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Consumer Reports Magazine | May

Published: May 2017
May 2017

Cover Story

Take Charge of Your Heart Health
When it comes to preventing and treating heart disease, you have more control than you might think.

The Dangers of Too Many Heart Tests
When do you really need to be screened for heart disease, and with which tests?

The Healing Power of a Heart-Healthy Diet
More plants and healthy fats, less meat and sugar is the doctor-recommended plan for a longer life.

Understanding the Stages of Heart Disease
High blood pressure can eventually progress to heart failure, but lifestyle changes will help you reverse course.

Top Hospitals for Congenital Heart Disease
What to do if your baby needs heart surgery.

How Heart Attacks in Women and Men Are Different
Symptoms—and treatment—depend on your gender. What you need to know.

Slowing Down the Rush to Open Heart Surgery
Smart questions you can ask to make informed choices.

Why Hospitals Need to Share Heart Surgery Success Rates
Consumers deserve full transparency about the performance of the hospitals they choose.

Who Really Needs Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Drugs
The latest medical thinking on who should be taking these medications—and who can skip them.

Special Report

Air Ambulances: Taking Patients for a Ride
For-profit air-ambulance companies too often pick up people who don't need air transport—and leave families with huge bills that insurance won't pay.

When It's Critical to Call an Ambulance
If it's not a true emergency, your insurance company might not cover the cost.

How to Beat a Surprise Medical Bill
Even if it's an emergency and you have no choice over who treats you, it'll be a fight to get covered if a doctor is out of network.


Solving Family Money Fights
Conversations with people you love about money concerns can get awkward and tense pretty fast. Here, experts share advice about how to navigate these flare-ups and still leave everyone on sound financial footing.

Tough Money Talks: Newlyweds and Nearlyweds
What do you say when your spouse doesn't want to share finances? Or person you're about to marry has scary-high student debt?

What to Do When a Spouse Risks Family Finances
How to get constructive conversation going with a partner whose behavior threatens your combined assets.

When Your Elderly Parent Needs to Give Up Control of Her Finances, What Do You Say to Her?
Here's how to begin to take the reins yourself, or hand them to a qualified professional.

How to Handle Sticky Money Fights With Siblings
Collecting a loan? Dealing fairly with an inherited family home? You'll need tact, tactics, and maybe professional help.

When an Adult Child Needs Money Help: What to Say
Whether it's ensuring he finds a job or finds funds for education, use tough love and sensitivity.

A New Twist on Pasta
Can penne made from chickpeas or fusilli made from lentils taste as good as the traditional stuff—and be healthier? We fork over our findings.

Tastiest Ways to Top Legume Pastas
Give red sauce a rest and try these creative ideas instead.

The Best Whole Wheat Pastas
Going whole grain can be a healthier choice than regular pasta, and the taste can be surprisingly similar.

Product Updates

Don't Pick an Interior Paint by Price Alone
We run 3,000 tests on 132 cans of paint—so you can choose the right one for your home.

It's Okay to Skip the Primer When You Paint
Self-priming paints will do the trick most of the time.

5 Secrets to Great Paint Preparation
Even if you're using a top paint, the results will disappoint if the surface isn't well-prepared.

5 Savvy Ways to Save Money on a Paint Job
Tips from Consumer Reports' testers and secret shoppers.

When to Call a Painting Contractor
Sometimes it's worth paying a pro to get the smooth look and details you want.

How Paint Colors Get Their Names
They're a lot less serendipitous and a lot more strategic than you might think.

Electric Lawn Mowers That Rival Gas Models
Battery-powered push models finally have the muscle to take top scores in Consumer Reports' tests.

Find the Right Lawn Mower Type for Your Yard
Is a battery-run mower right for you? When is a riding mower justified? We break it down for you.

How to Shoot Great Video
Digital cameras, action cams, and smartphones are very portable and let you capture high-quality footage in a variety of settings.

Image Stabilization Can Take the Shake Out of Your Shots
This built-in technology can improve the quality of your video. Here's how to choose the version that's best for you.

Road Report

2017 Buick LaCrosse
The well-mannered LaCrosse delivers comfort, space, and a quality ride, all with a stylish new silhouette.

2017 Genesis G90 Review
The G90 pulls into the fast lane during its debut, putting the whole luxury class on notice .

2017 Nissan Armada Review
The redesign feels like a land yacht from another era.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review
The only thing old-fashioned about the all-new Continental is its name.


From Our President: The Heart of the Matter
Consumer Reports shares its latest report on hospital performance and expert advice on good heart health.

Building a Better World, Together
Join with us to make a safer, healthier marketplace.

Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers.

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