While almost every other midsized SUV has moved to car-based construction, the 4Runner remains an old-school, body-on-frame SUV, good for off-roading but not much else. The ride is unsettled and handling is mediocre at best; Limited trim versions have a sports suspension with somewhat better control but a stiffer ride. Off-road is where the 4Runner excels. Ground clearance is generous and underbody skid plates are standard.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"A little under powered when accelerating on steep hills"

Anonymous, PA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Its has very good açceleration going up hills"

Jose M., PR (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"The comfort is awesome and the performance under the hood is outstanding!"

Don E., MS (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Excellent EXCEPT this thing NEEDS A SIX SPEED transmission. It's my 3rd 4Runner. Why no 6speed Toyota? WHY?"

Anonymous, CO (2018 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, CA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Vibrates or shutters between 45 and 60"

Anonymous, PA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"I had an Infiniti FX35 prior to this 4Runner with a 3.5 liter engine. This 4Runner has a 4.0 Liter engine. The 4Runner is a dog when it comes to acceleration. The FX35 was fast relatively speaking. The 4Runner needs more power. I would love to get a Tundra 5.7 liter engine installed in my 4Runner."

Anonymous, PA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Drives a little trucky, just like I like!"

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Compared to a 2012 4Runner sr5, there is less body roll, firmer shocks and quicker acceleration"

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"vibration or shutters between 45 and 60"

Anonymous, PA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Solid, rugged feel. Gets the job done."

Bruce W., TX (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"A bit sluggish on acceleration"

Neil M., TX (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Some of the professional reviews have critical of this vehicles handling. I am very pleased with my Off Road Premium, handling and comfort. I drove the SR5 and found the Off Road to to be more planted on the highway and corner flatter with less sway. Different tires and antisway bar."

J B., MI (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Fun to drive!"

Anonymous, OH (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Hesitates on acceleration when you really need it .Wanders around the road won't track straight .Been to dealer said thats the way it is !"

D T., NV (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is a bit slow and needs more power. Great braking."

Anonymous, TX (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"It's slow, but quite steady while we tow out small camping trailer"

Dan H., IL (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"I like the soft suspension while off-road but find it to be just a little too soft for on-road use. I plan to upgrade the suspension to improve on-road handling. Despite having nearly 275 hp, acceleration is very slow."

Anonymous, WA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"traded in a 2017 GMC sierra slt. the toyota 4 runner rides and handes better and the seats are much more comfortable. The GMC seats hurt my back, which is already bad no problem with the 4 runner."

Dennis D., FL (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"I find the seats and the ride very quiet and comfortable."

Anonymous, WA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Automatic seats provide excellent range of adjustments for comfort"

Anonymous, PA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"comfortable, supportive seats"

Anonymous, TN (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"I am 6'2" so the seats are not really comfortable, but most car seats are not for me. I wish the acceleration was better and quieter. The ride and handling is good."

Harry H., MS (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very quiet and comfortable ride"

Anonymous, WI (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are very good. Adjustable lumbar support is excellent and well placed."

J B., MI (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very quiet & comfortable ride for capability & value you get in today market. I wish they had a better infotainment system, But has an awesome sound system."

Jalal K., CA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very tight and responsive."

Anonymous, TN (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"I drive in places with bad weather, rutted roads and deep curb entrances. This vehicle is excellent in all of these areas. It is a high end pickup/SUV and meets our comfort needs (seats, noise, ride) very well. My wife loves it. If you don't like the firm suspension that comes with the advantages, buy something with softer suspension. In other words, don't buy a real pickup if you want the feel of a car. The Honda Ridgeline probably best meets that need."

Anonymous, UT (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very comfortable ride on a long trip."

Anonymous, OH (2018 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The 4Runner is a well built quality vehicle. The resale value is really great. But I wish more safety features were available like blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alert would be helpful. The 4Runner lacks other safety features that other vehicles have. I got the Limited top of the line and none of these are available."

Harry H., MS (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Best on the market.................dollar for dollar"

Anonymous, OR (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Disappointed in not having more safety features that lesser priced vehicles have."

Anonymous, TX (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"For the price we expected more, I.e. lift gate control especially for closing. Need a 115/120v outlet located closer to the front suggest center console"

Anonymous, NC (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"It seems that other SUVs at this price point have built in tvs for rear passengers, I wish that was part of the package"

Anne S., PA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"the salesman we dealt with was great. The service at the dealer is excellant"

Daryl C., UT (2018 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, CA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"4Runner is known to be very reliable and hold is value. So being able to make get the car for a good price in the beginning adds to the overall long term value of the purchase."

Anonymous, GA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Love, love, LOVE the reliability!"

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"I am very satisfied with this vehicle. I am disappointed with the integration of the smart phone technology. I new it was an issue when I purchased, but I elected the purchase anyway, because all the other factors out weighed this issue. But it is annoying."

Anonymous, DE (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Supergood car"

Jose M., PR (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Plastic interior can scratch when storing coolers and baggage in the rear compartment. Build quality could be improved upon."

Anonymous, ON (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Excellent value! The resale value is fantastic."

Michael C., CA (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Solid vehicle. Needs some state of the art upgrades though. Time for Toyota to bring this solid vehicle into the present day."

Tom T., CO (2018 Toyota 4Runner)

"Traded in the GMC and Totota payed me. Toyota quality is hard to beat."

Dennis D., FL (2018 Toyota 4Runner)
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