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September 2015

Cover Story

Secrets of car insurance prices
What's worse: a poor credit score or a DWI conviction? You won't believe how car insurers see it.

Special Section

Is your hospital as safe as it claims?
Consumer Reports wants your help tracking down hospitals that may not accurately report deadly infections


Frustrated by customer service?
Learn the secrets of super-users
5 steps to a safer bathroom
These simple upgrades can prevent slips and falls

Lab Tests

The problem with laundry detergent pods
Liquid laundry packs can be poisonous, and that's why Consumer Reports no longer recommends them
A boost for children’s car seat safety
Consumer Reports' rigorous child-seat testing helps parents shop smarter


Lexus SUV review: 2015 Lexus NX 200t and NX 300h
The automaker takes a detour with its new small SUV

Up Front

Rage against robocalls
Solutions to stop the onslaught might finally be within reach
Is grazing good for you?
America's snack habit might be what’s expanding our waistlines, but there is a way to have your snack and stay healthy, too
Robocall blocker review
Is there any way to eliminate those maddening calls?


Getting to the whole truth about car insurance
Consumer Reports' investigates how car insurance policies and rates are determined

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