Armed with a smooth and powerful V6 engine, as well as improved braking, this version of the Sienna was our top-rated minivan of its time. Because it was also the only one available with all-wheel drive, we tested both front- and AWD models. Our readers reported the AWD's run-flat tires wore quickly and were expensive to replace. A slightly stiffer ride and a loss of one mpg overall are other sacrifices for AWD.
There are 9 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"only issue I have with the 2008 Sienna is that the engine runs like a truck; loud and runs hot. The engine on the last Sienna I owned ran more like a V-6 from a car."

Anonymous, AL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"turning radius very tight, roomy"

Anonymous, WA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Love the turning radius - I can turn around easily (usually one time) in tight spaces."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Acceleration is OK, but not great. There is looseness in the steering wheel with inaccurate steering. Slow steering response. I have to turn the steering wheel a few inches before there is any turning response. If I turn the steering wheel back and forth a few inches off center, the car continues it's path without any change in direction."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Good response"

Anonymous, IA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable and great acceleration. Quite ride. I drove a RAV 4 before and this is much quieter and far more comfortable."

GREG M., VA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"At one point several cylinders just stopped firing while I was driving. Car lost most power in accelerating. When I turn off the car and restart the problem goes away until the next time. Problem can't be replicated for the mechanic to fix."

Anonymous, NJ (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Although the Sienna does feel crisp in its handling, in fact it corners extremely well: steering is consistent and reliable, and cornering speed quite good, with little body role, and I have never had the real slide out. Acceleration is appropriate for the vehicle and provides an element of safety in traffic."

JAMES B., PA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"all around excellent vehicle and ride."

STEPHEN K., NY (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"My Sienna is perfect for me. Excellent for local driving and near perfect for trips. Four people plus great baggage space. Fold down back seats to floor level is a definite plus. Short turning radius makes for easy parking."

DONALD M., KY (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Acceleration is very good, which got me out of trouble many times"

DAN L., TX (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"The 6 in the Sienna is much peppier than I expected. Acceleration to merge on freeways and up steep hills is gratifying and handling, turning radius, etc are much better than I expected from a large heavy vehicle."

R H., WA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"V-6 good pick up and accelaration"

JOHN B., FL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Very tight turning ability. It is great for those tight spots."

MIKE A., IL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I believe the van could accelerate a little bit faster for things like merging and/or starting out. I also feel like sometimes it leans a bit too easily in turns. It is quick to respond with respect to steering and braking."

LISA G., WA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Surprisingly powerful, small turning circle, nimble for a large vehicle. Handles very well."

JOEL R., TX (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Best Car I've ever had in my 81 years !!!"

ROBERT M., FL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"This is a difficult car to back, the vision is not sufficient."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"For a van it accelerates better than the Mazda 3 and even turns well. Comfortable ride as well"

Anonymous, PA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I'm very disappointed that the recall for the door cables was so limited. They have both broken and we have to use them manually now, which is actually dangerous since kids do not expect this on this van. The labor is too $$$$ to get them fixed. It's outrageous that it was covered for a short period of time and no longer."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"comfortable in city and long road trips. everything works perfect a pleasure to drive"

LEONARD P., IL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Our biggest complaint about the van is high interior noise at highway speeds. No point in trying to listen to music on the road, and even conversation can be trying. I hope the new models have better noise suppression."

Anonymous, IN (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna is my third Toyota whose A/C fails and is VERY expensive to repair. I might not rule out Toyota for my next purchase but it will go to the back of the list."

Anonymous, ON (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna will seat 8 and we have taken some long trips with the car full of people and a roof box on top. The second row middle seat is a real seat in the Sienna. IN 2008 the competitors' same seat was a joke. THe Sienna is a boring but highly competent car I almost all regards."

LARRY M., WA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna lets in a lot of outside noise. The audio system is poor/hard to hear."

MATTHEW M., WI (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Too much wind noise with any windows down part way"

Anonymous, MD (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Too much cabin road noise"

Anonymous, VA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle has numerous minor electrical issues. Makes a lot of noise under the dash. Radio just cuts off sometimes. Have to hit dash to bring it back on, ..."

