Best Deals on SUVs You Can Buy Right Now

Consumer Reports has combed through national deals to find big discounts on good, safe, and reliable models

Best deals on new SUVs include the 2021 Hyundai Kona

The coronavirus pandemic is driving big discounts on some new vehicles, along with attractive finance rates. But don't be swayed by advertising. The key strategy is to focus on good SUVs instead of just chasing great deals, to find the best car you can buy right now. 

To identify the best deals on new SUVs, Consumer Reports’ analysts studied current national incentives to find models worth consideration. To make sure the featured SUVs represent smart buys, we concentrated on models with a strong Overall Score, factoring in road-test performance, owner satisfaction, reliability, and safety. (Learn more about CR's car ratings.)

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All nationwide incentives featured below are good until March 31, 2021. The vehicles are listed in order of percentage of potential savings off the sticker price, from 19 percent to 8 percent. Similar discounts can be found on other versions in addition to the specific trim and configuration that we spotlight.

There may be regional deals that outshine these national offerings. They can be found through CR's Build & Buy Car Buying Service, a program that allows shoppers to configure the car they want, compare local transaction prices, and have participating dealers provide their best offer, which can and should include any of the multiple incentives now being offered.

Detailed pricing information and complete ratings are available for all current vehicles on their respective model pages, linked to below.

Local supply and demand will influence how much a dealer is willing to bend on price, especially as consumer behavior changes and dealerships face the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you're a CR member, the deals information and list of CR recommended SUVs in this story are already available to you. But if you haven't signed up yet, be sure to click below and become a member to access this information and all of our exclusive ratings and reviews for each car we buy and test. Joining also gives you full access to exclusive ratings for the other products our experts evaluate in several categories, including electronics and home appliances.

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The Consumer Reports Build & Buy Car Buying Service is evolving to face the challenges during the pandemic. Our service allows you to access a nationwide network of more than 16,000 dealers to provide upfront pricing information and a certificate to receive guaranteed savings off MSRP.

A growing number of dealerships in the network are part of a Buy From Home program, which allows buyers to complete the buying process without going to a dealership. Participating dealerships take you through the paperwork remotely and deliver a sanitized vehicle right to your home, all at a fair price. Those dealers have a special banner on the site that says “Buy From Home: Have your vehicle delivered to you and complete your paperwork at home.”

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