Armed with a smooth and powerful V6 engine, as well as improved braking, this version of the Sienna was our top-rated minivan of its time. Because it was also the only one available with all-wheel drive, we tested both front- and AWD models. Our readers reported the AWD's run-flat tires wore quickly and were expensive to replace. A slightly stiffer ride and a loss of one mpg overall are other sacrifices for AWD.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The only real problem is oversteer in emergency turn with braking at high speed. This sets up fishtailing as I correct. Almost lost control a few times due to the fishtailing. With warning I could have avoided it, but it was unexpected."

M L., TX (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"The vehicle tends to drift at highway speeds. Very soft steering."

PETER B., AL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Love the vehicle just wish handling was a little sharper as compared to the Honda Odyssey"

Anonymous, WI (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"The programming for the transmission could be improved. Sometimes it seems to search for the correct gear."

Anonymous, MI (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Much better value than an SUV, unless you go off road and nobody I know does."

ORAL P., AB (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"For a vehicle this size, the handling is surprisingly adept."

MICHAEL E., IA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"It has a stiff accelerator and rabbit-starts from a stop. Wastes gas and is like a truck in that action. Drives well once it gets going."

C C., CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Good acceleration. Fantastic turn radius."

Anonymous, AL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent acceleration for the number of cylinders. It feels like it has many more cylinders."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Engine is louder when accelerating than compared to the Odyssey I used to have."

MARGARET B., MA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"almost handles like a car."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfy Still drives like new. Way better ride and fuel econ than an suv."

JEFF P., AB (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Problems in the 2007 with the left side door not opening electronically. Problems with the rear door not opening quickly or fully. ."

Anonymous, NY (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"too much road noise and rubber parts (trunk handle) melting in hot climate"

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"The air conditioning on the Sienna is very powerful. It seems like it has two Evaporators, one for the front and back. More than I expected for this vehicle's price."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are good. Seals have been wearing out this year, increasing road noise. LOVE the climate controls with ability to set a temp."

Anonymous, AL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"god traveling vehicle for long trips"

DAVE J., MI (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"This car is extremely comfortable to drive/ride in for long trips--better than others we have tried."

JUDITH L., ME (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"like the type of seats and how they operate are comfortable"

HARRY M., ON (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"The ride is fairly noisy and the seats are fairly uncomfortable for long trips"

JAMES B., FL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"It is always a good car to drive.Very comfortable to drive. Never had a problem with any thing in nine years. I have put in one set of tires and one battery that's good. Detroit should listen."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"4 captain seats and the rear bench make it incredibly good for transporting large children and adults (everyone is over 6'). Safe. Fast enough. Very comfortable. I don't think we are going to get rid of it ever."

FRANCIS G., CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"I wish the seats were wider and that there was more leg room"

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"This was a problem catagory you did not give as a choice. Back auto seats no longer work. I know they have had multiple problems, but were unwilling to cover it in their recalls."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"seats very comfortable, especially on long trips."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"LOVE the comfort of my seats, size, cushion, flexibility. Always want 2 take extended trips in van due 2 roominess, comfort. Great ride. Climate control has hard time keeping up w/heat & humidity in very hot weather."

YVETTE G., IL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"The air vents for the middle row are only partly adjustable. You can only adjust them over about 1/2 of the range that it looks like you should be able to adjust them over."

GEORGE-CHARLOTTE M., CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"The vehicle is noisy at highway speeds."

PETER B., AL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"A very comfortable car to drive. Good Handling Good positioning of controls. I have sat in this car for may hours on a long drive and was never uncomfortable. If and when this one gives up the ghost I will get the same Toyota van again"

Anonymous, NH (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable, dual climate seats"

MARY P., WA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Very quiet, comfortable, and smooth ride"

MICHAEL E., IA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"I have been waiting for nearly 2 years to have my dashboard replaced and still it has not been done!!! I do not think my next car will be a Toyota!!!!!"

EDDIE L., FL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Great leather, and very comfortable."

