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April 2017
April 2017

Cover Story

America's Favorite Cars: SUVs
SUVs have gone from being trucky, niche vehicles to the nation’s favorite car. Here’s why they’re outselling sedans.

Special Section

Self-Driving Cars: Driving Into the Future
The promise of self-driving cars is that they will see better than humans, never get lost, and almost never crash. Easier said than done.

With Autonomous Cars, How Safe Is Safe Enough?
Manufacturers are pursuing their own distinct strategies for self-driving cars; meanwhile, who’s looking out for consumers?
Car Technology: What Manufacturers Have in Store for Machine-Driven Vehicles
A look at some of the plans, actions, and promises from auto, software, and technology companies. Will human drivers one day be rendered obsolete?
From Human to Machine: Levels of Car Automation
The levels of automation have been established by automotive engineers and federal auto safety regulators. Here’s what they mean.

Best & Worst Lists

Best and Worst Cars in Consumer Reports' Tests
Standout cars in popular categories and those that come up short
30 Best Used Cars for Under $30,000
These cars, SUVs, and trucks performed well when new and have above-average reliability records

Cars That Owners Say Are the Best €”and Worst €”Value
Survey shows the cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks that owners feel provide a good return on their money
Best and Worst SUVs in Consumer Reports' Tests
Standout SUVs and pickup truck, plus those that come up short


When to Replace Your Tires
How to determine whether the tires on your car, SUV, or truck need to be replaced—before they fail
When It Comes to Automatic Shifters, It's Proceed With Caution
Shifters used to be familiar, intuitive, and generally safe. Now that carmakers are striving for stylistic differences, the results are sometimes confusing and potentially dangerous.
Which Car Brands Make the Best Vehicles?
Building one great vehicle is easy. Making a whole portfolio of excellent ones is hard. We tell you which manufacturers stand out.
10 Top Picks of 2017: Best Cars of the Year
This year’s outstanding vehicles, according to CR’s comprehensive and stringent criteria

10 Cars Worth Waiting For
These intriguing new entries are coming soon
Cars With Confusing or Dangerous Shifters
These cars had points deducted from their Overall Score due to unintuitive gear selectors


From Our President: Steering You Right
Consumer Reports' extensive testing and research helps consumers choose the best vehicles and keep abreast of the latest tech: self-driving cars
Rolling Back the Year
Here are highlights of Consumer Reports' efforts and victories throughout this past year, as well as a review of its ongoing work on consumers' behalf
Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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