The 4Runner remains a sound choice among midsized SUVs, especially with its available stability-control system. The pickup-truck ancestry is still apparent though in its jittery ride, tight cockpit, high floor and low roof. On the other hand, improved emergency handling and capable off-road ability do help offset those flaws.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Powerful and tricky experience I enjoy."

Anonymous, WY (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"traction control lights will come on once an year. Annoying."

Anonymous, OK (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Comfort is great"

Matthew G., MO (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"I live in Northwest Montana and drive a variety of roads from gravel to Interstate Highways. The 4Runner gives excellent performance in all types of weather and driving conditions. The ability to select 4 wheel drive when necessary is critical in our driving conditions. The ability to run in 2 wheel drive contributes to fuel efficiency."

ALLEN C., MT (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"stiff ride, but still solid, its a truck. great view of road."

SCOTT W., MD (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Slug-like acceleration, which should be better with a V6. Handling also could be improved."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Slow and lists like a PT Boat, hunts for the right gear at 70mph in the mountains."

NATHAN T., GA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Marginal acceleration considering the size of the engine. Erratic shifting when climbing hills."

ROBERT J., AZ (2001 Toyota 4Runner)


A Z., CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"This car has a lot of pep, it drives and steres very well, it sets up high and parks easily"

Anonymous, GA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is good; anti-lock brakes work well; stability control works well; vehicle high center of gravity makes cornering seem like the vehicle is going to tip"

Anonymous, WI (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"I've had almost no mechanical problems with this vehicle, it is always reliable. For its age, it still handles and accelerates as well as when it was new. Still looks great and I will continue driving it as long as it still runs."

Anonymous, WA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Anti skid functions"

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"For what it does off-road, it's handling is not back! The acceleration is barely adequate."

Anonymous, AB (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"it does very well for getting the job done"

Anonymous, CT (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"I will put a 4-Runner at the top of my list when I have to replace this one. Love it."

Robert B., WA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"the car is always gets me has 4 wheel drive ands so far nothing has stopped me.and I drove thru water uo to my headlights.stupidly."

Robert W., MO (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"A very good reliable old vehicle and I would recommend one to anyone. I would have bought another 4Runner but the new ones are larger than what I need, so I thought I would try a Subaru."

George W., NC (2001 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Rough ride; not much legroom for driver; lumbar adjustment in driver's seat inadequate"

Anonymous, WI (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Stiff ride"

Chris P., IL (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"It's good for being a full body on frame SUV. It also has the optional trailer towing package with the larger wheels and larger brakes , alternator etc. It really is at truck , so it rides like a truck. If i had to do it again i would go with the Limited trim instead of the SR5 for the most comfort that was availble fot that make and model"

Anonymous, CT (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"It rides like a truck, rough over bumpy roads but is ok on the highway. Cabin noise level is low and seats are comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"The door handles have broken and door lock/handle mechanism needs replacing."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Harsh ride; not enough seat adjustment"

Anonymous, WI (2001 Toyota 4Runner)


STEPHEN M., FL (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are very comfortable and good off-road. Need to improve the ride on the street. Ride as good as can be expected off-road."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"For trips i wish it had been the Limited trim instead of the SR5 Trim for the power seats and a few other items. But as a whole it has served me well"

Anonymous, CT (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Ride is hard; steering is harder than previous 4Runner generation; seats are hard; lumbar support not effective"

Anonymous, WI (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"I have the SR5 trim - i wish i had the Limited for the power seats"

Anonymous, CT (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Although seat comfort is good on this year of vehicle, it could have used a bit more bolstering for long distance driving. I’ve found I need to get out & stretch after every 3 hrs in the seat. Noise is not too bad for the large space in the interior. And the ride is what I would expect for a vehicle based on a truck chassis. Firm & compliant."

Anonymous, AB (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"With the sunroof, the ceiling is too low for me to sit up as much as I would like to. The front seats were very comfortable for me until last few years, now I use extra lumbar support. There has always been more wind noise at driver's door than I would prefer."

Patrick B., VA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"Rides a little too much like a truck regarding the suspension."

Anthony O., CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"road noise, other than road noise I like to drive this car. Best car I have ever had."

Anonymous, GA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"seats low to the floor, narrow for elbow room and ceiling too low for 6'2"."

Anonymous, CO (2001 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This 4Runner has run like a champ. It is 16 years old, has 265,000 miles on it and still runs great. I have only had one major repair and that was my transmission. It needed to be replaced after about 110,000 miles."

Heidi M., ID (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"I have had this car for 14years, looks good, rides good. Best car I have ever had."

Anonymous, GA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"I have 185700 miles on it and it still runs strong. The engine is in great shape. After all this time the factory shocks and struts finally wore out. This is not a complaint. I have driven it in the mountains and desert camping. It handles well on the highway as well as off road."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"I've had this truck for 15 years. I take it off road & use it for road trips & adventure. It was expensive - but 15 years of fun & the security of a reliable off road toy - worth every penny. If it were stolen today, I'd get a new one - period."

SIBILLA M., NV (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"As an everyday get to work, haul groceries and be a garden shed the truck is fantastic. As a camping vehicle it will go anywhere with a canoe on top. As a rescue vehicle it manages in all conditions."

NATHAN T., GA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)

"After 13 years and 268,000 miles my Toyota 4Runner is still running strong. I have only had to replace the transmission and breaks once in 13 years. It is a vehicle worth every penny it cost me."

HEIDI M., ID (2001 Toyota 4Runner)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I am 5'2" tall and and age 83. I love the great visibility I have all round this vehicle when I am driving. I can see everything that goes on around me on the road due to the large windows all around. This is SAFETY PLUS, AND i LOVE THIS SUV!!"

ROSANA B., LA (2001 Toyota 4Runner)
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