Redesigned for the 2004 model year, there's a lot to like about this version of the Sienna. Attributes include a refined, fuel-efficient powertrain, secure handling, a roomy interior and a split folding third-row seat. The class leader in terms of comfort, refinement, and safety, it offered virtually every major feature available in the minivan class during its time.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"v6 engine gives very good performance"

JOHN F., OR (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Currently have over 200,000 miles and no issues with engine or transmission. Regular maintenance performed"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The van (for its age) still accelerates very well! From a stop you can't just floor it! I would recommend the "AWD" (and not worry about the 1mpg you lose). Even in warmer climates!"

Anonymous, NJ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The "drive by wire accelerator" is bad. Instead of a cable or linkage from the pedal to the throttle there is a sensor that sends the position of the accelerator pedal to the engine computer and then the engine does whatever it wants to ie a considerable lag in response for acceleration. Then a few seconds later the throttle opens some more and finally gets to wide open. This has never been corrected by the Toyota dealer. The dealer is otherwise the best dealer I have ever dealt with in over 60"

D H., FL (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Braking is wonderful. Handling very good. Excellent power when needed to get out of tight situations."

W R., CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Fairly quiet ride, comfortable seats. Handled fine."

Anonymous, MA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Drives like a car, not a truck. Great turning radius makes parking and u turns a breeze."

DAVID L., FL (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Would like better acceleration, despite the V6 engine, but overall the car has been terrific with no reliability issues!"

Anonymous, DE (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles well on long drives and wet roads. Fast pick up when I have to enter on an entrance ramp. Easy to drive, I like sitting up a little higher."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"accelerator lags then spurts"

Anonymous, NC (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Drives very smoothly, with good acceleration. It is very quite for a mini-van."

ROBERT M., CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"easy handing"

Anonymous, ON (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Driving - not uncommon to get a "hiccup" and/or a lag when trying to accelerate - can not replicate on demand, so cannot get it addressed. Fantastic turning radius!!!"

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Handling, efficiency, style, works well in most environments including desert or wet, comfort, Truly the best we have owned or have knowledge of. Our "Miss Lily" is loved and respected by all our extended family."

JAMES C., AZ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Under powered for the weight. Acceleration is average."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles like a top-notch sedan. Even tight cornering engenders confidence. Acceleration is more than adequate. Transmission's gear ratios seem well designed. Steering and braking are exceptional."

L K., NC (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Small turning radius. Sonar controlled cruise control great accelaration"

JESSE R., TN (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"visibility during backing is not good"

JIM M., PA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"It handles extremely well and turns on a dime, Good acceleration and good MPG. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned bar none."

ROBERT H., MD (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Superb turning radius"

DAVID R., OR (2004 Toyota Sienna)


JEFF T., GA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Good acceleration for a 6 cyl large vehicle."

ROBERT T., CO (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I prefer to drive smaller vehicles but had to have a handicap ramp conversion added to the Sienna.. More reliable and comfy than most ramp vans on the market but still it makes the ride harder because of the conversion."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Great vehicle, will replace it with another one at some time."

GLENN R., IN (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Tight turning for such a large vehicle, responsive steering, plenty of acceleration for things like freeway on ramps"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Throttle tip-in is defective and there is no recommended fix. Getting smooth accel. from start is nearly impossible. Can be done with left foot brake application, right foot accelerator to add power and slowly release brake, but this is cumbersome. Run flat tires changed to regular and ride and tire wear was improved but there is no room for spare."

R H., PA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"This model came with the "radar cruise control" and when it died the cost to fix it was prohibitive. The regular cruise control is still usable with a workaround."

BARRY K., MI (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"It is the best highway/traveling car I have ever owned"

WILFRED H., FL (2004 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This vehicle has a lot of road noise. Neither sliding door will close properly without someone leaning their weight on the door to keep it from popping open. The cost to fix this issue is too much for the value of the vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Highly reliable, tight, smooth, quiet ride. Car feels super solid, no squeaks or rattles, even though it has 130K plus miles on it."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable seats. Excellent accessories and layout of controls (radio, heater/air) on dash - easy to use and safe placement. Great OFF button is easy to find when you need to suddenly turn off the heat or air."

W R., CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The front seat passenger seatbelt didn't retract. There are hundreds of complaints on the web. At 224,000 miles I finally emailed Toyota of America and said "what the hell,over?" Two days later my dealer fixed it at no charge. I LOVE TOYOTA"

A M., CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Drivers seat heater never worked but I realized it too late for Toyota to make correction. Car is 12yrs old and a mysterious water leak appeared in driver and passenger floor boards."

CHRISTY H., TX (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"AC never works right always some issues with it"

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I like being able to raise or lower seats and to be able to carry 8 people. Also to be able to control rear ac up front or from the rear ."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Mechanism that moves drivers seat forward and backwards is not working and cannot be replaced per the national customer service office. Limited to the driver for whom the seat is adjusted, which is not good."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Wish for a lower fan speed, particularly when using air conditioning."

