Most and Least Satisfying Car Brands

Owners tell us about the models they love—and the ones they don’t

Owner satisfaction by brand - Genesis G70

New cars are expensive, so with their cost, you might expect that years of monthly payments will make you happier than you were with the old model traded in. However, Consumer Reports' surveys show that owner satisfaction can vary significantly by model, and also by brand.

To measure satisfaction, we ask members whether they would buy the same car again if given the chance. The responses give us great insights into which models satisfy their owners and how car brands compare for satisfaction.

CR members shared the experiences they’ve had with more than 400,000 vehicles in our 2019 Auto Surveys. We present an owner satisfaction score for each model based on an analysis of these responses, and we also have ratings for driving experience, comfort, and value. (These can be seen on our car model pages.) Owner satisfaction is one component—along with road-test data, reliability survey results, and safety assessments—of the CR Overall Score.


Owner satisfaction tends to track with how well a model fulfills its core promise. Sports and hybrids tend to delight owners, because they deliver on the core expectations (performance and fuel economy, respectively). Likewise, the brands that stand out tend to have consistent virtues across their product line.

The following chart shows those brands that satisfy owners the most, based on vehicles that were from 1 to 3 years old at the time of the survey.

TeslaGenesisPorsche, and Subaru are again among the top brands. This year, they are joined by Lincoln, with its big move up the rankings. These brands have few products, making it easier to have consistent satisfaction.

The bottom brands—Nissan, AcuraJeepJaguar, and Infiniti—were among the lowest-ranked brands last year. 

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