CR Digital Archive

October 2021

Cover Story

How to Be a Smarter Shopper Right Now
While shortages, price spikes, and delays can be frustrating, there are easy ways to find what you need for the right price

Be Smart About Buying Secondhand
Purchasing pre-owned items is good for the planet, not to mention your wallet

Special Report

The Big Problem With Plastic
CR reveals where most of the plastic you throw away really ends up and explains what to do to limit its environmental harm

How to Quit Plastic
Ways to reduce this kind of waste—and its environmental impact—right now


Traveling Made Easier
Understaffed hotels, airline delays, and car rental shortages may be common now, but this advice can help your trips go smoothly

Product Updates

Bread That’s Really Good for You
Staff of life or a carb-laden calorie bomb? CR reviewed packaged sliced bread to help you find the nutritional superstars.

Road Report

Your Car Repair Handbook
CR explains when to try your hand at DIY, and when to call a pro
DIY Car Headlight Replacement
Changing bulbs yourself is a bright idea


Building a Better World, Together
Join with us to make a safer, fairer, healthier marketplace
From Our President: Adapting to the Changes
Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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