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Hospital Ratings
What's behind our Ratings?

Our hospital Ratings are based on data on infections, readmissions, complications, other adverse events, and more.

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infoSafety score
The Safety Score is a composite of five key measures of patient safety: readmissions, complications, communication, overuse of CT scans, and infections.
safety score
infoAvoiding infections
This Rating is a composite for avoiding surgical-site infections, infections stemming from MRSA and C.difficile, as well as infections related to central-line catheters and urinary catheters.
infoAvoiding readmissions
This Rating is based on the chance that a Medicare patient will be readmitted to a hospital, for any cause, within 30 days after being discharged.
infoAvoiding C-sections
This Rating is based on the percentage of women who had a C-section at this hospital. It does not include women who had a prior C-section or who had multiple babies in that delivery, delivered pre-term, had a delivery where the baby was in an abnormal position (for example, feet first or face up), or a delivery where the baby died.
infoSurgery - adverse events
This Rating is based on adverse event rates (a measure based on mortality, staying in the hospital longer than expected, or being readmitted to a hospital) for close to 100 types of scheduled surgical procedures.