Anonymous, DE (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The seats in the 2004 Sienna LE are amazingly comfortable. The adjustable lower back and thigh support for the driver is excellent for longer trips."

CARL S., WI (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Driver's seat heater failed at 60000 miles. Steering system components replaced at 110000 mi"

Anonymous, KS (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The air conditioning for the rear seats could be improved. The lock/unlock on the key fob no longer works. The third seat could be a little more comfortable or made with a little more ability to see out the front for those that get car sick."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"With this vehicle I get 22-25 mpg on extended highway (interstate) driving."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Motor for driver's seat - to move back and forward - failed. Toyota no longer carries the part and does nothing to assist the customer in finding a replacement. Had to search auto junkyards to find the part and have it installed. Took six months. Ridiculous that Toyota cannot repair its own cars."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"entire dash pulling apart...have been waiting over a year for replacment"

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are a little shallow for someone 6-3.5". Car is comfortable and accelerates very well. Due to it being a minivan it doesn't handle all that great. Overall a comfy car."

JOHN K., TN (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The inside noise is minimal and it has a comfortable ride. I prefer cloth seats, which it has. They could be even softer as far as I am concerned."

TIM W., MN (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Because it is a mini van with sliding doors, we have used It for camping w/2 dogs. Holds everything. Driving 7 people comfortably is great. Depending on the tires, it can be a little noisy."

SUSAN Y., CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I am not a big fan of fully electric seats. In particular I do not like to have to wait to electrically recline the seat. Air conditioner low fan setting is too strong."

VINCENT C., CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Comfortable to drive, seats 6 very comfortably with lots of stuff"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"seats-CE version has excellant headroom - much better than LE, XLE versiosn with electrical adjustable seats"

Anonymous, AB (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The seats are roomy and comfortable. The driver seat controls are easy to operate."

JOSEPH R., AZ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The steering wheel is sluggish at low speeds. Tyota does not know how to fix it. I paid for a new rack and pinion and have the same trouble. The air conditioner works poorly sometimes.Toyota has not been able to fix it."

PAUL K., IN (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The seat in both front and rear are the most comfortable I have ever sat in. The ride is smooth and quite with ample pickup. A pleasure to drive"

ROBERT H., MD (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I frequently make 1000 mile round trips. Seat comfort and visibility are my key concerns. Lack of road noise is another major concern. My Sienna has comfortable seat, good visibility on the highway, and a quiet ride."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Wish second row seats were 60/40 instead of captain chairs."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable even on long trips"

Anonymous, OH (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Passenger seat controls not as good as for driver seat."

ROBERT V., VA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Very noisy, gasket around some rear side widows pulled away from frame and also leaks sometime in the rain."

Anonymous, LA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"This is a wonderful long trip vehicle. The seats are very comfortable, and there is little or no problems to drive for hours without stopping. Also it is good for in and around town it you are shopping or hauling stuff."

JAMES P., FL (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are adjustable, roomy and very comfortable. Passenger front does not have automatic control button"

Anonymous, MA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise over time has become louder. Quiet when new but not after 12 years and 181,000 miles. Overall a great vehicle for our family"

THOMAS K., OH (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"seating on the elect seats and how there are many ways seats fold way that make it convenient when traveling with people and luggage."

JOEL P., NY (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Seating is very comfortable for four adults, and more than tolerable for three more. Quiet at highway speeds. Three thermostats for climate control are ideal, as is delivery of conditioned air to entire vehicle. Acceleration very good, and transmission is well-matched to vehicle."

L K., NC (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"road noise on the highway"

Anonymous, WI (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The seats are comfortable on long trips, vehicle handles well for a van and the climate control has been trouble free and very good."

W A., AZ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"We have the 8-seat option (2-3-3) and find it very comfortable and quiet for car-pooling children or taking visitors on sight-seeing trips. The middle and back row seats fold down easily to create a large flat cargo space that can hold 4x8 plywood, large furniture, etc."

ROBERT M., CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise is too noticible."

FRED G., GA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Driver's seat was so uncomfortable that I had to get a support to be able to drive. Get a lot of road noise, even with windows closed. Have to turn on air conditioner to cool off the car, even when outside air is cool."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Captain style seats are quite comfortable with plenty of leg room available. Ride is generally quiet with windows closed."

JIM P., OR (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Large comfortable seats in the first two rows. Smooth and quiet ride"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The 2004 Toyota Sienna is hands down the most convenient car I've ever owned. Comfort of the seats, ease of access to all the seating areas and the flexibility of the seating to fold it away for transporting large items is great. The Sienna is the comfort food of cars!"