BRANDON B., MD (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Minimum noise: tires, wind is important to me. The Sienna is relatively quiet for a van. Climate control has knobs I don't have to study and take my eyes off the road, like newer cars with digital displays."

FRANCESCO V., CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are roomy and comfortable."

MARLENE M., IN (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Cabin seems to amplify road noise. When first starting the car on a hot day (>95 degrees) it takes forever for the climate control system to cool the interior of the car to a comfortable level."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Purchased the vehicle in Feb 2008 at the height of the economic bubble for $36500, right before the stock market and housing crash when prices plummeted. Have always felt we paid too much, but we have been very happy with the vehicle, thank goodness"

Anonymous, NC (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"This is a handicap van and it was very expensive!!"

REED W., TX (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Due to few option package choices ended up with expensive options I never use such as DVD Player and Sun Roof."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Didn't realize vehicle can hold 6 Cd's @ once- LOVE this! Drivers side slide door is manuel & had trouble staying open. Repairs will cost me over $400 2 fix due 2 labor/time. However, passenger slide is automatic!! Car came w/after factory backup system. Originally thought this was great but soon disconnected due 2 CONSTANT beeps. Wish I could've gotten auto rear door."

YVETTE G., IL (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"excellent value to purchase and maintain - really glad I bought this van based on consumer reports ratings"

JEFF P., AB (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"major Transmission failure at low milage with really poor service from Toyota, second vehicle from Toyota that they didn't stand behind their product with a MAJOR failure within months of warranty expiration and low milage that Toyota would not help in any way with and very rude customer service. I will never buy another Toyota."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"I expected so much more from Toyota. Within the first year of buying my new van the leather seats started to crack and I was told that there was nothing they would do about it. Other issues included.... radio needed to be replaced twice, the far rear window fell out, the rear sliding door cable rusted out and the door no longer functions, the main springs rusted out and the entire vehicle collapsed, The rubber part of the vehicle emissions system failed and was not covered by guarantee, The r"

MICHAEL C., MA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Bought it at an auction when it was 3 years old and still under warranty. There was a major transmission problem and Toyota replaced the transaxle no charge"

KURT R., AB (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Safety, reliability, towing capability, cost of ownership and fuel economy put our previous Chrysler minivans to shame"

- D., DE (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"I purchased this vehicle used. When I purchased it the odometer read about 25,000 miles. It now reads about 122,000 miles. In my opinion the car runs and feels like a new car. I am careful to follow the maintenance schedule in the owner manual."

GEORGE S., CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Overall build quality is disappointing to other Toyotas I have owned. Previous Toyotas were built in Japan so vs. USA for 2007 Sienna. Not sure if that's a factor. Outside squeak which my be coming from front passenger side still not identified. Steering wheel squeaks, and noises that just get annoying. Had a few recall repairs. Paint easily chipped damaged and more little rust spots then I would like."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Used veh. reasonably price for mileage."

HARRY M., ON (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"While the cost of our Sienna was higher than similar mini-vans at the time, the tradeoff has been the extremely reliable operation, no major breakdowns or system malfunctions, so our cost of ownership is very low. I'm definitely getting all I paid for and more!"

Anonymous, IN (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"I was able to haul building materials, 3 bicycles at a time and 7 people on multiple occasions all for $14,500 when i bought it with 50,000 miles in 2010"

MICHAEL K., CA (2007 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It still looks good after.nine years."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"i think the quality of the wheel rims is terrible. The rusty paint peeling is unsightly and probably unsafe and they don't warranty the problem although everyone with a Toyota van that i have spoken to has the same problem"

SUSAN H., AB (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"Still looks up to date even though it is nearly 10 years old."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Toyota Sienna)

"The bull-nose front is very flat and collects bugs which are almost impossible to clean off. Otherwise car is comfortable and very useful in several configurations. The floor mats should have been secured with metal hooks rather than the flimsy plastic clips which will not stay in place."

Anonymous, OK (2007 Toyota Sienna)
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