Some of the best deals you’ll find this month are on electronics, according to our analysts who monitor prices year-round. This is the time of year to get good prices on everything from TVs and headphones to camcorders and tablets.

It’s also a good time of year to think about your kitchen. Prices on major appliances, and even cookware, are all on deep discount.

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Sales on Headphones

You don’t have to shell out extra money for brands like Beats or Bose to get good-quality headphones. Our roundup, Best headphones under $125, includes well-priced standouts, including some that cost far less.

Tune out the noise. If you or someone you know works in an open office plan or travels often, noise-canceling headphones may be a worthy investment. But if bulky, over-the-ear models aren’t your style, you can opt for ear buds. Our Buying Guide can steer you to smart choices.

Make sure it’s easy to return. Headphones can be very personal, so if you’re buying headphones as a gift, make sure to check return policies and ask for a gift receipt.

Lower Prices on TVs

You’ll find lots of TVs on deep discount this time of year, but they’re not all worth the price.

A good place to start is our pros’ picks of 10 top TV deals for 2016. (Note: Prices may have increased from the Black Friday deals, but they are still good choices.) Consult our interactive Buying Guide to make the best choice for you—or the lucky recipient on your gift list.

Don’t buy by brand. Though you may like a specific brand, not all models by any one manufacturer have equally good performance. Be sure to consider brands that might not be top of mind, such as LG, which tops our tests, and Vizio, which offers some well-priced, well-rated models.

Select by screen size. Smaller sets—24-inch to 32-inch models, which you might consider for a bedroom or kitchen—usually don’t do as well in our tests as larger models with more high-end features. Check our ratings, sorted by size, to find the best performers for the screen size you need.

Camcorder Deals

New camcorders are smaller, lighter, better, and less expensive than past models, and “action cams” allow users to capture the action hands-free.

Decide on a display. An LCD screen makes it easier to see what you are recording. Most of these screens are around 3 inches, but some are larger. Keep in mind that some screens can be hard to view if there is glare from the sun. Action cams, which affix to your clothes, helmet, or handlebars, don’t have LCDs.

Think about lighting and sound. Most full-sized HD camcorders take very good video in low light, but smaller (and often cheaper) models don’t do as well. The same is true of audio quality, which is usually poor on action cams. Our ratings can help you consider recording quality.

Deals on Smaller Electronics

Tablets. Smaller tablets, with 7-inch to 8-inch screens, are the most affordable, starting at less than $200. A good 10-inch tablet will run you $350 or more. Also, think about the apps you’ll want to use that work with Apple’s iOS operating system and the Android system. Look at our buying guide for questions you should answer before you start shopping for tablets on deep discount.

Gaming systems. Though gaming systems seldom go on sale, you may be able to find bundle deals, which are more common around the holidays. In these deals, you get the console along with accessories and/or games for a special price. One way to reduce the amount you pay is to trade in an older system when buying a new one at Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart.

E-book readers. Our Buying Guide can help you choose which e-book reader to buy. Prices start at just $80 (for a Kindle that flashes advertisements on the home screen), and the top-rated models cost around $200 or more. Screens measure 5 to 10 inches; a 6-inch screen is often considered a very readable size and is moderately priced.


Many appliances are usually on deep discount in December. But if you’ll be entertaining this holiday season, you might want to consider a new dishwasher. With tougher Energy Star requirements, today’s models are more efficient than ever and will save you money over time. Some shopping tips:

Prioritize features. Newer models are impressive—they come with whisper-quiet wash cycles and cabinetlike designs. But some also come with features you may not need, such as a lighted interior or extra wash cycles. And they cost more as well. For a basic model, plan to spend anywhere from $250 to $600. 

Consider convenience. Adjustable racks or a shallow third rack that allows you to lay down large utensils or short cups gets extra points in our ease-of-use tests. So do fold-down tines that allow you to fit in large or oddly shaped dishes. Look for these in some midpriced models. 


Big names dominate the cookware aisles, with well-known brands such as Calphalon and Le Creuset and celebrity chef brands such as Rachael Ray and the Pioneer Woman. To find out which ones can take the heat, see our Buying Guide.

Sample the goods. Buy a single skillet before investing in a set. The pans in our tests start at just $20 but can cost as much as $160. Make sure you choose pans made for your cooktop surface, choosing your preferred coating (nonstick did best in our tests). Also, make sure you can easily lift the pan and that the handle is comfortable.

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