While almost every other midsized SUV had moved to car-based construction, the 4Runner remained an old-school, body-on-frame SUV, which was great for off-roading but not much else. The ride is unsettled and handling is mediocre at best. Limited trim versions have a sport suspension package with somewhat better control, but a stiffer ride. Off-road is where the 4Runner excels.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"acceleration is good. Handling is a little bulky in the parking lots"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Handling is fine but our sole complaint with this vehicle is the Transmission. It consistently has a nagging stutter/shudder in the 40 to 47 MPH range when driving on any road. Below and above those speeds all is fine, but that is the normal speed range I drive in daily in my commute. I had it checked out at the Dealer within the 2 year Toyota term and was told it was normal. If it's normal then so be it, but when time comes to trade-in or buy another 4-Runner (preferably) I will scrutinize..."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"It can't get out of its own way."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"For such a large heavy vehicle it handles extremely well, great brakes and good acceleration. Does not feel like a big boat going through the corners - very good feel and feedback to the driver."

Robert N., UT (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Poor acceleration"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Over all the truck runs and rides great, being a V8 guy I do find it a bit slow to ecelerat up to speed, but once there have no problems passing."

Gary E., SK (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Has good good sized V6 engine with 5 speeds. Would prefer small V8 option with 6 speeds. Not quite as much power as I would like for passing on highways, etc"

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Agile and powerful, it motivates its 4500lbs like it's 3500."

NATHAN T., GA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration and handling are fine, it's a little more rougher ride than the Land Cruiser, but not a real problem."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Drives really great in bad weather. Overall view of the road exceeds any car that I may have had in the past."

MICHAEL O., GA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"It has a terrible turning radius, much worse than previous 4runers"

LUANNE S., CO (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"The handling is not as good as my older 4 runner. More difficult to park & handle in tight areas. The ride is much improved over my previous 1999 4 Runner which I still own (279K miles). The reliability of these vehicles is outstanding."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Poor acceleration. Under powered and poor mileage. Needs v8"

Anonymous, AB (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Transmission shutters when shifting from first to second... Dealership claims it never happens for them when they have it"

Anonymous, WI (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"I love this SUV but the turn radius isn't the greatest."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"The handling of turning corners is not the best. It could be better."

MICHAEL P., IL (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"It is confident (level headed) in the turns and accelerates quicker than I would expect a vehicle of this size to. It's a lot of fun to drive (although the steering feels a little numb to me)"

Anonymous, OK (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"You must always remember that this is a tall vehicle on a truck frame. Evasive maneuvers can be difficult to control"

L M., TX (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is good and still has responsive handling."

Danita S., FL (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Would have preferred a V8 engine but the v6 performs well. Acceleration and handling good with the XREAS system on the Limited. However, my XREAS started leaking at 42000 miles and to repair it at dealer cost was $4500. I still had a warranty on mine (7yr)...it started leaking one month before warranty expired. Would not purchase the limited again because of this."

Evangelos S., VA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great off-road capability. If you want a mid-sized SUV, the 4Runner is really in a class of its own. To my knowledge, it is the only real body on frame SUV of its size out there. Plenty of power and fun to drive."

Southworth K., VA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Handling is great. Seating high, you feel like you are the boss. You know you have presence on the road. Adequately comfortable controls are logical and functional Acceleration is in your control. It moves when I need it to move, no issues. Maintains speed at all conditions Wipers front and back does their job. Backup camera is good really a boon on rear view mirror."

N G., NJ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"It has an automatic transmission, and when shifting from neutral to drive with the engine running, there is about a 2 1/2 second delay before the transmission engages."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Good acceleration and all terrain abikity"

David G., NM (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"reliable in 121,000 miles. decent gas mileage, 20 mpg."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Love it! Very smooth, quiet and no rattles. Very comfortable seats, can sit all day without lower back pain."

