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November 2015


Package Downsizing Proves That Less Is Not More
Ever felt duped when opening a bag of chips or a bottle of pills only to see a lot less product than you expected? Learn how to shop smarter.
How to Buy a TV That's Right for You
With so many options, buying a new TV can be challenging. This step-by-step guide will show you how to buy a new TV.

Lab Tests

Vacuums That Make a Clean Sweep
These choices offer loads of power without splitting an eardrum


Winter Driving Savvy
Tips to keep you safe this winter
Ford Edge Review
Redesigns sharpens this SUV's edge
Do You Really Need AWD in the Snow?
Automakers have long boasted that all-wheel drive is all you need to get your car through winter’s fury. Our exclusive tests tell a different story.
Which Small SUV Fares Best in the Snow?
Comparing popular SUVs on our snow-covered track

Up Front

Oreos: Doubling Down on Double Stuf
There are more than 60 types and package sizes of Oreo


Viewpoint: Improving the marketplace for consumers
This page highlights efforts by Consumers Union and others to improve the marketplace

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