The Toyota Sienna affords a comfortable ride and a smooth, energetic powertrain returning respectable fuel economy. Expect 20 mpg overall from the front-wheel-drive version. If you need an all-wheel-drive minivan in this model year, Sienna is your only choice. Be apprised however, those four-driven wheels sacrifice one mpg and dictate run-flat tires.
There are 14 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I do not get good acceleration with regular gas. I use 90 + octane gas. Handling is responsive. Turning radius is long."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Good. The handling is very good. I have had one emergency response situation and the Sienna gripped the road very well. It accelerates nicely and brakes well. With good snow tires it handles in the winter very well also. It is all wheel drive and I put on the CR recommended snow tires, it has been one of the best winter handling vehicles I have owned."

AARON M., ID (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Front struts/shock-absorbers definitely weak, leading to wiggly and bouncy handling."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent riding experience, nice ride, excellent noise reduction.overll very good riding experience"

GHULAM A., MD (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"excellent handling and driving, best minivan ever!"

Anonymous, NV (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent acceleration for its size and given that it is a van. I think it's surprising to other drivers when it's necessary to use the van's acceleration capabilities. It's super smooth and a very comfortable ride. We loaded it up for an across country move and had tons of storage room that didn't seem to affect its power much. Love the AWD for our current living circumstances - we get snow from time to time."

Anonymous, KY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles very easily for the size of the car."

THOMAS B., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna handles well and is very stable even at 140 km/hr."

JOHN S., ON (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good on both areas."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The car is so large that it is difficult to parallel park, or see how close you are both front and rear. The front bumper is out of sight leaving no indication of how close the vehicle ahead is. The rear dash camera is relative and also leaves you wondering just how much room there is to the car behind.."

R C., ME (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"It's responsive and feels safe because of braking and acceleration and the taller stance"

JOE A., NJ (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"brakes handling quality low maintence"

Anonymous, MA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Don't care for the area between the two front seats.Console. Like old configuration better."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good value and riding vehicle for road trips."

D W., TX (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Hard for me to tell you my MPG... in my city driving it is about 18, but traveling across country it is 21. About half my mileage is in each category. Also, we always carry a 180 lb. electric mobility scooter in back... that has to be a drag on mileage."

BARBARA R., CA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"For a mini-van I think it handles and accelerates fabulously. Really well done by Toyota."

DAVID M., OH (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The excessive shifting of the 4-cylinder 6-speed transmission was quite difficult to get used, and I feel the car is a little under-powered."

SALLY K., IL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Very dependable Car"

DARIUSH B., VA (2011 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Have a family of 5. Great seating space & storage for the long trips or outings"

Anonymous, HI (2011 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"This vehicle offers the best ride for all passengers."

ALICE F., CT (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The glass and body allow road noise to be on the loud side."

KATHLEEN F., MI (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent comfort for short and long trips. You don't feel uncomfortable at all."

JOHN F., NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Car tends to be very noisy especially during highway driving"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Rear seats slant upward, making it difficult for shorter folks to enter."

B L., IL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"I have automatic sliding doors and the driver side one has never worked right, Toyota refuses to admit that there is something wrong. Recently the passenger door button over the driver seat does not work."

MARIE L., NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Passenger seat only 4 way, passenger seats should always be as adjustable as the driver's seat. The vehicle is noisy, really wears you down on a long trip over interstates."

LEROY K., GA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Not as loud as other minivans - but not as quiet as I'd like. Very good in other (comfort) respects."

Anonymous, NB (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable and adjustable driving position. Excellent visibility. Roads noise is pronounced."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"I own a se model, the suspension is too hard. The seats are very uncomfortable on long rides (unsupportive). Lots of noise in the cabin. Very cheap materials and hard plastic everywhere."

DANNY C., QC (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Driving and wind noise needs improvement."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Paid for and received deluxe electric drivers seat. Should have purchased passenger seat electric also."

