An excellent pickup truck, Tundra is comfortable, quiet, handles relatively well and has a super smooth powertrain. It also performs towing and hauling tasks admirably. Good offset-crash-test results are a considerable plus. A crew cab with optional stability control was added to the lineup for the 2004 model year.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Power due to v8. Not good gas mileage. Problem with computerized accelerator."

COLLEEN S., AK (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"comfortable quite ride. powerful acceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2000 Toyota Tundra)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"As the truck has gotten older, interior noise has increased. Does not have that initial elegant feel because of road noise."

Anonymous, CO (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Still rides and drives like a new truck"

HYLAN A., TN (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"The backseat doors in the extended cab cannot be opened without opening the front seat doors. Very awkward to load the rear seat in parallel parking lots. Also the cabin design allows easy access by rodents through the ventilation ducting who set nests in the blower and also under the rear seat. Serious location is the air filter compartment for the engine intake. This not a trivial concern for people living in rural areas."

Anonymous, OR (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Very comfortable seats. Very good ride for a pick-up."

SAMUEL P., AZ (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Great seats and a quiet ride."

RICHARD P., NM (2000 Toyota Tundra)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"all is excellent except non-dealer did a transmission flush and I suspect it caused the transmission to fail 20000 miles later."

JIM A., MO (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Great truck, very comfortable."

THOMAS W., SC (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Bought new in late 1999 - truck has 310,000 miles on it, runs perfectly, other than routine maintenance, never had a major malfunction other than parts that can deteriorate with age, (i.e. engine gaskets, O2 sensors, replaced radiator last year). Passenger rear quarter panel over tire well just beginning to show signs of paint bubbling (rust). Incredible mechanical reliability for a 17 year old truck with 310,000 miles."

Anonymous, KY (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"I have a 28 mile dirt road mountainous drive to reach paved roads. The vehicle has held up very well to fairly rough use."

LINDA B., AZ (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Good relliability"

GARRETT V., IA (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Relatively low maintenance/repair costs."

TATESHI Y., WA (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"This truck is a beast - steady; reliable; strong; great acceleration; comfortable. it has 210k miles - I maintain it well - may never own another truck. Both front seatbelts will not retract on their own which is a hassle, but not worth the $1000+ dollars it would take to replace them."

Anonymous, MS (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"good solid workhorse.dependable dependable."

ROBERT H., IL (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"Just passed 200,000 miles and the truck continues its strong performance..."

JAMES D., CA (2000 Toyota Tundra)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"At first, I thought I would like the way the doors opened: rear-door opens from the middle of cab and must have front door open in order to do that, but now I can't stand it. It makes loading and unloading very difficult, especially in supermarket parking lots, and means I have to do some fancy maneuvering in order to load/unload."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"cabin lacks trash bag room"

JERRY B., OR (2000 Toyota Tundra)

"my tundra still has original shine,no peeling clearcoat thats so common today on older vehicles and im still impressed by this!the somewhat rounded lines are outdated for a pickup but i still like its appearance."

ALBERT P., FL (2000 Toyota Tundra)

Would you buy this car again?

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