This version of the Tundra crew-cab was one of CR's top-rated full-sized pickups. Its strong V8, quiet cab and civilized ride mark it among the most well-rounded pickup trucks we've tested. While it doesn't have super heavy-duty towing capabilities, Tundra will pull 6,700 pounds. Unlike full-time four-wheel-drive systems, the Tundra's part-time system can't be used on dry pavement.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent acceleration and handles well"

LARRIS S., GA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"The only downside to this vehicle is the poor turning radius. It takes a very large area to make a u turn or to maneuver in a parking place. Other than the poor turning radius the Tundra has been excellent."

FRED M., CA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Don't like feel of clutch."

MARJIE J., ID (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Ride is a little bumpy, and acceleration sometimes surprising due to pedal responsiveness"

JAY D., CA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Turns too wide"

JEAN R., FL (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"It does not handle well on icy roads."

Anonymous, ID (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"This is a frickin' nightmare versus the 2007 or newer model Tundra. The 06 and older Tundra's are poor in every category minus interior noise."

TYLER S., ND (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"With 4wd, the turning radius makes parking difficult"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"14.4 mpg, because I ordered a limited slip rear end. The gear ratio is higher, causing the low gas mileage"

ARTHURT L., NC (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Handles well, better than other used trucks that I tested. Steering is responsive, no delay. Handles great when towing a trailer. Acceleration is very good for this larger truck."

MARK V., TX (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Plenty of room for 5 adults...very comfortable car. The large v8 engine isn't great on gas mileage, but has a lot of power when you need it..."

Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota Tundra)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"We call it "the magic carpet" because of its smooth ride and extremely comfortable seats. You can drive for hours without feeling stiff and tired."

A R., MD (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Noise level was very quiet to other brands with similar mileage. Climate control, A/C works fast and cools quickly. Seats are supportive."

MARK V., TX (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Changed out the front seats to leather seats & made the driver's seat an electric seat. Also added a navigation & Bluetooth control."

Anonymous, AR (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"very comfortable for longer road trips"

Anonymous, NM (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Like sitting in my favorite easy chair and the seats are heated."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Only complaint with the vehicle is the drivers seat does not go far enough back and could be more comfortable"

Anonymous, MI (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Extremely quiet going 75mph!!! Even with wind and aggressive tires. Terrific!"

TYLER S., ND (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Vehicle seat is most comfortable for someone having spinal arthritis like I have. I never hurt while sitting in this truck."

ERWIN S., LA (2004 Toyota Tundra)


Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Comfortable seats, even on long trips. Great climate control and quiet inside. It is starting to develop a whine somewhere in the driveline. This is a double cab truck with a full size bed making a long wheelbase that turns like a bus - hard to maneuver in a parking lot."

BILL B., TX (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"When I drive (I'm 5'7") the seat belt cuts into my neck WHICH I HATE! The passenger seat doesn't do it as much. I have tried many things and pads and they are just a pain. What I end up doing is twisting the lap strap before I click it (so the strap goes up over my shoulder from the middle of my body instead of where it clicks), which probably isn't safe but then at least I don't have it cutting into my neck. The seats are comfy, it's that damned seat belt."

DONNA S., OR (2004 Toyota Tundra)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It just keeps running No problems."

RODNEY S., PA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"great automobile"

JAMES J., NC (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"I've got 226,000 miles on it so far. Comfortable ride, and trouble free for 12 years. Only scheduled maintenance needed. It is a real value and very useful for this homeowner"

RICHARD F., SC (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Lousy gas mileage. 2 bad flywheels and blown transmission"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"no breakdown for 9 years continuous use except when towed due to two blown out tire on one trip no spare tire left."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Never breaks down."

DAVID R., TX (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"I expect to reach 200,000 miles."

THOMAS J., LA (2004 Toyota Tundra)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I'm very disappointed with the fading paint and the peeling clearcoat finish."

PAUL F., MO (2004 Toyota Tundra)

"Like the smaller size and the styling. The new one are huge and ugly."

TOM C., CA (2004 Toyota Tundra)

Would you buy this car again?

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