This generation of the Tundra was bulked up to take on Detroit's full-sized workhorses. Growing dramatically in size, but losing much of the refinement of the previous model, the Tundra, once considered the Camry of pickups -- fully-modern and easy to live with -- became one of the least refined and most dated. Shortcomings abound. Among them, the Tundra's ride is jittery, especially with the TRD off-road package.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Vague steering and lots of body lean. However, it hauls our horse trailer quite well."

Dave L., WA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"zippy sportscar llike"

Wayne D., FL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Good view from the seats, good backseat for added passengers, smooth ride. Accelerates as needed and handles well."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"I love driving this truck. Sits up high and the acceleration is surprising for such a big vehicle. We can get in and go across the states with ease.sometimes forget I'm in a truck."

David K., OH (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Very secure on the road. Power is great for towing. Do not notice it is a 2013. Did have injectors and throttle body cleaning which smoothed out accelerating from a stop."

Harvey L., AZ (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"purchased primarily to pull my 20 camper. It's all I hoped for and more....plenty of power and quick response. Handles very nicely even in wind. great vehicle"

Anonymous, MT (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Rock solid ride. Excellent acceleration."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Great acceleration and power, tows and hauls real well."

Anonymous, MT (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Suspension is a bit tight, makes for a bumpy ride. no other compaints"

John A., AL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Powerful acceleration. Handles well for a truck without that floaty feel."

Jimmy R., AL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"it's a truck, acts like it should"

David S., MA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Poor fuel efficiency"

Jim B., TN (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Has more then enough power and handling is fine with load or no load."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The 4.6 Liter V-8 engine is the perfect match for this truck. It has enough power to pull a 6000-lb trailer, and yet is not a gas guzzler."

Phillip B., OK (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The acceleration is great, very powerful for a 4x4 truck."

Tammy B., CA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Very powerful/strong acceleration. Handling is soft - does not do well on rough pavement at any speed."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Great acceleration for such a large vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Accelerates like a beast."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"We use our truck to tow - the ultimate test of acceleration and handling. It has crossed the Rockies with no hesitation."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"This truck has the big V8 and has plenty of power to accelerate and pull a load. No problem with lack of power."

FRANKLIN S., GA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"It's handling on curves, in my opinion was pathetic. My old 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport did a much better job (at 1000 lbs lighter of course). I live in the mountains so there are lots of curves and driving the Tundra was not much fun -- it felt like trying to maneuver a large boat down the highway, just rocking and rolling back and forth. I used to joke about how turning the steering wheel was really just making a suggestion to the truck about which way to go. Adding the aftermarket TRD anti-swa"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Steering is not as tight as I would like it, but it hauls our two horse trailer well at freeway speeds over mountain passes."

DAVE L., WA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Accelerates very well. Handles quite comfortably for a big truck. Fantastic in the snow with snow tires"

JAMES O., OR (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Comfortable, great styling"

BRUCE B., VA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"I am constantly impressed with the refinement of the drivetrain. The engine and transmission work together smoothly and powerfully, even when towing my 6000lb boat. The gas mileage is on par with similarly equipped competitor's trucks I drive regularly for work (even though those trucks advertise better MPG ratings, they never come close when configured equivalent for towing to all 5.7l Tundras)."

Anonymous, SC (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The 5.7 v8 gives the truck excellent acceleration and plenty of power to tow my 21' boat. The truck rides excellent and has very good brakes."

BUD W., NC (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"This vehicle has power to spare and extremely good road manners."

JEFFREY P., DE (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Accelerator pedal is hard to control jerky starts. This has been commented upon in the internet. I put foam rubber padding in place to stop this - far cheaper than replacing."

KAY A., OH (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The handling and acceleration with this Tundra is excellent. Passengers always comment on how smooth the ride is."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Toyota Tundra)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Like the way it has the seats sitting up like a chair. Cushioning is good.. Towing a trailer makes it bounce a lot on some roads."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"seat bench is too long for shorter people."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The comfort of the drivers seat needs to be improved. If driving any distance at all the discomfort is very obvious and after driving a 2014 GMC pickup for 10 hours one day I recognized how bad it was."

