Armed with a smooth and powerful V6 engine, as well as improved braking, this version of the Sienna was our top-rated minivan of its time. Because it was also the only one available with all-wheel drive, we tested both front- and AWD models. Our readers reported the AWD's run-flat tires wore quickly and were expensive to replace. A slightly stiffer ride and a loss of one mpg overall are other sacrifices for AWD.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I really like the tight turning radius. I can turn around in a much smaller space than in my Dodge Caravan"

Anonymous, MI (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles very smoothly and power is better than my last van"

LARRY K., AZ (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Drives great in the snow. We get a lot of snow."

RICHARD S., MI (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"The acceleration for a 6 cylinder is truly remarkable. The ride is smooth and the van handles well."

SHELLY T., MI (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good acceleration - surprisingly powerful"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Love the feel of the tires on the road. Vehicle feels heavy on the road, but drives otherwise. Has sufficient acceleration to move about in traffic."

Anonymous, AL (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"For a "mini-van": with lots of passenger/cargo capacity, I have been very impressed with it's handling and acceleration; a very impressive trip vehicle for my wife and I, the only time I drive it."

OREN C., CT (2009 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Wonderful comfortable seats on this vehicle that we travelled all over the USA."

BRUCE J., MN (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats very firm, uncomfortable on a long trip"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"leather seats are too hot in the summer. Need to place a towel on seat to sit or not wear shorts. Winter cold is not a problem, I have heated seats. Would have preferred cloth seats but not an option."

ANTHONY K., MD (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Air Conditioning system seems to have leak that service dept can't locate. As i use the AC very rarely, it never was a problem except when planning long hot trips and that was rarely. I have it refilled each summer and that holds until the next year for me, so I love my Sienna! Even when it's HOT"

E G., PA (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"The front seats are dished. I'm a larger guy so this makes it uncomfortable on the back of my thighs. I had to buy a chair cushion to fill the void."

BRYAN N., MN (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Back at you raceFront seat does not adjust backwards far enough"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Comfort--this is an excellent vehicle with ample seating space for travelling long distances with 7 people and bags for all. Cargo space is plentiful and seats that fold down or tumble up to open the cargo area are very useful."

DONAL K., ID (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Noisy. Hvac always colder than set point"

TODD P., WA (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"it is a minivan. As a minivan, it is good, but it does not compare well in comfort to more luxurious sedans. It rides and handles like a heavy minivan, which is exactly what it is. Mine has run-flat tires, and the RFT's add cost, but have worked when we had flats (three times), so I am not sure if I like the concept or detest the concept. It truly depends on if I have a flat at the time, or if I am purchasing new (and very expensive!!!) tires."

ERIC H., IN (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"very noise on city streets"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are excellent, especially lumbar support. Driver's seat is very adjustable - back, height, position, position of steering wheel. I can drive for several hours without discomfort."

DAVID D., AZ (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Interior lights on control buttons have burned out and are very expensive to replace. I would never have thought this would be an issue"

SHARON M., IL (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"More comfortable than my last van"

LARRY K., AZ (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"8 passenger seat, so the back seats are not comfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are great. The road noise is bad."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Road/wind noise is too noticeable. Much more noise than my 2006 Tundra."

Anonymous, KS (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Lacks sufficient leg room in the driver's seat for someone who has long legs and is 6 ft 4 inches"

Anonymous, NC (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"road noise while driving is bad"

Anonymous, MI (2009 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say


Anonymous, OH (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"History of prior consumer positive reports of my vehicle. The willingness of the dealer making the claim that my chosen van is a highly sought after used vehicle! Despite running over a large deer ( that had been initially hit by another vehicle and run over by a car in front of me and then our van , my wife and despite being thoroughly stunned and shaken by hitting this deer, we were able to drive nervously, another 35 miles home! Ironically, I stopped to check out a driver stopped on the side"

D M., WV (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"We bought this vehicle "one year used" with 33,000 miles on the odo. We now have an additional 100,000 miles on the odo and have been able to drive what has been a trouble free vehicle for six years and will continue to do so for we have no thoughts of trading it in. All repairs on the vehicle have either been a factory recall (seat belts) or due to normal wear and tear (brakes). One of my sons has the same vehicle which is five years older and has had to make very few repairs in almost 270,0"

ALAN H., CA (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"I bought a certified used car from a dealer. I had a budget. The mileage and price fit my budget. I have no complaints. Have put and additional 100,000 mile on the car and plan to drive it another 80,000 miles."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"This is veery good vehicle. My only complaint is the fron end is to low. I would prefer more clearance on the front end."

LARRY M., LA (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"This vans acceleration is incredible. The comfortable seats are perfect for long trips. The gas mileage is great at 24 mpg for such a large vehicle."

SHELLY T., MI (2009 Toyota Sienna)

"Never bought this as an economy vehicle. Use for traveling and tolerate lower mileage. Very comfortable to ride in and drive. Handles well in all conditions with ample room."

Anonymous, MD (2009 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Outside appearance is nice, doors and rear hatch fit well. Interior layout is roomy and comfortable. Easy to reach things while driving. Controls and storage accessable."

Anonymous, MD (2009 Toyota Sienna)
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