 drive train is pretty lethargic getting up to freeway speed unless I "floor it." But it gets there and feels happy to cruise at 70, where the mpg increases to about 23 mpg from about 16 in the city. Another saving grace is that it's fairly maneuverable in a parking lot setting. But sporty? Nope."

MICHAEL C., WA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"All wheel drive is a must in places that snow. This is the only minivan that does it."

Anonymous, NY (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"This car goes anywhere. With AWD and good clearance, it takes rough roads well and gets us into the backcountry like any SUV. And it is far roomier than an SUV. Good power. It's my swagger wagon."

DEAN W., WA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Acceleration and handling even for this old car have been exceptional. Great car."

Anonymous, MD (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"It has a terrible turn radius. My kids say it's like driving a pontoon boat, lol. This makes it really hard to get into/out of parking spaces, etc."

Paige S., GA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"one great van overall."

John U., NC (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"sluggish acceleration can decent once at speed"

Daniel R., DC (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Poor turning radius. Tracking system doesn't work."

Anonymous, WI (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Don't be in a hurry, but it responds if you floor it. Handling is about what I expected from a mini-van; responsive but not sporty. One slightly unrelated issue about mileage: Much of my weekly driving is in 25-35 mph speed zones which keeps me in the 16 -17 mpg range but it improves to 23-24 mpg on the freeway."

Michael C., WA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Driving the Sienna is like driving a boat. It is slow to get started and turns slowly as well."

J Q., CA (2003 Toyota Sienna)


Judy K., KY (2003 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seat comfort particularly on a long trip."

ROBERT O., CA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"comfort is grate. nice heated seats."

John U., NC (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"high level of road noise; leather seats have cracked severely and ready to split. great ride."

Milton H., TN (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats and ride are great for long distance driving. the ride is soft &absorbs the bumps well. Seating positions is great for long distance travel."

Anonymous, NY (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Easy entry and exit and comfortable captains chair are the main good features."

Anonymous, AB (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Best riding car I've ever owned. Very comfortable,easy to get in and out of."

Judy K., KY (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are okay, but the corolla is more comfy. Ride is noisy, but the car is now over 15 years old, so that's to be expected."

Bruce C., MI (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Noisy. When on the highway have to turn the radio way up."

Anonymous, VA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"generally comfortable but sometimes feels heavy and acceleration can be sluggish"

Daniel R., DC (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"I never thought I would own a minivan but after owning one and raising three children in it I can not see how I would have fared without it. The comfort of the Sienna is superb with leather heated seating and an almost cocoon like feeling due to the excellent noise blocking of the outside world."

Shane S., CA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are comfortable for up to about 400 miles; drivers seat adjustments are a bit too limiting and lack enough lumbar support. They're otherwise ok though. Road noise is significant and worsens significantly if front windows are open, even if only 1/2" - 1". The ride is very surface dependent for both noise and comfort with just a driver. Carrying 2-3 passengers and/or cargo helps."

Michael C., WA (2003 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The run flat tires failed in every way you look at it. We were cheated by Toyota......The car does nothing very well"

RICHARD S., CT (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"I bought this car as a Certified Used Vehicle for about $16,000 with a little less than 70,000 miles on it in early 2008, My primary aim was to get a reliable vehicle with carrying capacity (due to my history as a musician), that had a few specific options(cruise control, good stereo, etc.; nothing high tech), and fit my preferences for vehicle aesthetics. The car has never been perfect, as I took it back to Toyota twice just after purchase due to squeaking brakes. As I backed out of my parking"

MICHAEL C., WA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Overall very reliable. Main problem for us was the manual sliding doors stick intermittently"

DAVID L., WI (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Bought it new off the floor in 03. Has traveled in excess of 215,000 miles with minor repairs (brakes, axles, starter, battery and an occasional light bulb. Very reliable!!!"

Anonymous, GA (2003 Toyota Sienna)

"Outstanding reliability and comfort just depreciates the value fast like any other car. Also, exterior styling is not that good."

Anonymous, NY (2003 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The car has no rust after all of these years & miles."

JEFFREY H., IN (2003 Toyota Sienna)
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