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Last updated: July 2015

If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you know that comfort is a high priority. Simply put: You want the ride to be pleasant and not torture for your body. A seat that causes discomfort or even a bumpy, noisy ride can make the drive very unpleasant.

These cars listed below stand out in terms of ride comfort, cabin quietness, and front-seat comfort. We've excluded small cars, sports cars, and convertibles, which by definition don't major in comfort.

Click through each vehicle name to reach the model page to see how they rate in other factors such as performance, safety, and reliability.

The A6 has a very comfortable ride, and, unlike other Audis we've tested, doesn't feel overly firm at low speeds. The cabin is exceptionally quiet, with only traces of road noise and a muted engine murmur. The well-sculpted front seats are also very supportive and comfortable.

The LaCrosse is a sophisticated and thoroughly modern sedan that is quiet, roomy and luxurious. Except for some tire hiss and refined engine hum, little noise intrudes into the cabin. The front seats are well-padded and comfortable, with well-shaped cushions and generous lower-back support.

The Impala is a contemporary large sedan that's roomy, comfortable, quiet, and enjoyable to drive. The big front seats are roomy and plush. They're pleasingly soft at first touch and supportive beneath--a boon for staying comfortable on long trips.  Two adults will be very comfortable in the Impala's well-shaped and supportive rear seat.

Chrysler's 300 is roomy and luxurious, and one of the best large sedans on the market. The top-trim 300C we tested rides comfortably, handles responsively, and has a quiet, luxurious cabin packed with useful features and amenities. The highway ride feels composed and fairly serene. Except for some tire noise and engine hum the cabin is a very quiet place.


The top level Ford Fusion Titanium has a composed, civilized, and steady ride.The cabin stays blessedly quiet, with the hush broken only by the climate fan on brisk mornings and by the gruff engine note. The front seats are well shaped and comfortable, with good lower-back support. The leather seats are more supportive than the cloth seats, where we found the padding somewhat spongy on long trips.


Quietness is a high point for the Lexus ES. The cabin is pleasantly hushed; road texture and ambient (traffic) noise is effectively isolated and wind noise is kept at bay. Both ES versions have quiet engines, with the ES 350's V6 emitting a well-honed V6 murmur. Inside, the wide front seats are accommodating, with appealingly soft cushioning.

The Lexus flagship sedan delivers luxurious, highly refined, and fuss-free motoring with a comfortable and serene ride. The LS glides silently and nonchalantly over just about any road surface with excellent isolation and absorption. It has an exceptionally quiet cabin, and all seats are very comfortable and the rear is sumptuous even by limousine standards.  

The E350 has long been a solid, comfortable, quiet, and capable sedan, and lately one of the best choices in this category. In general, the E-Class puts comfort, function, and good reflexes over glitzy flash. The E-Class provide good isolation from bumps and a quiet and steady highway ride. Front seats are large, well shaped, and supportive all around.

This seven-passenger luxury SUV is the most comfortable-riding SUV we've tested with a plush and hushed interior. The third-row seat is usable and allows seven adults to ride comfortably. The GL's well-padded front seats are wide and accommodating yet well contoured for good lateral support and the cushions are firm enough to be supportive without being too hard. Our GL's optional power lumbar support provides good lower-back support.


Ride comfort is truly extraordinary in the S550. Even compared to its direct competitors, it stands out with remarkable absorption and a steady, calm and stately demeanor. Bumps and ruts disappear under the S550's 19-inch tires and standard AirMatic suspension as if they weren't even there. Ride motions are small yet slow, imparting a feeling of steadiness and composure that persists regardless of surface or speed. The highway ride is a serene, smooth glide.



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