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October 2015

Cover Story

Why grass-fed beef costs more
You'll pay a little extra, but Consumer Reports' tests of ground beef show grass-fed is less likely to harbor dangerous bacteria


How to tame the energy hogs in your home
20 ways to cut your utility bill without sacrificing comfort
The fight over your electric bill
Are consumers being penalized for saving energy at home?
Hidden helpers in your phone
Smartphone functionality has zoomed way beyond driving directions

Lab Tests

Best and brightest energy-saving lightbulbs
The newest CFLs, halogens, and LEDs last longer and cost less to operate
The dirty little secrets of toilet paper
Some rolls have shrunk more than 20 percent


Jeep Renegade review
When style wins out over substance, is it still really a Jeep?

Up Front

3 vaccines you may need now
Getting the right vaccine at the right time could make all the difference

CR Health

What the coming ban on partially hydrogenated oil means for you
The FDA is telling manufacturers to cut the trans fat

CR Money

Is your financial planner getting rich at your expense?
Not understanding how your money adviser gets paid could cost you handsomely


‘Is It Safe & Sustainable?’
Consumer Reports investigates the health risks in ground beef and looks at the Enery Star label

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