Believe it or not, we made it to episode 120 of the “Talking Cars With Consumer Reports” video podcast. Thank you all for watching and for being such a loyal, enthusiast audience!

In this episode, Jennifer Stockburger, Jake Fisher, and yours truly discuss Volkswagen’s U.S. strategy with the launch of the Atlas. We then answer viewer questions about which vehicles carry bicycles best and which Jeep you should buy if you're wedded to the brand, and give our sober perspective on the redesigned Toyota Camry.

Goodbye Fahrerfahrungen; hello Americana. That’s what the new Tennessee-built VW Atlas is all about. The new VW bus offers size, room, torque, and towing capacity in spades. While it appears supersized, dimensionally it’s no bigger than a Honda Pilot. In order to expand its presence in the U.S. market, VW realized it couldn't afford to rely on a handful of Eurocentric enthusiast customers. 

If you're not going to use a dedicated bike carrier or bike rack, you might need a vehicle that can hold them. Make sure the bikes stay secure and don’t become projectiles during a sudden stop. Jake likes to use the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck on weekends with his bikes, and he explains why.

Are you a Jeep fan? Which one would you choose if that’s the only brand you consider? We favor a new Cherokee or a nicer used Grand Cherokee. We address making that choice.

We're often accused of not understanding the Camry. So in this episode we revisit this popular, recently redesigned sedan and prove that we do indeed get it.  

Talking Cars panel: Gabe Shenhar, Jen Stockburger, and Jake Fisher
Gabe Shenhar, Jen Stockburger, and Jake Fisher

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