This iteration of the Sienna rides comfortably and quietly. Further, its powertrain is smooth and strong and returns good fuel economy. The finely detailed cabin is comfortable. All-wheel drive is optional, but we've had many complaints about the powertrain's fast-wearing run-flat tires. Although it has sound handling, the Sienna could have been more agile and braking performance was disappointing.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Prior to buying this minivan I owned a 2003 Honda Odyssey. My Sienna, although it is the top of the line XLE Ltd, doesn't seem to have as good stabilizer bars to cut down on side winds affecting handling. I was used to the acceleration the Odyssey's 3.5 L engine had. The Sienna's 3.3 L doesn't have quite the oomph the Honda did."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"ride comferd"

WOLFGANG R., ON (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna's electronic throttle is very unintuitive. It prevents the driver from modulating it, either giving lazy acceleration or making the engine scream. Another frustrating behavior is that after slowing below ten miles per hour, it drops to first gear when the driver touches the throttle. This causes the vehicle to buck. These characteristics have remained from when the car was new."

WILLIAM B., NJ (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Great acceleration if you need it. Did not expect that in a van..."

Anonymous, AB (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The transmission jolts you as it downshifts with a turn and acceleration. Otherwise, it does just fine and upshifts smoothly. Another friend of ours has the same year vehicle and has the same issue."

Anonymous, IN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"comfort, easy to drive, reliability , & a great vehicle now has 68,000 miles and never given any trouble"

RUSSELLL G., TN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"All good. It is the best driving and handling vehicle we have ever owned. We love it and have been across country about 3 times without any trouble at all except the brakes started failing on our trip through the Rocky Mountains near Cody' WY. Got them fixed with a resurfacing of the rotors and new pads."

JAMES T., NC (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles like a car. Decent power."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"It is a very comfortable ride and accelerates well. Unfortunately, it has had way more significant problems than a Toyota, especially a hybrid, should have. Reliability has been horrendous."

KELLY J., OH (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"It does everything we want just as it did when it rolled off the dealer's lot. 1000% satisfied"

ROBERT R., MA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Good handling any time. Especially good handling when loaded down."

GERALD B., NC (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Very smooth ride, shifts are subdued, corners well, and it has enough pep when I want it, but I try not to accelerate too quickly to get better gas economy. Around town, it is a battle to get it up to 20 mpg/tank, but I have had as high as 28 mpg/tank on the road."

WARREN J., MN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Compared with the previous Toyota van, the 6-cyl engine delivers much superior hill and highway service for very close to the same mileage. It has proven a very comfortable vehicle, feeling safe and controlled under all circumstances for highway driving year round (Winter trips to Edmonton, AB) as well as for secondary road travel (includes a 3-week trip into the Yukon, and back via the Stewart-Cassiar Highway"

JOHN L., BC (2006 Toyota Sienna)


PHILLIP G., IN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna accelerates well and handles adequately, this is no sports car."

BRUCE F., NJ (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Its underpowered and/or geared too tall. When loaded up with the A/C on, you've got to stand on it to make it go. The transmission shifts constantly and is very annoying. While slowing, it downshifts to 1st at much too high a speed which results in a big lurch when you try to accelerate. The hill decent downshift feature is way too intrusive. The cruise control calibration is a disaster, they must have developed it in Kansas. It downshifts at the slightest rise and will over-cycle the tran"

Anonymous, TN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Its 10 years old and re suspension and feel etc., still drives like the day I bought it."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Never left in the dust and at the same time I can avoid the crazy that thinks a mini van will slow them down so they have to get in front instead of behind. Ive drivin many places in many situations. DC traffic NYC traffic highway thru way mountain roads and I'm very proud of it's comfort and ease of handling. Blessed to have survived a possible accident. 18 wheeler tire Hugh chunk was in the road we where in VA going 72-75 in middle of 3 lanes hit it with front left tire it came out the back s"

REGINA V., NY (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"I love driving this car. Handles great and looks good in spite of its age"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Handling is fine for a car this size. My model year has the 3.3L V6, which I found to be underpowered going up a hill with a full load of passengers. Power is fine for normal driving on moderate hills though."

JEFFREY G., NY (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Okay, the thing is a box on wheels. Given that, it has a surprising amount of acceleration with the little 6."

