Best French-Door Refrigerators From Consumer Reports' Tests

    This group of stellar performers includes great picks for value, capacity, aesthetics, and more

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    A French-door refrigerator in a white kitchen Photo: Getty Images

    Have sleek French-door refrigerators been catching your eye in the appliance aisle? If so, you’re in good company. These stylish models have become the go-to configuration for consumers looking to upgrade. They’re generally bigger and come loaded with more features than most top- or bottom-freezers.

    On French-door models, you’ll commonly find—and, indeed, all of our top-rated-models feature—an icemaker, digital controls, spillproof shelves, gallon-sized bins on the doors, and more. It’s no surprise that our latest survey reveals that French-door refrigerators account for nearly two-thirds of new fridges purchased by Consumer Reports members; no other fridge configuration comes close. (Side-by-side refrigerators get the next largest share, at only 20 percent.)

    And as a category, they perform among the best in CR’s lab. We test French-door refrigerators in three- and four-door configurations from 21 manufacturers. Our regularly updated ratings currently include more than 100 French-door models.

    More on Refrigerators

    During testing, we outfit each refrigerator with thermocouples in a climate-controlled chamber and monitor it for a month, collecting more than 5.4 million temperature readings that identify warm and cold spots to determine which models will keep your food fresh longer. We also factor in survey data from thousands of CR members to judge brand reliability and satisfaction.

    We use all that data—and then some—to inform CR’s refrigerator ratings charts and each model’s Overall Score. And to help you find the best refrigerator for your specific kitchen, we also organize our ratings by refrigerator width. The best fridge in the world is of no use if it won’t fit the slot in your kitchen.

    Below, we review the top six French-door refrigerators in three standard widths. In our member surveys, LG dominates the French-door market, and it has an even bigger presence on this list, though Whirlpool also makes an appearance. CR members can read on for ratings and reviews of each one.

    For even more options, check out our comprehensive refrigerator ratings. And if you’re not sure where to start your refrigerator shopping journey, see our in-depth refrigerator buying guide.

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    Correction: On May 31, 2022, this story was updated to reflect the correct overall scores for the products listed. A prior version included overall scores that inadvertently drew on older predicted reliability and owner satisfaction data.

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