RICK T., WA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"2004 has the best driver and passenger seats compared to other cars I have driven and against my 2012 Honda Odyssey. Yes, everything is old in the car, but the seats are still the most comfortable"

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"No leg room for front passanger. Very hard to hear the audio system."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The climate control is still somewhat confusing even aft er 12 years There's always been too much wind and other noise inside the van. compared to some other vans I've ridden in. A minor complaint, but justified!"

BARRY K., MI (2004 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are clunky and don't really fully lock in place. AWD makes it drive like a truck. I'd have expected more from the top tier Toyota van."

MARK V., NC (2004 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"We have had this car for 12 years. It is amazing. The ride is not as comfortable as a Lexus, but it was a fantastic value."

Anonymous, MO (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"My cost of operating is very low and paint job has held up good ."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I can't say that I expected to keep my Sienna this long. However, it runs as good as new, the gas mileage has remained around 24mpg (mostly local driving), and my dealer has done a great job with the service."

ROBERT P., KY (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I got all the features I wanted for a reasonable price. Not sure about the new 2016 Sienna as regards price to value"

Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Has a lot of mileage but hasn't needed a lot of work"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"When I bought the car it was great but as the miles were put on it started to give me problems (power seat motor stopped working, air conditioning leak and now the drivers door hinge has broken) besides all the recalls that I had to get fixed. I always thought Toyota vehicles held up better than this so I am a little disappointed."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"For clarification, I own the mid-level Sienna LE, which happens to be the most common trim level. The vehicle is much more expensive than a Honda Odyssey, but the Toyota Sienna is quieter, with a smoother ride and more comfortable seats. You would expect those things from a family vehicle. That's why I chose the Sienna over the Odyssey. The Sienna, however, is not what I would call a good value. It lacks rear disc brakes, which really surprised me, since I previously had a 1992 Oldsmobile ("

PETE M., MN (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Great value"

Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"got my moneys worth"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Our Sienna is the best value in a car that we have ever had. Two of our relatives have purchased Siennas after we took trips in it with them. We do all our maintenance and have never paid for any thing else. My wife would keep this car to the grave."

JAMES C., AZ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"At 265,000 miles, having only replaced the A/C compressor and steering rack, it should say it all. This car has been amazing and is still running strong."

RICK T., WA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"The side sliding door fell off the track and I had to pay for it and waited 2 years for a recall to fix it. They did not want to stand by their product until the government stepped in."

STEPHEN P., NJ (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I let myself be pressured to buy before I was confident I was getting the best value"

WILLIAM G., NM (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"over the years we have had the motors and hinges replaced on the side doors. At first it was at our cost and then there was a reimbursement/warranty. However, Toyota did not cover the entire cost of the repairs (hinges not included), which was disappointing)."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"We purchased the top-of-the-line Sienna and have never regretted our purchase."

G K., WA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Highly reliable"

C V., NC (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Purchased his car new, after about 5 years the ac system failed and was very expensive to fix. My online research showed a systemic problem with Sienna's in this area and there should have been a recall."

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Very reliable overall. Replaced the timing belt twice for regular maintenance in relation to the high miles. Acceleration has always seemed to skip a bit, a nuance of the car."

Anonymous, NC (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"the toyota sienna has been very dependable with little maintenance needed. It has had a good soft quite ride."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Amazing - had for 10 years, added 115 to the 65 it had. Still runs great, never had a major problem."

JAMES R., GA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"AWD is great. Body rust is an issue."

Anonymous, MA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Great vehicle except have had the A/C quit twice since owning vehicle. Cost to fix high, So this is factored in to cost of owning"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I bought the Sienna with 141000 miles 3 years ago. I took the chance based on CU evaluations, carfax reports, condition, one- owner record, wife's comfort and price."

T W., FL (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"installed brakes,tires and routine service"

ROBERT P., MI (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle is very reliable and functional. Carries a group of 8 or I can take garden waste to the dump or move a refrigerator."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Normal repairs over 12 years. This has been a great value."

Anonymous, IN (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"It needed more repairs, but it was valuable as transport on extended family events (extra seats)"

TERENCE B., NY (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"lots of little maintenance issues over the years. Engine still running well with high mileage. Good for long family trips."

MARK Y., CT (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Had for almost 13years/175000 miles. Still runs great. Never had to do anything beyond standard maintenance."

Anonymous, UT (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"Few problems not resolved in 12 years and 146k lifetime"

MICHAEL F., MA (2004 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I like the style that it is a van. I like the 7 passenger seating and storage area in the back. Love the automatic door locks, power windows, air, roomy when seats fold down. Gets good gas mileage."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"I have owned Toyota vans for my last three purchases. I fax my specific specifications to 25 Toyota Dealers from Indiana to Main and from NY to Florida. I saved $6,000 in 2004 and the lowest bid was less than 60 miles from Ithaca, NY"

CAROLYN M., NY (2004 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable seats and excellent leg room"

JOHN F., OR (2004 Toyota Sienna)
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