Main theme: As we approach another milestone episode (No. 150), our three panelists cover the hype and confusion over Ford’s announcement that it will discontinue its lineup of cars. (Don’t worry, you will still be able to buy a Mustang!)

Driven this week: 2018 Mazda6.

Viewer/listener questions: Do I need to get my wheels and tires balanced when I swap out my winter tires for summer ones if they are always mounted on wheels? Another person wants to know why manufacturers offer automatic emergency braking systems that work only at low or high speeds. Finally, we try to help someone replace his Mazda5, a vehicle that our experts at the test track loved.

Panelists Jake Fisher, Jon Linkov, and Jen Stockburger.
Panelists: Jake Fisher, Jon Linkov, and Jen Stockburger.

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