While almost every other midsized SUV had moved to car-based construction, the 4Runner remained an old-school, body-on-frame SUV, which was great for off-roading but not much else. The ride is unsettled and handling is mediocre at best. Limited trim versions have a sport suspension package with somewhat better control, but a stiffer ride. Off-road is where the 4Runner excels.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"slow acceleration and horrible MPG"

Anonymous, VA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Good engine, handles very well"

Anonymous, OR (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Toyota makes a great reliable products. Daughter has a Corolla. Had a Camry in the past. All great cars."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"good power and handling. above average for a 4wheel drive vechile"

Susan B., AZ (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very comfortable drive and controls easy to use."

Anonymous, RI (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Its a Toyota so it runs and drives great!!"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very secure in bad weather and rough roads."

Anonymous, DE (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Handles towing task very well."

Gary B., IL (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"It is a heavy vehicle so when acceleration it is slow and steady to get up to speed."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Please keep in mind that a 4runner is a truck and not a car when evaluating ride and handling."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Can't read numbers on radio screen cancelled XM paid radio because of that, its orange screen with black letters&numbers make it very hard to see"

Anonymous, DE (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Super reliable even in the worst off road conditions. I wish that the vehicle was offered with a standard transmission."

JOANN D., TX (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"slow to excelerate"

Anonymous, AL (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"The vehicle is "mushy" in its ride, not firm as you might expect with a four-wheel drive."

MARTIN S., NM (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Needs a V-8"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Horrible car sluggish poor steering . Horrible brakes. I've owned previous 4runners 2005 2008 and they were excellent . The 2010 model is horrible and dangerous to drive!"

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"This my second 4 runner and I love them. Only thing that I'm dissatisfied is the climate control in the back seats, way too hot back there and not a lot of air going back. I love the acceleration for a V6. I have had to put 3 sets of 4 tires as the handling gets worse and bumpier ride."

ROBERT W., TX (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"This vehicle needs a V8 engine. It is grossly underpowered. Styling is excellent."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is a joke, I believe the 4runner could use another 40-50 HP. It struggles when going up some longer inclines, revs go through the roof. It handles great off road and in 4-wheel drive. It also is a cruising queen on the highway."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Power seats control sufficiently to make driving position comfortable compared to some other SUVs. A greater range for steering wheel tilt plus adding telescoping wheel and more headroom would finally suit a big and tall driver like me. Passenger power seat could use more adjustment controls. Interior lighting could be brighter; owner’s manual could describe how to open fixtures for replacing incandescent light bulbs with brighter LEDs. Foot-operated parking brake pedal is too high for long-legged drivers to engage without some body contortion, though releasing works fine. Wish there were much more sound insulation. Rear seat fold-down is easy; the LATCH system less so, though having tether anchors in rear seat backs is good safety feature."

Donald M., WA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"My wife complains about the comfort of the seats and often needs to bring a pillow for longer trips."

Larry G., IL (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats not comfortable for long trips."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"The headrests are not articulated. I get severe neck/back aches on trips because the headrest tilts too far forward."

Alex G., TX (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"it's noisy and after 150,000 miles the front end suspension is shot causing significant clunking noises"

T S., WI (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Passenger seat can’t be adjusted. Heat shielding over muffler fell off. New oil seal on right rear drive shaft. Oil line Jon transmission failed. Horrible tow expensive repair. Oil line"

Michel R., ON (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"very solidly built vehicle. has the feel of a quality product"

Susan B., AZ (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"The 4-runner is a very comfortable vehicle to drive or ride in."

Bill P., TN (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very comfortable driving experiences, especially on longer trips. Very smooth ride and comfortable interior."

THOMAS O., CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"The seat does not go quite low enough, and the rear view mirror high enough for my liking. I can't look completely out the back window without seeing the rear seatbacks."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"My 4Runner is quieter on the highway than many other cars my family drives"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, OR (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Since it is a more rugged vehicle the ride is a little rougher and seats not as comfortable as the Lexus. The climate control is great and noise level is low. All in all a great vehicle."

Anonymous, GA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Front driver and passenger seat not that comfortable noise is acceptable."

Elizabeth V., CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Passenger seats are very uncomfortable. They have very little adjustments, and both driver and passenger seats ride high. Not great for taller people. The breaks don't feel like they fully disengage when starting from a complete stop, that or the transmission is having a shifting issue."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"REAX suspension system had to be replaced at 75,000 miles. Expensive and should not have occured at the mileage."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Overall it ok. Toyota dealers are xxxxxxxxx . Dealer had the 2010 rave4 for thirty days charged 1900 dollars and did no repair the electrical problem. Trail electric in palm beach fixed the problem in two hours for $267 dollars. Dealers are killing Toyota."

Michel R., ON (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Again, awesome reliability."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"We bought this car for driving in the mountains in all weather. It handles well in most conditions but sometimes we need the 4wheel drive and that works great."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very reliable car, for transportation and hauling stuff. Looks better then other SUVs."

Anonymous, RI (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"repairs are minimal, dependability is great."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Handling in a emergency at highway speeds, trailer towing, off road ability’s, is the best I have ever experienced in any vehicle I have ever owned or driven. And you get 20 mpg on the highway"

Greg B., DE (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great value. In 8 years I have had virtually no repair expenses. Add gas and change oil. This truck looks and drives like new."

Peter S., CT (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"I t does what I need it to tho. It tows my 4000 pound boat with ease and handles very well"

Gary B., IL (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Extremely reliable. Very secure in all driving conditions."

Anonymous, DE (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"There are trucks out there that are faster, get better MPG, quieter and handle better. The 4Runner does all those thing well. Its best quality is however,its reliability. I am a commuter, not a race driver, so reliability is more important than speed ,handling or ride. I like the peace of mind knowing every morning it will get me to work and take me home."

Howard R., CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"This was my my 7th Toyota from the same dealer. I bought it through fleet sales and was given a 6,000 dollars off the window sticker."

CHARLES T., CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"I compared used vehicles to a new 4 Runner and found that for a few thousand more I could get the new 4-Runner with a 7 year warrantee as opposed to a vehicle with 30K+ and a partially expired warrantee. Additionally, mechanically the 4-Runner is "industrial quality, heavy duty" nothing breaks- just normal maintenance- tires @ 55K rear breaks at 68k, oil changes @ 10 K, windshield wipers @45k, oil, air and cabin air filters. That is it!! Oh, I also use the 4-Runner for light plowing in the wint"

RICHARD M., NH (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"There is no denying that this has been an extremely reliable vehicle; but, this being said the truck was a step backward from the previous generation model. The handling/ride is only fair. I suspect that the lack of competition for Toyota for this type of vehicle has diminished development and enabled Toyota to sell it at a premium price."

Anonymous, BC (2010 Toyota 4Runner)


MICHEL R., ON (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"The vehicle was like new but had a few more miles on it then I wanted but we got a great deal and it has been trouble free since we bought it."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"It was built to be off-road tough...which translates to a stiff, somewhat bumpy ride, but the vehicle is bulletproof. It just goes and goes without any problems. My 1998 4-Runner last 12 years and 250,000 before being totaled by someone running a red light, but up to that point...no issues. Nothing but basic maintenance. Same with this 2010 model. It's like new after 7.5 years and 150,000 miles. Couldn't be happier with the reliability and how well the interior / exterior holds up."

Frank C., CA (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

"Reliability is great."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Toyota 4Runner)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"My 4-Runner is silver and I added chrome running boards. It is a head-turner. Strangers stop me in shopping centers and ask what kind of truck it is and want to look in the cabin. They inquire about features"

RICHARD M., NH (2010 Toyota 4Runner)

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