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July 2015

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Made in America
Most Americans love the idea of buying a U.S.-made product instead of an import. But sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.
What makes a car 'American'?
As more foreign automakers build plants on our shores, the definition of ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ gets fuzzier
Counterfeit goods: How to tell the real from the rip-off
We’re awash in knockoffs of iconic American brands as well as respected international products


What really works against bug bites
Consumer Reports reveals new, safer options to keep mosquitoes and ticks at bay
5 things you must know about sunscreen
There are more than 1,000 products on store shelves. We reveal terrific nonyucky, nonsticky, no-burn options.
Natural mosquito repellents don't do the job
Consumer Reports tested plant-oil sprays and wristbands
The deal with Skin So Soft
The bath oil doesn't claim it stops bug bites; Avon sells other sprays for that
What Does SPF Stand For?
Understanding how a sunscreen works helps you get the best protection
Is European sunscreen really better?
Here's how the sun-protection products in the U.S. stack up
When it really pays to buy online
How to know whether you’re better off shopping digitally or in a store
Find the best mosquito repellent for a pest-free backyard
Consumer Reports tried a candle, a diffuser, and a fan
Testing sun protective clothing
What we found about the effectiveness of shirts with and without built-in UV protection

Ratings Reviews & Safety

Where to go for computer tech support
When you need a little help with your computer, should you go to the manufacturer or a retail store?

Lab Tests

Save on cooling costs without breaking a sweat
The best energy-efficient air conditioners in Consumer Reports' tests


Best crossovers: Clash of the titans
Two of these SUVs are from Detroit, one is from Japan, and one is from Korea. All are made in America.

CR Money

New ways to prevent credit-card fraud
Arm yourself against thieves by going high-tech


What does the 'Made in America' label really mean?
Consumer Reports dives deeper into products' manufacturing origins

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