Most (and Least) Fuel-Efficient Cars by Class

Highlighting the cars, SUVs, and trucks with the best and worst mpg

2018 Toyota Prius driving

Fuel economy is usually an important factor for car shoppers, but as gas prices increase, it can become a priority. Right now, the average price for a gallon of gas is closing in on $3, well above this time last year.

Because a tiny car or hybrid isn’t the right choice for all drivers, we’ve highlighted the most efficient models in 10 popular categories—and those mpg-conscious shoppers should avoid.

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There are a couple of cars here that require premium fuel, reinforcing the idea that it’s important to look at the entire cost picture. Right now, average premium fuel costs are 52 cents more per gallon than regular. This price differential can eat up much of the fuel-economy benefits that come with choosing a car for its efficiency.

This also applies to diesel-powered vehicles. Right now, diesel averages about 26 cents more per gallon than regular. However, as we've seen in recent years, diesel prices can vary widely over time—sometimes it costs more than regular gas, sometimes less—making it hard to predict long-term costs.

First up are the least efficient models in the selected categories based on their overall fuel economy (combining city and highway) measured in CR tests. And shoppers can find the most efficient models featured, along with their overall fuel economy, annual gas consumption (based on 12,000 miles), and annual fuel cost (based on current national average prices).

Least Fuel Efficient

Least Fuel Efficient Overall: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Diesel, Nissan Armada, Ram 2500 Diesel, Toyota Land Cruiser: 14 mpg
Pickup Trucks: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Diesel, Ram 2500 Diesel: 14 mpg
Midsized SUVs: Dodge Journey GT V6: 16 mpg
Minivans: Dodge Grand Caravan: 17 mpg
Sporty Cars: Ford Mustang GT: 19 mpg
Luxury Midsized Cars: Maserati Ghibli S Q4: 19 mpg
Wagons/Hatchbacks: Volvo V60: 21 mpg
Small SUVs: Jeep Cherokee V6: 21 mpg
Midsized Cars: Ford Fusion 2.0T: 22 mpg
Compact Cars: Kia Soul: 26 mpg
Subcompact Cars: Chevrolet Sonic: 28 mpg