GEORGE R., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Front seats do not move back enough for tall people, passenger front seat center console impairs space for feet and seat lacks sufficient adjustments"

STEVE A., ID (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Seat comfort and climate control are very good. Road noise is below average. Ride is good and handling is as expected from a minivan - just average"

WALTER K., CT (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Very Comfortable seats, responsive tri-zone climate control. Quiet and smooth ride. Excellent for long trips. Flexible interior and bonus 8th seat very useful."

VINCENT L., NC (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise is excessive"

Anonymous, OR (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Noise is high on road at hwy speeds,"

DAVID W., TN (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The driver's position could be more comfortable especially given the huge size of this vehicle. Foot room is inadequate."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are comfy, legroom very good. Last summer I rolled driver window down and rubber lining around the glass popped out. Have to slowly roll window up to reseat rubber. The button for driver side middle door located overhead that opens that door automatically quit working. These things shouldn't occur on an auto costing that much. The thing that I hate most about this purchase is the annoying cabin noise. I also got a recall notice on my front passenger airbag. These things make me dissatisfie"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Excess road noise."

Anonymous, NE (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Great highway vehicle, comfortable and stable whether loaded or not."

N L., KS (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"cabin noise nearly prohibits conversation of normal loudness"

CHESTER T., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise"

JOHN H., CA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"I am disappointed there is no automatic climate control. It would be convenient to set and forget"

TED C., QC (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Much noisier than it should be for the cost of vehicle"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"It has a smooth ride. Very comfortable."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"front and back seats are so comfortable"

Anonymous, NV (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable seats on long trips. Wish it had vented seats like my Avalon. Good visibility. Ride is fine for a minivan."

ANTHONY K., NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Co-Pilot seat does NOT have 8 way adjustable seats. ROAD NOISE is really bad."

C C., CA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Hard to find a comfortable driving position."

CHRIS G., ON (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"All of the seats are comfortable. The rear seats can be hidden in a compartment. The middle seats can be removed for cargo."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Seat Ride Control are very good"

DARIUSH B., VA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"For the most part, Comfort is excellent. Smooth ride with very good steering handling. My model level is the XLE, moderately equipped. Air conditioning is excellent. Outside noise level is poor. Road noise abatement is not very good! Weatherstripping around front windshield is easily pulled out when washing the vehicle or cleaning the windshield. Weatherstripping on the rear vent windows fell off during the first year. Vehicle has had squeaks and raddles, but the worst, is popping noises that so"

THOMAS J., CA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"great ride with lots of cargo space"

DARYL B., IL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"High road noise"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise is high."

RICHARD S., NC (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Too much road noise. Sun roof trim noise. Loose door trim."

ED L., ON (2011 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, OK (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Very quiet and smooth ride. Handles extremely well for a van -- just like a car."

CHARLES G., CA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The Sienna was adapted by Braun mobility with a wheelchair lift. Because of this, the bench seat in the third row is extremely uncomfortable. The door rattles on the lift side and the drive is noisy. I think the problems are all due to the conversion, though."

SALLY D., GA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The plastic housing around the electric driver's chair is disengaged/broken and nothing the dealer did ever fixed it. Eventually they offered to fix it for a price and that was unexceptable. The plastic under the front bumper gets caught too easily on parking concrete and curbs, causing the whole thing to come apart upon backing out."

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"fully adjustable (power) drivers seat with lumbar support."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Driver fatigue after two hours due to lack of thigh support"

MICHAEL M., IA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"A bit too noisy on the highway"

MICHAEL K., MA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise needs addressed"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Too many controls requiring the driver to look away from the road. This is dangerous and will affect my next purchase."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Driver seat is uncomfortable after a couple of hours on the road. Navigation system maps quickly became out of date and are only updated once a year at cost of $180+. I purchased a Garmin navigator for less than $200 and it included life time map updates every quarter."

