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August 2016


Is There a Cure for High Drug Prices?
The cost of prescription drugs for tens of millions of Americans rose $2 billion last year, and all signs point to a continued rise. At stake is nothing less than the ability of Americans to afford the medicines they need. Can we stop the madness?
As Drug Prices Increase, Quality of Life Goes Down
Those with increases in the cost of their drugs were more likely to spend less on essentials like groceries, and on other medical care.
Medicare Patients Struggle With Prescription Prices
Seniors take more medication, spend more money on them, and many are on fixed incomes.
Doctors and Rx Prices: Ending the Silence
CR Solves Consumers' High Drug Cost Problems
Consumer Reports' medical experts find solutions for families struggling with high drug costs
A Budget Kitchen Remodel for $5K to $15K
If you're handy, you can save even more on a kitchen remodel by doing a lot of the work yourself
A Mid-Range Kitchen Makeover for $25K to $50K
Believe it or not, half of kitchen projects are in this price range
A High-End Kitchen Transformation for $75K to $125K
When you spend this much money, you want a kitchen that impresses
Big Appliance Brands Focus on the Compact Kitchen
With more people making do with less space, manufacturers are rolling out new suites of stylish appliances in petite sizes
Kitchen Makeovers Made Easy
Product recommendations and savvy strategies that will bring your dream kitchen within easy reach


Why Ticket Prices Are Going Through the Roof
If you can't score affordable seats to a concert, play, or sporting event, blame it on unscrupulous brokers. Here, how not to get fleeced.
Ticket Fee Frenzy: When You Buy a Ticket, the Cost of the Seat Is Only the Beginning
A look at some of the added charges that can make the price of an event ticket soar
How Utilities Are Fighting Back on Solar Power
With Americans are starting to see savings from solar, many traditional electricity suppliers are working to retain their profit margins
Shedding Light on Solar Power
With the price of panels and installation falling and an extension of the federal tax credit, now is a good time to consider solar
The Real Cost of Leasing vs. Buying Solar Panels
Weigh all your options before settling on a solar system
Better-Looking Solar Solutions on the Horizon
Technology is making, or will soon make, solar power easier to use and more efficient—both on your home and on the go

Road Report

What Will It Take to Get to 100 Percent Seat Belt Use?
Almost 25 million drivers and passengers don't buckle up
5 Dangerous Seat Belt Lies People Tell Themselves
Fastening Seat Belts: The 3 Seconds That Save Lives
A confounding 11.5 percent of Americans put themselves at risk by not buckling up. The consequences, from higher insurance rates to compromised car design, affect us all.
2016 Toyota Prius Review
Even in an era of cheaper gasoline, the redesigned Toyota Prius has a lot to recommend it—to consumers and to the planet. Plus four other green cars to consider.


From Our President: The Long Shadow of Education Debt
With U.S. student debt at an all time high, how can we restore the hope of affordable higher education?
Building a Better World, Together
Join with us to make a safer, healthier marketplace
Selling It
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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