If having a ton of Black Friday TV deals to peruse gets you excited about holiday shopping, then you should definitely check out the Best Buy Black Friday ads, a 49-page circular loaded with 4K and 1080p TVs.

We went through the whole Best Buy Black Friday advertisement and either found or guessed the specific model numbers of the sets on sale. That way we can help you determine which deals are really special, and which ones don't warrant your getting up off the couch.

This year Best Buy stores open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving. There are a few in-store-only doorbusters, but many of the deals in the Black Friday ad will also be available on bestbuy.com starting late Wednesday night. There are also a handful of Black Friday deals—16 in all, across different product categories—that are already available online.

Here's our take on the TV deals in the Best Buy Black Friday circular, with the store's description listed first and then our take on the specific model, along with our estimates about how much you'll save.

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Big-Screen TVs

Nothing grabs your attention during a Black Friday sale like a giant-screen TV at a unusually low price. There are a number of bigger TVs in the Best Buy Black Friday ad if you're in the market for a jumbo-sized screen. Here's the list, in descending order by screen size:

75-inch Sony 4K smart UHD TV with HDR, $2,500. Sony has gotten aggressive with its 850D sets this year, so it's probably the Sony XBR-75X850D set that usually sells for about $3,000. That's a $500 savings.

70-inch Vizio 4K smart UHD TV, $1,000. This is one of the E-series "seasonal" sets that started popping up recently. It's the Vizio E70-E3, and it's one of the deals you can get right now. You'll probably save about $600 to $700 on this jumbo set. Best Buy has two listings for 70-inch Vizios at this price, but we think it's the same set.

65-inch Sony 4K smart UHD TV with HDR, $1,400. This is the Sony XBR-65X850D, the smaller sibling to the bigger set listed above, and it normally sells for about $1,600, not a huge savings. This model is in our TV ratings, and it did very well.

65-inch Samsung 4K smart UHD TV with HDR, $1,498. The Samsung UN65KS8000FXZA model usually sells for about $1,700, so you'll save about $200. We tested this set and it's a very good TV, in the middle of Samsung's premium SUHD lines for 2016.

65-inch LG 4K smart UHD TV, $800. The LG 65UH6030 set is about $300 cheaper than its usual selling price. Walmart, for example, has it for $1,000.

60-inch LG 4K smart UHD TV, $600. Looks like the LG 60UH6035, which normally sells for about $200 more, although we did briefly see it earlier in the year for $700.

60-inch Samsung 4K smart UHD TV with HDR, $1,198. This is the Samsung UN60KS8000FXZA model that sells for about $1,400. This model is also in our TV ratings.

58-inch 1080p smart TV, $428. The Samsung UN58J5190AFXZA model normally sells for about $500, so not a huge savings.

55-inch Samsung 4K smart UHD TV, $480. The Samsung UN55KU6270FXZA normally costs about $800, so this is a good deal.

55-inch Samsung 4K smart UHD TV with HDR, $998. This is another KS8000-series set—the Samsung UN55KS8000FXZA—just a couple hundred dollars down from its regular $1,200 price.

55-inch Sharp 1080p TV, $250. No model for this one, but you can get it now as part of the "deals-now" promotion. We're taking a guess, but if it's the Sharp LC-55LB481U then it's half price during this sale.

55-inch Sony 4K smart UHD TV with HDR, $900. You'll only save about $100 on this Sony XBR-55X850D set, which is in our ratings.

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Midsized Models

If you're in the market for a medium-sized set, anywhere from 39 to 50 inches, this is what's on sale at Best Buy:

50-inch 4K smart UHD TV, $400. Looks like the LG 50UH5530 model, and its one of the early Black Friday deals you can get now.

50-inch Samsung 1080p Smart TV, $300. Looks like the Samsung UN50J5201AFXZA, normally $550.

50-inch Samsung 4K smart UHD TV, $398. If it's the Samsung UN50KU6300FXZA, it generally sells for about $550.

49-inch Toshiba 4K with Chromecast, $200. This is one of the best buys we've seen this year, but it's only available in stores. No info was provided about the TV, but we think it could be the Toshiba 49L621U. If so, it's half price during the sale. The larger Toshiba 55L621U model, which sells for about $500, is in our TV ratings.

48-inch Vizio 1080p TV, $250. The Vizio D48N-E0 typically sells for about $350.

• 43-inch LG 4K smart UHD TV, $300. This is the LG 43UH6030, and you'll save about $200, a pretty good chunk of change on a set this size. The TV is available for the same price at Dell's Black Friday sale.

40-inch LG 1080p TV, $150. It appears to be the LG 40LH5000, which usually sells for $280. We tested the larger 43-inch LG 43LH5000 set.

40-inch Samsung 1080p smart TV, $248. The set, the Samsung UN40J5200AFXZA, is about $50 cheaper during the sale.

39-inch Insignia 1080p smart Roku TV, $180. The Insignia NS-39DR510NA17 typically sells for about $230. Insignia is Best Buy's house brand.

Smaller Sets

There's not a lot to choose from if you're looking for a smaller set, but you given their lower prices, you don't tend to save a lot on these models during Black Friday sales anyway. There are just two 32-inch models, plus one 24-inch model:

32-inch Insignia 720p smart Roku TV, $100. This is the Insignia NS-32DR310NA17, which typically sells for about $30 more. This set is in our ratings.

32-inch Samsung 720p smart TV, $156. The Samsung UN32J4500AFXZA is usually about $30 more than during the sale.

24-inch LG 720p TV, $80. This is the LG 24LF452B, which usually sells for about $120. Though not a lot of savings in dollars, that's a 30 percent price drop.