PAUL C., TX (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Passenger front seat lacks sufficient legroom, is not adequately adjustable for elevation, rake, etc. Should have same adjustments as driver's seat."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Especially for long trips, the ride is smooth and quiet."

MIGUELINA Q., CT (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Ride, comfort, climate control are very good."

D W., TX (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Noisy interior. Conversation with back seat passengers is difficult."

DAVID V., MI (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"You can sit in this vehicle as you would a chair. Most vehicles, other than trucks your knees are above your hips and this is not good for people with joint problems, e.g. old people"

NEIL O., PE (2011 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very satisfied with the performance of this vehicle."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Purchased in 2011, has over 208,000 km. Only part changed that wasn't regular wear and tear were th control rods. Nothiing else!"

JOHN S., ON (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Compared to other vans on sale at the time, especially the Honda Odyssey, the Sienna came with so many more standard features. It's very well equipped for the price we paid for it (in the LE V-6 trim)."

EVORELL F., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Exceptional value for price paid. It has been extremely reliable."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"can use it for all manner of activities-- roomy , spacious, easy for all 6 passengers to get in and out of seats are comfortable-- easy to expand storage area"

ANTHONY F., PA (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Disappointed in Toyota. Defective water pump cost $1900 to replace at dealership. Front tires wear too quickly. Replaced two tires every 18 months or 12,000 miles."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Its a decent van"

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"You get a car that feels more premium than the price paid. It has most everything you want with a family vehicle."

JOHN F., NY (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Got it for great price and it has been a very dependable van, no issues. A lot of space, great when traveling"

MIKAEL J., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Toyota Canada will not recognize recall notices issued on American Toyota products under warranty recalls."

T P., ON (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Dealer dishonesty was the main problem"

CHESTER T., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"real good van"

RAYMOND W., MI (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"It has more road noise than I would like."

Anonymous, KS (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"My Grand Kids love the entertainment system for the back seats."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"I bought used as I do all cars. I am satisfied at value now but would be much less so if I had paid $ 36-39,000 new. I particularly value the interior room and especially the excellent handling."

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"I love my Sienna and will buy one again"

CYNTHIA C., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, TN (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"This model has the electric motor actuated rear seats that fold back into a cavity in the floor. I use that feature at least once per week as I convert the minivan from a people hauler to a freight hauler. The conversion process is very easy and fast enough. However, removing the two seats in the middle row is not easy because they are heavy and awkward to lift. I still remove them about every 3rd week putting me at risk of back injury. Overall I am pleased with the functionality of the Sienna a"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"its an expensive vehicle and requires higher than normal maintenance and replacement of breaks and tires. This definitely adds to the overall cost of the vehicle."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I love the scary looking mini van."

Anonymous, SC (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Battery tends to die if vehicle sits unused for 7 days. Went on a trip and when I came back vehicle would not start"

JIM B., ON (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"As good looking on the outside as a box can get. The interior, however, looks and feels cheap, and appears to be wearing prematurely."

N L., KS (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Sporty look."

JOHN W., ON (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"It has a lot of room and meets my needs very well. It has been very dependable with very little maintenance.."

Anonymous, KS (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"button doors rear door leather seats great AC very easy driving for me and very dependable"

CYNTHIA C., FL (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"The dashboard seems very cheep looking. Compared to the Dodge it was a disappointment. The next model up looked no better with the fake wood grain trim. It's just a big ugly piece of plastic sitting in front of the driver and passenger. They need to make it look nicer. The rest of the vehicle is pretty good. They could move the gas filler lid farther back so that gas can be put in the vehicle with the rear passenger door open."

AARON M., ID (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"No concerns. All around solid and functional and comfortable ride. Very impressed."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Toyota Sienna)

"Floor mats have been a constant hassle. The dealer is the only one that can get them in the right place again. Ground effects have been nothing but trouble. They are very flimsy and have been an expensively repaired twice. Chrome piece on front is bubbling. Is not covered by the warranty."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Toyota Sienna)
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