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Subaru Forester 2001 4-door SUV
Trim Shown: Sport Utility
The Forester is one of the best of the car-based SUVs. Its also one of the few small SUVs to receive a Good rating in an IIHS offset crash test. The Forester rides compliantly and handles nimbly. Its 2.5-liter, 165-hp Four provides adequate acceleration, and the optional automatic shifts responsively. Standard all-wheel drive helps in all-weather road conditions and moderate off-pavement driving. Inside, youll find lots of useful compartments. Front seats are firm and well shaped, though the rear is a bit cramped. The L edition comes with only slightly less equipment than the S, and costs $2,600 less. New for 2001 are a facelift andfor the Soptional side air bags.

Safety Equipment

ABS available, standard from 2001. Side air bags available from 2001, standard from 2003. ESC available from 2007, standard from 2009. Head protection air bags standard from 2009.

Road Test

A car-based SUV, such as the Forester, provides many of the advantages of a traditional sport-utility--all-weather versatility, higher seating position, and interior space. It also offers the comfort and road manners of a car.


  • All-wheel drive, ride, handling.


  • Spongy brake-pedal feel.


2 front, 3 rear
Drive Wheels

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Body Styles
4-door SUV
Transmissions Available
  • 5-speed Manual
  • 4-speed Automatic
Engines Available
  • 2.5-liter 4 (165 hp)