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Toyota Prius 2013 4-door hatchback
Trim Shown: Plug-In
The Prius is extremely economical, averaging 44 mpg overall, and 55 mpg on the highway in our tests. With light throttle input it can quietly drive on electric power up to 25 mph. The ride is firm yet steady, and handling is sound and secure, but not particularly agile. Road noise is pronounced. The interior is roomy, but fit and finish is just so-so and some controls take a bit of getting used to. A plug-in version is available and typically delivers around 12 miles on electricity, that boosts gas mileage to the equivalent of 67 mpg. But rapid acceleration or climbing a hill triggers the gas engine. When the electric range is depleted, the car reverts to regular Prius performance, averaging 43 mpg overall.

See Reliability page for the latest 2013 Toyota Prius recalls.

Safety Equipment

ABS standard. Side and head protection air bags available, standard from 2007. ESC available from 2004, standard from 2010. Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking available from 2010, standard from 2017.

Road Test

The regular Toyota Prius is the most efficient car you can buy that doesn't have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. It gets an impressive 44 mpg overall in our testing—with plenty of room for five, a big flexible hatchback, a comfortable ride,...


  • With 44 mpg overall, it gets the best gas mileage of any non-electric car
  • Spacious interior, with roomy rear seat


  • No real electric-only range
  • A full charge only boosts mileage for 12 miles or so

Best Version to Get

We think you should stick with a regular Prius and skip the Plug-in. Going with the basic Prius Two will satisfy most consumers. While getting the power driver's seat helps a wider variety of drivers fit comfortably, along with its power lumbar support, it forces you to get the top Five trim lev...


2 front, 3 rear
Drive Wheels

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Body Styles
4-door hatchback
Transmissions Available
  • CVT
Engines Available
  • 1.8-liter 4 hybrid (134 hp)
  • 1.8-liter 4 electric (134 hp)