RUSSELL K., FL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Better sound insulation would be an improvement."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"A lot of road noise. Not as quiet inside as I would have hoped."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"It's a bit nosier than desired - mostly road noise"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable, great ride, comfortable seats"

RANDY H., AB (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Poor leg support on drivers seat"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I would like a smoother and quieter ride. a high degree of road noise and bumps are transmitted to the cabin."

RANDY Z., NC (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Front seats comfortable, but back stow seats very uncomfortable...noise under front of car."

KAREN Y., NE (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"The poor finish of the wheels, today they look very bad. At one time I was offered half off the cost to have them refinished, I told Toyota to jump in a lake, and I would tell everyone how poorly Toyota handled this problem. Road noise was bad from day one."

ROBERT E., PA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Quite a comfortable ride for trips. Lots of interior space with seats folded down for carrying large purchases, i.e. large t.v. and picking up building supplies. Also suits us as grandparents as we are constantly transporting two to four grandchildren."

TOM B., BC (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"body rattle that is apparently impossible to trace and eliminate"

Anonymous, ON (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle rides very well comfortable seats the thing I didn't like is trying to get good service from Toyota in Florida always take the vehicle back twice to get it fixed right"

JOHN C., FL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are very uncomfortable when reclined. Feels like the seatback is pushes in just above waist line. Same is true front and back."

LEE Q., FL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Air conditioning in rear quit completely, too expensive to fix"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Very satisfied. Only thing, maybe it's because it's my first van, it has more road noise than sedans and suv's I've had."

JEFF W., MN (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Quite ride and low road noise."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna has very comfortable seats in the front, as well as both rear rows of seating (which fold down or are removable for increased space). Additionally, the Sienna has independent climate control for the rear rows, so passengers can obtain sufficient conditioned air."

JAMES M., OR (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable to sit in for long trips"

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Love the comfort, visibility and ride of my Sienna but am finding the intrusion of road noise bothersome."

MARGARET G., CA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I think the seats could be a little more adjustable for lumbar and leg support. I also think the road noise is quite loud. Most of the controls are located in good places that make sense while driving. The ride is fairly comfortable in most conditions."

LISA G., WA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable, adjustable seats, great car, second one I have owned. And I would buy another one if needed"

ANN H., NC (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"We wish the seats were more comfortable on trips."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I think the seats could be more softer or comfortable."

JEAN G., OH (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Noises, bumpy ride"

Anonymous, MA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Bad is problem of corrosion HD coolant leaks causing 2 expensive problems in 3 years and ultimate bypass of rear AV...apparently a familiar problem with this vehicle. I.e. Lines corrode at site of passenger side rear wheel well...for this reason, I would not repurchase a Sienna"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I would prefer less road noise"

STEVE V., IL (2008 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Reliability, comfort, low road noise"

Anonymous, MO (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Everyone is shocked when I tell them that the transmission went bad. Toyota offered no help or discounts. Very dissatified through this experience. Previous van was a Grand Caravan...we bought Sienna expecting the van to last into the 200,000 miles. We are devastated and feel completely ripped off."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"excellent vehicle that I would purchase again. very dependable, and reasonable maintenance fees."

NORMAN B., NM (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"We bought it used from a dealer and are very happy with what we got for the price."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"The car is unbelievably reliable requiring its first investment in a repair after 8 years. Its ride is smooth and its interior is very comfortable. Lots of space and decent gas mileage."

STEPHEN K., NY (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"great value, low maintenance, dependability"

RANDY H., AB (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I used the Consumer Reports/TruCar Car Buying Program. This made for an easy transaction & I paid some less than the actual value of the vehicle."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Like this car. Had to replace the breaks but give the price and the age of the vechcle this wasn't a big deal. Good value"

Anonymous, PA (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"Although this was a spur of the moment purchase, it turned out that this car was (and is) worth the money we pay for it"

DAN L., TX (2008 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Excellent aerodynamics and good looking"

JOHN B., FL (2008 Toyota Sienna)

"I like the way it looks"

LEONARD P., IL (2008 Toyota Sienna)
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