This iteration of the Sienna rides comfortably and quietly. Further, its powertrain is smooth and strong and returns good fuel economy. The finely detailed cabin is comfortable. All-wheel drive is optional, but we've had many complaints about the powertrain's fast-wearing run-flat tires. Although it has sound handling, the Sienna could have been more agile and braking performance was disappointing.
There are 12 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"responsive. Fun to drive."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"rides good, runs good comfortable ; decent economy, no failures. some wind noise nice to travel in."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The mileage is lousy on the vehicle in part due to the large 3.6 l engine."

Anonymous, NH (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"It is an easy driving car. Smooth acceleration and easy handling. Even though it is a van it handles like a four door sedan."

MABEL D., VA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"It is a great van and drives very well. It has one problem, if you suddenly press the gas pedal the engine control idles the engine and lights the trouble light. You have to switch off the engine and restart it."

P L., CT (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Runs smooth. We take care of it and have it serviced on regular schedules."

RALPH H., NC (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna is adequate for power but not strong. Sometimes it down shifts into 3rd to get high revs on the highway on hills when a stronger engine would just power up the hill in the higher gear."

MARGO F., ME (2005 Toyota Sienna)


KEN G., OR (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"It has great power for towing."

GERALD V., VT (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Acceleration is very quick with no hesitation. Handling is very good."

VERNON G., OR (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The car hesitates after turning corners (especially on right turns). Dealer ship mechanics did not believe there was anything wrong. It reminds me of an old carburetor fueled car."

CHARLES S., KS (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"It drives great and handles pretty well for a minivan. The best part about it is the turning radius. It turns super sharp for such a big vehicle."

KEVEN C., TX (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"2 problems: 1. The acceleration lags when you need it most, as in entering the speedy traffic on local interstates. 2. The steering radius does not match the length of the minivan, as though it was designed for a small sedan. Given the narrow lanes of local streets, the result is a frequent need to run the back right wheel over the curb, to stay in one's lane, when turning right."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"For a 3.3 liter engine, rated at 235 horsepower, pulling a 2 ton vehicle, the acceleration is more than adequate. I'm not saying I drag race with it, but it's faster than a lot of cars We've had"

GEORGE G., CO (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Great acceleration. Small turning ratio which is very nice for a long van. Comfortable"

Anonymous, ID (2005 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seals are weakening, making driving nosier than used to be; front passenger heated seat doesn't always seem to work. and the power sliding doors have been a NIGHTMARE. Have had it in the shop 6+times for the SAME problem in under 2 YEARS!!"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"For its age, and for the duration that we have owned it, our Sienna has been VERY comfortable in every way."

Anonymous, TN (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Too much road noise comes into the vehicle."

RAM C., NV (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Great leather seats. Back seats can be adjusted to allow for access to the two seats further back."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable, ride, driving, clear views"

HEINZ M., NH (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The car has become extremely loud this past year. The heat shield is rattling and the mechanic says it can't be fixed. The brakes have started squealing even though they are not worn out. It is annoying and embarrassing to drive this car, I feel like it is going to fall apart and I was really hoping to drive it till 200,000 miles."

Anonymous, MN (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna rides very smoothly, even at high speeds, and handles great. Seats are comfortable and have lumbar support."

RAYMOND T., WA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Exceptional seat comfort and ride. Very comfortable on a long trip. Easy to reach packed items. Easy to get in and out."

J M., MI (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"smooth ride, quiet and roomy interior, comfortable seats"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"adjustable lumbar support is great as each driver can adjust to their liking. Rear air conditioner failed after 6 years. Repair is too expensive."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The a/c stinks! The car takes forever to get cool. I know we are in the south where it gets really hot and humid, but this a/c is very slow to get cool. I have had the shop look at it and they say nothing is wrong with it."

Anonymous, TN (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Best seats and driving position in any car I have owned. VERY quiet and smooth."

JOHN L., AZ (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Super comfy"

Anonymous, GA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"ride ,comfort seating is great"

JOHN F., OH (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Navigation system is not user friendly. Some types of tires can make the interior very noisy."

CYNTHIA P., WA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable seats after 11 yrs."

PAUL W., OH (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"I love my Sienna. This is my second Sienna. I plan to buy another one when necessary. My only complaints are that the seats could be much more comfortable, and the noise could be reduced."

DAVID L., FL (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Good driving position. Excellent climate control. Amazing turning radius makes it easy to navigate tight spaces."