Doug S., CA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Very comfortable seats, very roomy and we love the cloth fabric which is warmer in winter and cooler in summer more-so than leather. The ride is a little bumpy, but it is a truck and the noise isn't bad inside."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Comfortable seats"

Harry S., NC (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Sure footedness. seat height"

Wayne D., FL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Very comfortable for a truck During the winter heated seats are a bonus and in summer the cooling feature is appreciated. Would like to see heated steering wheel."

Sean S., BC (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Roomy and quiet"

Mark T., TX (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"If I could take the seats in my Tundra and put into the Prius I would.. The Tundra seats allow driving for hours and still feel comfortable. The seats support system are built for comfort."

Anonymous, AL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Cloth seats are wide, supportive, and comfortable on long trips."

Phillip B., OK (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Stiff ride"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The seats are very comfortable. The ride is good. Noise levels are not bad at all."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Tundra has a smooth and comfortable ride."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Handles great and it’s roomie and comfortable"

Jonathan V., NY (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The suits are very comfortable and the ride is quiet--both needed for a raodtrip."

Joni H., NV (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Full size truck with full size spacious comfortable seats."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"drives like a car."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Extremely comfortable seats. I am fussy about the seats, as my back & legs hurt on longer drives generally. This has excellent comfort for my condition. Even backseat is more comfortable than I have ever felt in any vehicles backseat."

SHARON K., KS (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Again, it is the noise factor. I know it is a truck, but it is very noisy inside."

Anonymous, AB (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"air conditioner has trouble keeping up on hot days."

MARC G., KS (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"There is a lot of room in every seat! The back seats have just as much if not more room in the crewmax. For as big as the truck is the ride is pretty quiet and smooth. If you are short, you'll definitely need running boards. I am 5'2" and we had to get after market power running boards so I could get in and out easily/safely. I fell out several times with the standard running boards and twisted my ankle."

BRIDGET D., NY (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Seats are designed to allow you to sit upright comfortably with ample legroom. Makes all the difference on an all day trip. In the back seats you can even recline the seats."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Very stiff ride"

JOHN P., GA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The front middle seat folds flat forward. Very nice feature. But when it's used as a seat, it is firmer and higher than the driver and passenger seats. I wish it were the same."

ROBERT R., GA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Excellent room in the back seat"

MICHAEL G., MN (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The window that goes across the entire back seat rolls down. Love this feature."

NANCY L., CA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Unloaded m it rides rough."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Toyota Tundra)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say


John B., MT (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Excellent trade-in value for old Toyota at the dealer. Truck was a demo, so received an excellent deal on pricing, although vehicle had almost 20,000 km"

Sean S., BC (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"I bought the small size V8 and it has plenty of power and gets better gas mileage. I have pulled a 26 foot trailer with NO problem."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Holds value and is built extremely well"

Richard C., AB (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"When compared with other trucks the Tundra seems to offer more for the money however it is also a much older platform that hasn't been updated since 2007."

Todd M., FL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Very reliable with no down time over 5 years."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Very reliable. Only negative is not a fuel efficient vehicles. 5.7 engine"

Jim B., TN (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"The Tundra is 5 years old, and everything about it still seems brand new. A great truck!"

Joni H., NV (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Dealers and private parties all want to buy my Tundra"

Anonymous, GA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Service! After 5+ years, my Tundra has not had any service beyond the scheduled maintenance. And the first two years of that service was free."

James S., MA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"But for just under 30,000. Felt like it was a great deal."

JAMES O., OR (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Great value, the interior quality is excellent and the performance is second to none."

JEFFREY P., DE (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Good ride comfortable seats large full back seat and the engine has lots of power"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"It is a good workhorse truck. Very roomy and comfortable. Sits well for long trips. Sturdy and reliable."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Great deal for mileage not a lot of these vehicles available."

JAY P., MA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"We are lucky in that we let the salesperson (we are 45 miles from dealership) know when we are looking ( and we usually spent 9 months to a year looking) for a new/used vehicle. We actually bought this within a couple of months...when salesperson called. We got a really good deal!"

SHARON K., KS (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"I purchased this truck used for a good price."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Tundra)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The exterior is a dark metallic green that is very unusual and extremely pretty. Love it!"

Anonymous, OK (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"I think the fabric seats are very difficult to get dog hair out of. Almost impossible. Leather would have been much better."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota Tundra)

"Looks good but the new 2014 looks better"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota Tundra)

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