The current-generation Tundra bulked up to take on Detroit's full-sized workhorses. Dramatically growing in size and losing much of the refinement of the previous smaller-scale model, the Tundra has so far failed to make inroads into the Detroit-dominated segment.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Hard to know where the front and front sides of truck are. I use bores rod guides for side reference and quarter size red reflectos n the left and right of the bug deflector to know how to line up wht the left and right white lines on the road to keep the ctuck centered."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Handles great, good excelleration"

CHARLES D., AR (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"I bought this truck primarily as a towing vehicle. The "tow-haul" mode has been exceptionally good especially when descending long grades on the road."

BRUCE S., TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Exceptional towing ability. Impressive power"

MIKE K., SK (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The Tundra drives and handles incredibly. I have no issues with acceleration, towing power, or stability. However, I was very disappointed to learn the vehicle does not have a locking rear differential, as found in most other 4WD Toyota vehicles. There is an electronic "limited slip" system, but it is not the same. I don't know why they believe the "lifestyle" of Tundra owners does not require this, while Tacoma, 4Runner, and FJ Cruiser owners do. I had a locking rear differential in my last tru"

JOHN H., TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The tundra has tremendous power and handling. There never is a question about acceleration or power."

ADAM S., AZ (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The handling has bad surprises that are not characteristic of previous Toyota Tundras we've owned. It tends to wallow and the under steer is severe and catches you by surprise."

SCOTT D., WV (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Best truck I have ever owned. Seems a little underpowered for the engine size and gas mileage though"

CLAY M., FL (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Blind spots are huge (rear view mirrors are too large), Seat backs and door post combine to create another large blind spot. My wife is 5'-0" it is very difficult for her to see. The truck sways from side to side when one tire hits a bump, the steering wheel will move back and forth by 90 degrees or more. (Squishy suspension?)"

Anonymous, MA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"great for towing"

LISA C., NH (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Suspension and ride excellent"

Anonymous, WI (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Acceleration is done well for a truck"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Very quick with excellent handling and performance."

Don D., OR (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Truly enjoy the handling and power of this car"

Gary B., CA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Solid. Does everything i need reliably."

Karyl D., ID (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Towing is great"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Turning ratio is very cumbersome"

Franklin S., TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I tried every truck & the Ztundra was the most comfortable with the best ride. Sadly the worst gas mileage (MOG)"

CHARLES C., NH (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Lack of side support in front seats."

STEPHEN S., MA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"leather seats are ok, but not THE most comfortable. Wish passenger side had lumbar adjustments"

Anonymous, MN (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"In my opinion, the seats are a little too firm."

MATTHEW H., VT (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Ideal seating position (top of legs flat like proper ergo seating at a desk) for somewhat tall driver requires seat to be at max height and all the way back, limiting view out of top portion of windshield. Also, for proper ergo seating, steering wheel should telescope out further. Additionally, would help if pedal position was slightly different or adjustable."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Road noise is Louder than my 2007 Tundra."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Ride quality isn't good when empty or when towing. Added a water bladder to truck bed to weigh it down when not towing and this helps the ride some. When towing the front and rear suspension are not "in balance" and the truck "wallows" a lot. The interior is of a lower grade, even in the Limited edition that we bought. We were not able to buy a higher trim line as those come with a sunroof (only) and this reduced headroom to the point where I didn't fit in the vehicle. 6000 miles on the truck an"

TOM L., CA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The seats, while seemingly of excellent quality, are a bit firmer than anticipated and can be a bit uncomfortable on longer trips. It would probably be more comfortable if they were more adjustable."

BRYAN J., OK (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"SEATS: much less comfortable than the leather seats in our 2006 Tundra Limited; they are hard, way too big for an average-sized woman, and don't have individual arm rests--you must use the center console and that's to far of a reach for me."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Rough ride Loose steering walks a little"

SCOTT D., OH (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"when you order a package that has bucket seats they should made the passenger side a power seat to or have an option for for it"

DUANE W., MT (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The cab is very comfortable for me."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"This is my third Tundra and on the 2016, some convenience and comfort features were removed from previous Limited editions such as power seat controls on passenger side and some options on drivers seat. Got rid of a fold-down storage area on both front doors."

POLLY F., VA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The best part about the interior is the space. Plenty of room for passengers and gear/luggage. However, there are a few details that I have had to correct, work-around, or just deal with. First, Toyota removed the driver's side front pillar grab handle from the previous generation truck and you have to grab the steering wheel to help get in, especially in the 4wd models. I installed the grab handle and pillar trim from the previous generation Tundra (instructions for this on Sec"

JOHN H., TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"More Cab room."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Good: The ride, power, speed, cab size."

CASEY K., CA (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The interior cabin space and seat comfort is great. I am 6'5" tall and can ride for hours in comfort."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Very comfortable for long trips."

Helen B., AL (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Comfort is awesome, great back and thigh support in the seats. Lots of room for the back seat passengers."

Mark V., TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Good value relative to other trucks is fine, I just think they are all overpriced"

DEBORAH C., TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"One of the best trucks I've owned."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"For me, long-term reliability is what I most value. I expect this Toyota to be as reliable as my last Toyota - time will tell."

MARC U., NY (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Great truck for a reasonable price,compared to Ford or Chevy.Retail value is way better than Ford,Chevy,or Dodge."

RICHARD P., VT (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Reliability and resale are the best of any truck! I also like the 4 wheel drive system."

STEVE K., NC (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Very minor changes between this truck and my old 2014 Tundra. With 2 model years, I expected more differences than I received. The mileage I get has shown no improvement, and this is a serious downside in light of improvements made by the competition. My Tundra is a Platinum model, and at this price level, I'm not finding my expectations met. All of that being said, I did purchase the truck as Toyota has a reputation for holding value and reliability. I'm just disappointed that it seems I have p"

RON S., AB (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Best available"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"comfort and driving"

Anonymous, WI (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"My third tundra. My second is owned by my son and at over 225000 mikes it's scary close to a new car experience."

Karyl D., ID (2016 Toyota Tundra)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Overall I am very pleased with the styling of this truck. However, I will need to tint the front windows asap due to amount of reflection from the chrome inside due to sun."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"In this instance, it is a minor irritation, but the shiny finish, chrome-like trim around the air vents and the gear shift nob will reflect the sun directly into my eyes, at different times of the day, in sunny conditions. A mat or brushed finish would take care of the problem. ( laying a rag over it works too)"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"Poor dash and instrument cluster design . On daytime dash lights ;cluster is drab and some gauges are hard to see. Some controls are impossible to see because the steering wheel blocks the view . Many of the switches are not lighted at night..This area is poorly designed and takes away from the good features of the Tundra."

T O., NC (2016 Toyota Tundra)

"The truck is too big and klunky looking"

SCOTT D., WV (2016 Toyota Tundra)

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