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March 2015

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Top 5 ways to boost the value of your home
Learn how to make 10 percent more money when selling your home


The surprising dangers of CT scans and X-rays
Patients are often exposed to cancer-causing radiation for little medical reason, a Consumer Reports investigation finds
Is it okay to share log-ins for Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, or Netflix?
Here’s how to stay out of ethical and legal hot water


Independent vs. dealer shops for car repair
A Consumer Reports survey shows how dealerships and independent shops compare by brand
Big-load haulers: Fit for moving day, Home Depot runs . . . and daily life
These wagons and hatchbacks offer flexible interiors and ample cargo room

Up Front

Why you don’t want to click on Jimmy Kimmel
Online celebrity traps can steal your secrets

CR Health

Don't make this Medicare mistake
If you're over age 65 and get laid off, sign up for Medicare right away


Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

Cover story

Home-sale mistakes that cost you money
Buyers and sellers: Doing a deal right can mean tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket

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