Main theme: We discuss Ford's recently announced partially automated driving system that’s a rival to Tesla’s Autopilot and GM’s Super Cruise.

Then we share our thoughts on the new Audi Q3, a subcompact luxury SUV that we’ve all spent a lot of time with. Last, we answer your questions, and delve into the used car market in Sri Lanka, buying cars when a lease is up, cleaning a vehicle’s interior with a leaf blower, and ways to personalize a boring car.

Driven this week: Audi Q3

Audience questions:

• Can you clean the inside of a car with a leaf blower?
• I want to buy my friend’s Golf R after his lease is up. What’s the best way to make that happen?
• What’s a cool, unique car for a 17-year-old in Sri Lanka?
• My car is so boring! Can I put rhinestones on the outside to make it more unique?

Talking Cars panelists: Emily Thomas, Keith Barry, and Mike Quincy.
Talking Cars panelists Emily Thomas, Keith Barry, and Mike Quincy.

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