Robert N., UT (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Take some lessons from Lexus on comfortable seats"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Noisy, but comfortable leather seats, handling a little clumsy but awesome vehicle overall"

David G., NM (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great highway vehicle considering it is a truck chassis"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Rear seat not very comfortable for adults"

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Getting in is a little difficult Roofline seems low or seats So ganging seat location is needed to get in comfortably"

CHARLES H., AR (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"It is not at all aero dynamic, the seats are adequate but would have been better if airconditioned and heated, acceleration is weak and I have asked the dealer if it would pull itself out of mud and it sounds like a blender, acceleration is very weak and feels like it works really hard to accelerate, ac only coold when on recycle mode otherwise isn't functional and bluetooth very cumbersome."

STEVEN H., FL (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"A running board should have been either standard or available option. It became available later year. Everything else, It delivers satisfactorily. 2wd or 4wd."

N G., NJ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are a little firm, especially on long trips"

CLAY N., TN (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"too loud, older generation was a better truck"

Anonymous, IL (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are comfortable,The ride and noise is acceptable"

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"front seats could use addition lumbar support."

Mitchell B., TN (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seat heaters! They are great!"

Michael S., CA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are very comfortable and noise is low. The ride is comfortable and enjoy sitting up in the seat."

Danita S., FL (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very noisy ride. Uncomfortable headrest—does not fit me and I cannot adjust. Awkward braking."

Janet K., SC (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"I love that the seats are power - up & down, back & forth. There are 2 of us that drive this vehicle so making seat adjustments is easy. This vehicle handles very well in deep snow; I have had to travel in blizzard conditions & was not very worried I would be able to navigate the road."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very comfortable - this is our "traveling vehicle"."

Anonymous, UT (2011 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"100,000 miles and no warrenty issues, no problems, reasonable maintenance costs, just a great car to own and drive."

Harry W., MO (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Though I believe Toyota makes good vehicles with excellent resale value, personally, I feel I paid too much this vehicle."

MICHAEL S., CA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"I first leased the car for 40 months, then bought it at the end of the lease period. I paid $15,000 at that time while comparable Rav4s were selling on lots for $22,000 to $25,000. I have replaced the tires and battery, but other than oil changes, the car has not otherwise cost me a cent! I love it!"

CURTIS T., FL (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"I thought that the price for a used vehicle with almost 50,000 miles on the odometer was high ($31,000). Without the fairly generous trade-in for my '06 Toyota Tundra, I would not have purchased this vehicle. It appeared to be in pristine condition, however. Only one (smart) ignition key came with the vehicle, and no user's manual. The Toyota dealership charged me almost $300 for an additional key, which I thought was rather chintzy, considering the price of the vehicle."

WILLIAM K., WA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"This SUV has done all things and done them well. It has seating for up to 7, can carry all our luggage to the beach or the tailgate or a group of friends to dinner or camping. It feels as stable and safe as a tank and is agile enough to navigate the Atlanta traffic like a champ."

NATHAN T., GA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"This vehicle has retained its value and has had no problems at all."

PAT K., PA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Excellent value. Especially comparing to available comperable competition."

N G., NJ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"I've driven Toyotas for many years now, and have never had a bad experience with performance or service!"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"For the price, the 4Runner just keeps on going with no repair needed. Not spending time in repair shop is worth a lot."

Janet K., SC (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"It’s a Toyota solidly built and holds its value compared to most other brands"

Anonymous, NE (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"reliable, maintained value, cost effective to maintain,"

L R., FL (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"It is an excellent all weather go anywhere in any condition vehicle. It is rugged, sturdy and reliable. I feel very safe in it. It is also the least expansive all around suv. Solid performer. It never disappoints. I wish Diesel engine model was made available in the US. I have seen the diesel version in the West Indian islands. Quite impressive. Many refinements makes driving fun. As much as I would like to get better gas mileage, i can still be ok with weat I got."

N G., NJ (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"Reliability is outstading. The SUV continues to preform without costly repairs."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"resale value has held up very well … have had no repair problems to speak of over the past seven years … reliability has been perfect … paint/body/and trim are in excellent shape"

Anonymous, CO (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"no major repair issues in 121,000 miles."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Toyota 4Runner)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Chrome-looking trim has a defect, and is significantly pitted."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"I love the handsome and muscular exterior styling of this vehicle."

Anonymous, OK (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

"only 2 inches if running board width is available to step on."

TERRY L., SC (2011 Toyota 4Runner)

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