Costco will have more than a dozen TVs on sale during its extended Black Friday sales event. Leaked ads received from two Black Friday websites— and—list sales exclusive to Nov. 22, but the majority of deals will span the 10-day period starting Nov. 16 and running through Cyber Monday.

Unlike a lot of the Black Friday specials we’re likely to see from other retailers, Costco’s deals will include bigger, better-performing midlevel models from major brands.

Once again, Costco stores will be closed Thanksgiving Day. The website will offer some online-only specials that day, but they don’t include TVs. The in-store specials will resume when the doors open at 9 a.m. on Black Friday.

More on Black Friday & TVs

Among the Black Friday deals that will be available Nov. 23 to 26 is a 50-inch TCL 4K Roku TV for $280. The model number is not listed, but we think it’s the TCL 50S423, a new entry-level set that sells for $320 right now.

If you want to go a bit bigger, there’s a 55-inch Vizio 4K smart TV for $450. Again, the model number isn’t listed, but according to the specs, the set supports Dolby Vision HDR. This makes us think it could be the Vizio M55-E0, which was selling for about $600 before it went out of stock on several websites. We tested that model, and members can find it—and a number of other models in this article—in our TV ratings.

For those on a tighter budget, there’s a 40-inch Vizio 1080p LED/LCD TV for $200. The model isn’t currently available on the Costco website, but it could be the Vizio D40f-G9, which normally sells for about $230. If so, you’ll find a better price at Sam’s Club, where it will be priced at $179 as part of that warehouse club’s Black Friday sale.

Early Samsung TV Deals

The deals—listed below in escalating screen size within brands—will feature a large number of Samsung sets but will also include models from LG and Vizio. Keep in mind that some offers will begin as early as Nov. 16 and continue until supplies run out.

Here are the deals on the Samsung TVs:

43-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV, $280
We think it’s the Samsung UN43NU6950FXZA. This set isn’t in our ratings, and right now we don’t see it on sale elsewhere, although it was available at one point at BJ’s. So at the moment, we can’t offer too much insight, except to say that you’re getting a 4K TV for about the same price as a 1080p model, and Samsung TVs typically do well in our ratings.

55-Inch 4K Smart TV, $400
This set, the Samsung UN55NU6950FXZA, is in the same series, and we’ll be checking other retailers to see if it starts popping up in more Black Friday sales. This set is currently selling at Costco for $480, so it looks like you’ll save about $80.

55-Inch 4K Smart TV, $730
This set, the Samsung UN55NU800DFXZA, a warehouse club model we’ve tested, is currently selling for $970 at BJ’s. But it’s only $830 at Costco right now. (If you can’t find it using the full model name, try searching for it without the “FXZA” suffix. We have it listed on our site as the UN55NU800D, for example.) Basically, it’s the warehouse club version of the Samsung UN55NU8000, also in our ratings. That TV sells for $850 at Best Buy and other retailers.

58-Inch 4K Smart TV, $530
You can buy this set, the Samsung UN58NU710DFXZA, for $580 right now at Costco, so this deal is not all that great. The very similar Samsung UN58NU7100 is selling for about $600 at several retailers.

65-Inch 4K Smart TV, $650
This set, the Samsung UN65NU6950FXZA, is the larger sibling to the 43- and 55-inch models listed above. You’ll be able to save about $100 on it because it’s available right now for $750 at Costco and Sam’s Club. Again, we’re waiting to see if this particular model becomes more widely available at other retailers or if it’s strictly a warehouse club special.

65-Inch 4K Smart TV, $980
The larger sibling to the 55-inch models above, the Samsung UN65NU800DFXZA is available right now for $1,180 at Costco and BJ’s, so you’ll save about $200 on this deal. Basically, the set is the warehouse club version of the Samsung UN65NU8000, which currently sells for about $1,200 at electronics retailers.

75-Inch 4K Smart TV, $1,280 (Plus a 15 Percent Mail-in Rebate)
This is the Samsung UN75NU710DFXZA. It was available for about $1,680 during a one-day Sam’s Club sale earlier this summer. So this is a pretty decent savings. The similar Samsung UN75NU7100 is priced around $1,500 at several electronics retailers.

75-Inch 4K Smart TV, $1,580
We think this is the Samsung UN75NU800DFXZA, which is currently selling at Costco for $1,980. The model did very well in our TV testing. So you’re looking at a decent savings on a set worth owning.

82-Inch 4K Smart TV, 2,480
The model number is not listed, but we’ve identified the set as the Samsung UN82NU800DFXZA, which is selling at Costco and BJ’s right now for $2,980. The $500 price drop is nothing to sneeze at, but we’d wait to see if this TV—or the similar Samsung UN82NU8100 model available elsewhere for about $2,800—dips even further.

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Early LG TV Deals

Costco is offering good deals on several LG TVs, including most notably the first price cuts we’ve seen on the manufacturer’s OLED models, which have topped our TV ratings for the past several years. Here are the details:

49-Inch 4K LED/LCD Smart TV, $320
This set is not currently available on the Costco website, but we think it’s the LG 49UK6090PUA, which sells for $400 to $500 at other retailers.

55-Inch 4K OLED Smart TV, $1,850
This model isn’t stocked right now, but we believe it’s the 55-inch LG OLED55C8AUA. If so, it’s one of the best TVs you can buy, according to our testers, and while some outlets still have it for about $2,300, you can purchase it for $1,900 at Abt Electronics and P.C. Richard & Son.

65-Inch OLED 4K Smart TV, $2,700
Like its smaller sibling, the LG OLED65C8AUA is probably among the best TVs you can buy in 2018. It’s now available at Sam’s for $2,850 and at Amazon for $2,800. We tested the similar LG OLED65C8PUA, which did very well in our ratings.

65-Inch 4K LED/LCD Smart TV, $600
We don’t know for sure, but our guess is that this is the LG 65UK6090PUA. If so, it costs $1,398 at Costco and $850 to $900 elsewhere. (It’s $847 at Abt, for example.) So it could be a good deal.

70-Inch 4K LED/LCD Smart TV, $900
This TV, the LG 70UK6570AUA, is now priced at $1,070 at Costco, $1,100 at Target, and about $1,000 at P.C. Richard.

86-Inch 4K LED/LCD Smart TV, $2,500
You can save a good bit of money on this super-jumbo LG 86UK7570PUB because it’s currently priced at $3,000 at Costco. We don’t really see it available elsewhere.

Early Vizio TV Deals

There are only two Vizio TV deals listed at the moment, but others could follow, especially online.

65-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $1,400
We really like this deal on the Vizio PQ65-F1. Why? Because the model hails from the manufacturer’s top-of-the line Quantum P series, it’s the best Vizio set we’ve tested this year, and it currently sells for $2,000. Costco had the model priced at $1,500 for two weeks about a month ago, but that was a short-lived promotion.

70-Inch Vizio 4K Smart TV, $730
If this is the 70-inch Vizio D70-F3, Walmart currently has it listed at $898 and Sam’s Club will have it priced at $649 during its Black Friday sale. Vizio’s D series models are typically entry-level sets.

To see all of Costco’s Black Friday deals, go to the club’s Black Friday website, which will go live as we draw closer to the event.