Whether you’re looking to add variety to your child’s lunch box or stock up on after-school snacks, it can sometimes be a challenge to find healthy snacks that your kids will want to eat.

“Snacks can be a great way for your child to get in an extra serving of vegetables or dairy,” says Maxine Siegel, R.D., head of Consumer Reports’ food testing team. “Unfortunately, many popular kid snacks are filled with sugars, sodium, and refined flour.”

The solution: Come up with healthy snack ideas that are as satisfying as the less nutritionally desirable options.

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And remember that it’s not all about individual nutrients, or fat and calorie counts, especially with options for kids. In our example below, for instance, a cheese stick and Triscuits have more calories and fat than cheddar Goldfish crackers. But the cheese and crackers provide more calcium, more protein, and more fiber—making them a healthier choice overall. 

Below, we have five healthier snack swap ideas—just in time for back to school.