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January 2020
January 2020

Cover Story

Got Bad Customer Service? How to Complain Well and Get Results
Sick of getting the runaround when you have a billing or product problem? Learn how to get your issues solved quickly.
How to Solve a Customer Service Problem Using Facebook or Twitter
Follow CR's advice to increase your chances of success

Special Report

The Shocking Rise of Prescription Drug Prices
Here’s why prices keep going up, plus how to combat the sticker shock—and still protect your health

Special Section

How a Vehicle Redesign Can Drag Down Car Reliability
CR's survey data shows a big difference in reliability from a model's first year to its last
To Get the Most Reliable New Car, It Pays to Wait
Snapping up a brand-new model is exciting, but it can often result in headaches, according CR's latest reliability survey

Lab Tests

How to Shop for Roofing Shingles
Feel in over your head when it comes to choosing the right roof? Let CR's experts help you raise your roofing IQ.

5 Ways to Help Your Roof Last Longer
Some steps to improve your roof’s longevity are fairly simple

CR Health

What Is a Processed Food?
Follow the journey of 5 common foods from whole to processed


Building a Better World, Together
Join with us to make a safer, fairer, healthier marketplace
Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers
From Our President: A Bitter Pill to Swallow
Consumer Reports examines why prescription drug prices are rising so sharply—and how to lower your drug costs

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