Should You Buy a Matching Washer and Dryer at Costco?

Selection is limited but some of the package deals can be pretty attractive

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row of appliances at Costco Photo: Emilie Harjes/Consumer Reports

Costco has its fans. (Among them, CR reporter Brian Vines.)

Sure, the warehouse club’s roasted cashews are addictive, the TV prices are quite competitive, and the beloved rotisserie chicken is controversial. Members can stock up on everyday essentials of impressive quality at affordable prices, including some highly rated laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent from the Kirkland house brand.

But is Costco a good place to buy a matching washer and dryer?

What to Consider When Shopping for a Washer and Dryer Pair at Costco

If you’re thinking about buying a matching washer and dryer at Costco, keep in mind that choices are limited.

Currently, there are 117 laundry pair items, but that includes some of the same models in various colors and both gas and electric dryers. The predominant brands available to members are LG and Whirlpool, though selection changes. And Costco might not be the place to buy a replacement washer if yours just broke, because delivery time for laundry appliances can take up to two to three weeks. (Compare that to other retailers in your area; many across the U.S. are experiencing supply chain issues.)

Also, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to shop for appliances in person, Costco may not be your best option. The retailer tends to have limited items on display in its stores.

What You’ll Like About Shopping at Costco

On the plus side, Costco offers some of the newest models, and its warranty on washers and dryers is two years—a year longer than the typical manufacturer’s warranty. Costco makes returns easy, and they’re accepted for any reason within 90 days, says Claudine Adamo, a senior vice president for the retailer. “When an appliance issue comes up after the 90 days, we will work with our members to resolve it,” Adamo adds. “If there is no way to fix an issue or replace the item, that is when we would offer a return.”

The cost of delivery is included in the sale price unless noted on the website. A fee is quoted at checkout for areas outside Costco’s normal delivery zones. The sale price also includes basic hookup and parts in most areas, and haul-away of an old washer and dryer.

Another praise point: Costco was the only retailer to earn top marks for price in our most recent annual appliance retailer satisfaction survey.

What Matching Washer and Dryers Cost at Costco

You can buy a standalone washer or dryer and savings range from $50 to $550 per appliance, compared with typical prices at other retailers. But most Costco offerings are matching washer and dryer pairs, and they often include accessories. The front-loading washer and dryer sets come with pedestals to boost the height and make them more convenient to load and unload. The LG front-loader and dryer pairs often include the SideKick mini washer that sits below the washer, replacing the pedestal. (Keep in mind that two pedestals usually sell for about $500. LG’s SideKick mini washer costs about $700.)

Some of the washers and dryers available at Costco receive impressive ratings in our tests, while others were only so-so or have very long wash times. Read "The Best Matching Washers and Dryer Sets" to get an idea of typical prices, and check our washer and dryer ratings for details on each model you come across as you shop.

Costco’s sales on washer and dryers come and go, but here’s a look at one top-rated LG set that’s sold at a variety of retailers—and at Costco, for considerably less.

LG WM9000HVA front-loader and LG DLEX9000V electric dryer
Typical total price: $3,600
Costco total price: $2,500

If you have a big family, these large-capacity machines allow you to get your laundry done in fewer loads. Both models are top performers—the washer receives top marks in Consumer Reports’ tests for washing, water efficiency, and energy efficiency, while the dryer earns a Very Good score for drying performance. Plus, LG is among the highest-rated brands for front-load washers and electric dryers in CR’s members satisfaction and reliability survey.