ROBERT Q., KY (2006 Toyota Sienna)


CHARLES M., OH (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"This vehicle has outstanding aceleration,"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna has excellent acceleration! When a neighbor drove our car back from dropping us off at the airport he told us that it was much faster than he expected; outdoing his V8 truck."

BRUCE W., TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Plenty of acceleration, but MPG terrible! Not much better than a pickup truck. I would love it if they made a hybrid mini-van! Road noise & engine noise excessive, however. It's difficult to carry on a conversation."

STACEY L., TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Terrific acceleration, instant handling."

DONALD W., TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good acceleration."

DAVID K., MD (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna has much better cornering than my 1991 Explorer and 1994 Ranger and much better acceleration than either."

STEPHEN B., DE (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"After over 100,000 miles it still seems like a new car to me."

JOEL D., OR (2006 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Best riding vehicle I've ever had. I like the roominess. Acceleration and handling is superb. Great gas mileage for its size. This vehicle has met an exceeded my expectations."

DONALD W., TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Sits high enuf ; smooth ride"

Anonymous, SD (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"road noise could be improved"

Anonymous, MT (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Comfort/ storage"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"noisy ride"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Lots of road noise, but it is a wheelchair ramp conversion."

JOHN P., TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"This vehicle has a good amount of room, easy to control the climate and it's a quiet ride."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"We can drive for hours still in great comfort. we enjoy seperrete temp controls."

PHIL W., ID (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Very smooth ride. Comfortable seats. Spacious. Well laid out."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The seats are comfortable and make driving long distances easier than in a car."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"front seats manually adjustable. cumbersome adjusting. armrest stops not adjustable."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"All is good, however the noise level is much higher than other vehicles I've been in and wish it was quieter."

LEO H., MN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"road noise"

Anonymous, OR (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Toyota make a quality vehicle except for excessive wind and road noise."

RALPH H., NC (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Ride is very noisy, climate control is is very strange and difficult to operate."

RICHARD P., IN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"too much road noise and poor heater performance when I lived in Maine - defroster runs air conditioner to dehumidify air and does not provide enough heat to adequately defrost the windows in really cold weather. Moving to Florida solved this problem."

RONALD L., FL (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise from tires is excessive. I was running Michlin Defender tires but the last change I put on B F Goodrich Advantage TA that are better as far as noise."

ROBT W., GA (2006 Toyota Sienna)


MICHAEL Z., MA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The one thing I would like to have improved is cabin (road) noise."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Wind and road noise is extreme for this minivan. Test drove a 2016 Sienna - the midline model - and they have not done much to improve."

GERALD W., MI (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"It automatically starts in recirculate mode whch we don't like and can't disable."

VIRGINIA L., ID (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Cabin has always been noisy (wind)"

COTTRELL L., ON (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"This deluxe van was ahead of it's time. It has all around proximity sensors, radar speed control, rear camera, many electronics that it took other car manufacturers years to offer."

JOHN D., NH (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"I'm tall. The van has plenty of foot/headroom. Seat and steering wheel adjustments very adequate. Starting to get a bit noisy after 10 years."

RICHARD H., CA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"My wife has Trigeminal Neuralgia which is aggrevated by road noise/vibration. We drove every minivan on the market at the time of our purchase and none compared to this vehicle. After 100k mi it drives nearly as well as it did the day we drove it home the first time. We have it detailed once a yr inside and out and people cant believe its 10yrs old. Regular service visits and weekly washings keep it in top shape despite roadsalts in winter and dusty summer driving from Denver to Boise to Spokane"

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"We love this van for hauling people, we drive 7 adults in perfect comfort. We also use it to haul loads of stuff. Fold up the seats and it's a truck, 4x8 lumber, full size bed, sofas, tarps full of branches and yard waste, you name it, we hauled it."

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Sienna)


PHILLIP G., IN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Awesome vehicle. Would buy another one tomorrow."

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"I have the 8 seater. My complaint is that the second row has no armrests at all for the outboard passengers. It would be nice if they had molded armrests into the sliding doors so second row passengers have someplace to learn their arms."

JEFFREY G., NY (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Suspension and ride have become very rough. Replacement of front struts and rear shocks did not improve the ride. Tire wear over the life of the vehicle has been significantly higher than expected. Currently on fourth set of tires."