MARK B., IA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"After over 10 years, it remains a very quiet and comfortable-riding vehicle - better than many newer cars. The front seats are very comfortable, so it is excellent for long trips."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"seats, versatility of interior, reliable"

Anonymous, ID (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"comfortable heated seats with lumbar support. however, the DVD player rattles and is annoying"

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"I have long legs, and the multi-point seat adjustment is ideal. I can also change it on long trips to minimize fatigue."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"We really like the number of seats(8)"

Anonymous, GA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Does a very poor job of limiting road noise"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Really good and adjustable as I drive"

KEN G., OR (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"One or more welds in driver door have broken. Door makes cracking sound when opened or closed. Toyota will do nothing about it even though it is a quality issue."

JAMES R., MN (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"leg room, lumbar support, flexibility of seating (collapse for cargo room)"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Works well, quiet"

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Quite a lot of wind noise at highway speeds."

MERLYN C., NH (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Quiet, comfortable, roomy"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Heating elements in drive seat not fitted properly and uncomfortable to sit on. Expensive to fix."

Anonymous, MN (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Climate control is the weakest point of the vehicle. In particular, I find the labeling above the fan control misleading, and I hate that to change the temperature from one extreme to the other takes forever."

BRIAN T., CA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are comfortable even without a great deal of lateral support, the ride is soft and smooth and the transmission shifts smoothly. Heating and cooling are adequate in winter and summer (-40ºC to +35ºC). It drives like a car and it's very, very smooth in acceleration and transmission shifting, whether up or down."

Anonymous, AB (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"seat rail $350 for parts, tiny plastic failure,"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"186,000 miles. very few problems"

JIM S., WI (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Major problems with sliding doors. Both have broken; left side has broken twice."

Anonymous, GA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"This car has almost 200,000 miles on it and we have never had a major repair. Just maintenance. It has been a great purchase."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"low repair, flexible usage for cargo or seating, better mileage than most trucks."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"do the maintance according to the manual"

Anonymous, NC (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"We had a 1995 Previa previously and it had 330,000 miles on it when we donated it. It never had any problems other than normal maintenance. Plus, when we got the Sienna a person at the Toyota dealership said don't expect this one to last that long. Then when we have several large repairs (over $1,000) I gave up on the Sienna as being the usual Toyota quality we were accustomed to."

KEN L., NC (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The original battery lasted 11 years-240,000 miles! Just replaced it and was shocked to realize it was the original. Best handling, turn ratio, and overall driving comfort for its class. This has been the most dependable car I've ever owned and I've put over 200,000 miles on it and the engine is still purring."

Anonymous, CO (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The dash has cracks on the left side and has a newer small crack on the front left side. Company has delayed for over a year now in repairing it, even though we returned info they sent us. That's not good business."

RALPH H., NC (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle has been dependable and worth the price, although I had to pay $500 extra to get the color my wife wanted."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The Toyota Sienna 2005 has been a very nice and reliable (even at 25500 miles) vehicle. We have only done regular maintenance and have not had any major problems. I highly recommend this vehicle!"

Anonymous, WI (2005 Toyota Sienna)


KENNETH O., OH (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent all around car with many features you do not expect."

R M., CA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"No major repairs required"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"This minivan is now over 11 years old and it has been highly reliable (every feature is still operational) and it still looks very good. The only appearance issue is the poor paint used on 2005 alloy wheels."

GARY K., WI (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"This is my all time best car. It has never left me stranded. It is very comfortable. The only disappointment was having the DVD fail. The radio still works. I have 3 hunt test dogs and this car is regularly in fields and going down dirt roads. It's a workhorse."

BONNIE C., VA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"Had vehicle from new in 2005, relatively few repairs, other than timing belt failure and radiator now needing replacement."

JOAN B., ON (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"The car still drives reliably well after 102k and 11 years of constant driving. Even with recent issue with the rack and pinion steering column needing to be replaced, it's an excellent value."

ROBERT S., CA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"reliable, over 200000 miles"

Anonymous, ID (2005 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Good room to transport cakes."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"It is timeless. Even though it is an older car, it still look nice."

MABEL D., VA (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"2005 was the first year of the current body style. In 11 years the primary styling changes have been basically cosmetic. Of course, the newer ones have updated safety features, for example; but you asked about styling."

GEORGE G., CO (2005 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable all around and a feelingof safety"

JOHN F., OH (2005 Toyota Sienna)
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