The 4Runner remains a sound choice among midsized SUVs, especially with its available stability-control system. The pickup-truck ancestry is still apparent though in its jittery ride, tight cockpit, high floor and low roof. On the other hand, improved emergency handling and capable off-road ability do help offset those flaws.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very reliable, no significant repairs since I purchased it used in 2009."

Randy J., TN (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"For a car with 109000 miles that car keeps up with the best of them, It has very good "pick-up" The audio system not only has AM/FM but can play tapes as well as CDs. You don't get that in later models"

Peter T., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is terrible, sluggish response when accelerating - vehicle seems to be "underpowered" - living in Colorado with significant uphill grades this vehicle doesn't perform well."

Jeri W., CO (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"The truck drives well and cruises nicely but it has never been a strong accelerating vehicle. The handling is still great for a 2002 truck/SUV but won't win any slalom or maneuvering records."

Surya F., UT (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Despite being a body on frame truck, the ride is quite composed and it handles very well for a tall vehicle. The engine is mutes, and when called upon to perform is quite responsive and smooth."

Francois S., TN (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Driving strong for 200K+ miles, but leather seats have been cracking and splitting."

Nils O., CA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)


TOM T., VA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Pretty good for a 6 cylinder"

Anonymous, NY (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Fast smooth acceleration. Good towing capability and cornering on dry roads."

Keith K., PA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is adequate under most conditions. Off-road power and handling are very good (4WD). On road handling is also quite good. Power to tow a 2300 lb. pop-up camp trailer in local mountains is adequate up to about 7000 ft. After that, it starts feeling the altitude (I have had it up to 13,000 ft."

N L., CA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"It has a V 6 engine runs well has 4x4 drive and goes well in all kinds of weather. I have no complaints with this vehicle and very few repairs."

Peter T., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is very poor as the vehicle is underpowered especially at my altitude (5,280')."

Jeri W., CO (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"For a 6-cylinder, it had reasonable acceleration. It had a transmission that was not always struggling to find the right gear, as many models do on mountain roads. It could have had more power, but it is likely that would have degraded the already so-so gas mileage. Handling was acceptable for a truck-based SUV, but it could have been better."

William M., CO (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"poor acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats just aren't as good as on older models of this vehicle."

Robert H., NJ (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"This is a great car. after all these yrs we are having problems with the radio antenna. Otherwise a great SUV"

Mayra D., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very satisfactory for handling and acceleration in all areas"

Don F., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Too small!!!"

Tom T., VA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are small, thinly padded, uncomfortable, not enough adjustment, no height adjustments."

Jeri W., CO (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Disappointed with head room and leg room for driver. I am 6'1" and hit my head constantly going over bumps (less room due to sunroof)"

NILS O., CA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"comfortable ride, handles well. bur the suspension is somewhat stiff."

Nancy K., NM (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are comfortable, with good lumbar support and adequate adjustability. The upholstery stitching is failing in several places."

N L., CA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"This vehicle rides like a truck, but handles well in traffic and on the highway. It's somewhat noisy, but for a 16 year old vehicle, it still handles and drive nice."

Peter V., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"poor handling,"

Anonymous, FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Noisy due to poor door/window seals. Suspension (ride) stiff and jarring and bumpy roads. Torque to rear wheels causes excessive slippage on wet roads from standing start."

Keith K., PA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Bought Toyota online and got a great price!!!"

Tom T., VA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"It has 187K miles. Had it since 32K. Very little repairs. Lot of satisfaction."

HAROLD S., VA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"270,000 miles and still going with no major repairs..."

CONRAD G., CA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"My vehicle has a hundred and seventy-one thousand miles I have regular maintenance done to the vehicle never had a major problem with it it's been a great value"

WILLIAM H., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"It has a nice appearance, is nice riding yet can handle jobs a sedan cant. It has all the bells and whistles I need"

PETER T., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"I purchased the car used and have driven it for 10+ years and 150K miles. The major systems have been extremely reliable, the only major repair needed was to replace the rear axle bearings because I smacked the rear wheels into a curb on a turn a couple of times. With almost 200K miles on the engine, I still do not need to add oil between changes at 5-7.5K mile intervals. At 180K miles I drove the car from Texas to CA and back without a hiccup, and I'd do it again tomorrow. The car has be"

Anonymous, TX (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"This vehicle currently has 221,500 miles ON THE ORIGINAL ENGINE and it is still going strong! Love, love, love this car!!!"

W C., CA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"The car looks like new inside and out. The styling was great for this model"

Anonymous, AZ (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"I leased the car for 3 years at the end of the lease the leasing company made me an offer I couldn’t refuse so O bought it"

Peter T., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Amazing value. I still love it and it has had very few problems."

Anonymous, UT (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"The 4Runner has been a beast. It has gone through everything...snow, ice, sand. It has functioned as a family vehicle, one to move and haul items, and one to pull trailers. Although, as of late it has experience some Electronic Emissions issues, the car has been very reliable (its 16 years old!)"

Anonymous, FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"17 years and no major repairs required - well worth the money"

Edward P., NV (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Never a problem in the 16 years we’ve had this car"

Anonymous, SC (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"At the time purchased, this Toyota was WAY ahead of similar models in terms on safety, traction control, and other features that made it very attractive. Unfortunately, even 17 model years later, I now look at the same model and really only the required safety features have been upgraded (such as more airbags). This model no longer leads the field in innovation, but is stuck about 20 years in the past. Other models have way more advanced features. Yet, the price has climbed to an almost ridiculous level. Gas mileage, relatively poor in 2002, although mostly typical of similar models, has not improved even 1 mpg since 17 years ago. I got a good price in 2002."

William M., CO (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Vehicle maintains a high resale value and I'm always asked if my 4Runner is for sale."

Jeri W., CO (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"Paid a little over 32,000 when it was bought new and it's still worth 8 - 10,000, that's value!"

Peter V., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"really like this slim line body style. newer models look 'inflated'"

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

"The Styling is 2002 and it's still up to date"

WILLIAM H., FL (2002 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, NY (2002 Toyota 4Runner)

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