MATT K., IA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"It's an extremely comfortable car, I especially notice how comfortable and nice it rides on long trips. I don't get tired of driving/riding as fast as my old vehicle"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Spacious interior. Large range of seat adjustments. Smooth ride."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Noise is a bit high & ride can be stiff on city streets."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Dealer knew we liked the car, and wore us down over a period of time, then presented us with a poor deal. By then I didn't want to waste all that time investment by walking away. Should have."

GERALD B., NC (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Extremely reliable. The only repairs done (other than regular maintenance) were to replace battery and front brakes. Mileage 187,000kms."

GORDON T., BC (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"This has been an amazingly reliable vehicle, with very low cost of ownership."

ELAN B., AL (2006 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Sienna AWD - no spare tire, so it has run-flats. Run-flats do not last long at all, and the expense of replacing them regularly is prohibitive."

LAWRENCE N., MA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Loud, but good car"

JOHN B., NY (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"This car has lasted very well, with 140,000 miles now, no major problems, and it still drives like new."

CHRIS W., PA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"A true workhorse after 10 years of service"

FRANK I., NJ (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"They are a great car"

PHIL W., ID (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"A safe and reliable that has plenty of room and engne power when needed"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Extremely dependable. No major mechanical problems."

WILLIAM B., NC (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Repairs are infrequent relative to American cars that I have owned."

Anonymous, MA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"good performance; no problems; reliable"

THOMAS B., FL (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Over 200,000 miles with hardly any problems. Very reliable."

Anonymous, NM (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"I obtained pricing information from CU and was able to negotiate a good price."

RICHARD H., CA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"11 years, 140K miles . . . changed the timing belt @ 90K, change the oil & filters. Nothing else to do!!!!!!"

ROBERT R., MA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"I'm forever sold on Toyota. I bought this vehicle in pristine condition, have been driving it for a little less than a year and have not had any problems with it."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Very bad situation .... run-flat tires needed since no spare tire available on all-wheel drive Siennas. I have had to buy 4 full sets Absurdly expensive."

MARY D., TX (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Very reliable"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Had they read consumer Reports in 2006 and purchased the Sienna when it was new, they too could have had a trouble free, comfortable, safe , "value for dollar " vehicle for the last 10 years."

JOHN D., NH (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle has 180,000 miles on it yet it still rides and handles well and has no rust. Very satisfied with this vehicle."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"It was listed in June 2019 at twenty-one thousand. I got it in mid-September for 10 thousand. I had it checked out at my Toyota garage and the found not significant problems. I think no one bought it because it had a badly cracked dash which I found out on line was a problem with this model which Toyota refused to fix because it wasn't a safety issue. I decided I could live with it. In January 2016 I received a letter from Toyota saying they would fix it. I now have a brand new dash and am"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"It was quite expensive, but the value is great. I've had almost no issues with the card at all. We had a minor issue with something in the electronics making noise, but overall, I've been very happy. The reliability is amazing!"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Needed an 8-seat minivan, where the 2nd row middle seat would work with a baby carrier (2006 Honda Odyssey did NOT)."

FREDERIC G., NY (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Car was expensive new but has been a very handy vehicle."

Anonymous, WI (2006 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I love the 8th seat! So handy for my kids' friends. Also, it is so nice to have seats that fold into the floor of the car. Genius!"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Auto doors and, value, size, ride, no rust, dependable"

CHARLES M., OH (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"ride comford"

WOLFGANG R., ON (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna is a nice well appointed vehicle. It has a high utility value, all wheel drive, fold flat 3rd row seats and fold up 2nd row seats affords large cargo holding capabilities. The Sienna lacks driver engagement, it is like driving your couch down the highway."

BRUCE F., NJ (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Screw on antenna is outdated"

Anonymous, VA (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"I love my minivan. I just wish it looked more like an SUV and less like a minivan."

ANNA B., CO (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Sharp curves and good design."

DAVID K., MD (2006 Toyota Sienna)

"Love the fact that the captain chairs have dual armrests. Love the remote control of the sliding doors and hatch. Sun shields for back are very helpful. Dislice the lack of hand grab bars for getting in, head rest leans forward making your head lean forward and not sit up straight. Wish front passenger seat had same choice in adjustments as driver, seat feels like it is tiping forward down."

REGINA V., NY (2006 Toyota Sienna)
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