CR Digital Archive

May 2015

Special Section

Pesticides in produce
Consumer Reports' new guidelines show you how to make the best choices for your health—and for the environment


The low-impact but still lush lawn
How to get a gorgeous yard with less water and fewer chemicals
The myth of the $5,000 mattress
Spending thousands doesn't guarantee blissful sleep
Is high-res digital audio worth the money?
The music files and players are pricey—and not everyone hears the difference
10 ways to take back your garage
How to stash your stuff and have room for your cars, too


Motorcycle reliability and owner satisfaction
Japanese brands have the edge when it comes to staying out of the repair shop, but an American maker has the happiest owners
Status SUVs—at a price
Can prestige come in a small package?
Happiness is a 3-year lease
More and more drivers are concluding that they don’t need to own. And our survey shows that lessees are almost as happy as buyers.

Up Front

How to avoid home improvement scams
Don’t get nailed by a contractor—slippery tactics could cost you a bundle

CR Money

A dream vacation, a travel insurance nightmare
Buying a policy via AmEx Travel almost cost a couple an additional $489


Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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