Testing pedestrian safety with an SUV on Consumer Reports' test track.
Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports

When I think back to sliding around on the bench seat of my dad’s two-tone Chevy Impala, I think about how much has changed over the decades for drivers, passengers, and our planet. There’s been a dynamic acceleration in the pursuit of innovation that has had a huge impact on safety and sustainability.

Today, there are so many new options and there’s so much groundbreaking technology in cars and trucks. What hasn’t changed is the need for trustworthy information that allows you to navigate your way through these choices. And with your help, we’ll always be here to make sure those options serve you.

CR has announced a number of innovations to promote safety and sustainability. Our ratings now reward automakers that install driver monitoring systems in their cars: These encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road. And starting in 2024, the ratings of cars that assist with acceleration, braking, and lane centering but lack driver monitoring systems will be lowered. (Read “Driver Monitoring Systems Can Help You Be Safer on the Road.”)

Meanwhile, our Green Choice designation highlights the top 20 percent of vehicles on the market with the cleanest emissions. This not only helps consumers find the most sustainable vehicle options available right now but also encourages companies to improve their environmental performance. And if you’re interested in going electric, we tell you how to choose an EV (or a hybrid) that will meet your specific needs.

We know these kinds of incentives work because we’ve seen them help consumers fight for a better marketplace for decades, as safety features like seat belts and improvements like better gas mileage have become standard—not merely luxury add-ons. Together, we can continue that work into the future, improving your driving options and ensuring that your collective voices are heard.

Editor’s Note: This article also appeared in the April 2022 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.